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Mt Roskill Mt Roskill

Auckland Transport (AT) is working alongside communities in Mount Roskill to make changes to Carr Road and Frost Road in order to improve accessibility and safety for pedestrians. 

Project status: Consultation - feedback closed 14 December 2018
Project zone: Central

We have consulted with the Mount Roskill community on a safer communities proposal twice in the past year to ensure pedestrian improvements are designed in partnership with the community. The two prior phases of consultation have helped us to develop detailed designs incorporating this feedback. We now have a third and final phase of consultation and request your feedback on the refined changes.

Artists impression of improvements to Frost Road view 2
Artists impression of improvements to Frost Road view 2

Project overview

The aim of the project is to improve safety for pedestrians and help ensure walking is a desirable option for people. Pedestrian surveys have backed the need for improvements to be made given the high numbers of people including school children walking on these roads.

80% of all road deaths and serious injuries occur on 50km/h local urban roads. Nearly half of those deaths and injuries involve vulnerable road users – children, the elderly, people walking and people on bikes or motorcycles. We are committed to making the roads safer for vulnerable users and these changes will help improve safety for the many pedestrians including school children walking these routes.

Planned improvements

  • Widened footpaths on both sides of Carr Road.
  • New grass berms or low level planting to improve the delineation between property boundaries and footpaths on Carr Road.
  • New raised zebra crossings on multiple legs of Carr Road and Frost Road (see plans for more information on the exact locations).
  • New shared path on Frost Road which will connect with a new Local Board greenway cycling project being investigated on Britton Avenue.
  • Trial the removal of existing pick up/drop off area outside Mount Roskill schools and work with the schools on an alternative pick up/drop off location on Bremner Avenue.
  • Reallocate one of the pick-up/drop off areas outside Mount Roskill schools to a school bus stop.
  • Add new pedestrian islands on Carr Road and Frost Road.
  • Remove the left turn lane on Carr Road at the Carr Road/Frost Road roundabout.
  • Remove 57 public carparks to enable the pedestrian improvements and improve visibility. Proposed carpark removal locations are:
    • 5 on Carr Road,
    • 2 on Dornwell Road,
    • 7 on Britton Road,
    • 4 on Hayr Road,
    • 39 on Frost Road.
  • Amend two P60 angled carparks on Frost Road (near the Carr Road roundabout) to P30 in order to improve parking turnover.

We are doing further investigation on the Mount Albert Road intersection outside of Three Kings Plaza and will consult with affected parties on proposed changes in early 2019.

Public consultation

We asked for your feedback on these proposed changes.

Local knowledge is very important to us and public feedback helps to ensure the best outcome for those who live, work, shop and play in the area.

Public feedback period closed Friday 14 December 2018.

Next steps 

We will analyse all of the feedback and use it to help refine the proposal. Your local insights will help us make an informed decision to make your streets safer for everyone.

We will prepare a report on the feedback received and any changes made to the proposal, which will be published online. If you provided your contact details when giving us feedback, we will notify you when the report is available.

Previous consultations

Outcome of the 2018 consultation

This phase of public consultation for the Mt Roskill Safer Communities proposal took place from 18 June to 8 July 2018, and we received feedback from 213 submitters.

The major theme in the feedback for both proposal areas is one of general support for the proposed improvements to make walking safer and easier around Frost and Carr Road and the complex Mount Albert Road/Three Kings intersection.

Submitters were supportive of upgrading pedestrian facilities along Carr and Frost Roads to improve safety for people including school children passing through this semi-industrial area. Submitters were also supportive of changes to manage vehicular entry and exit from the Plaza carpark and Hayr and Dornwell Roads to/from Mount Albert Road, improving clarity of their movements for pedestrians and other motorists alike.

Key concerns for the Carr and Frost Roads area centred around car parking availability, the introduction of planted berms, and the movement of vehicles to balance commercial activities with pedestrian and cyclist safety. For the Mount Albert Road/Three Kings intersection, a large proportion of submitters were concerned about cycling amenity, and whether nearby housing and public transport developments would be factored into the proposed improvements.

Your suggestions have been summarised and tabled for consideration as AT investigates more detailed designs. We also responded to your questions and issues raised in this phase of feedback in the final section of this report.

A third phase of consultation will commence from November 2018, seeking your feedback on formal improvement designs based on the ideas and suggestions from your feedback on this proposal and the consultation prior.

Download the Mt Roskill public feedback report (PDF 1.1MB, pages 37)

Outcome of the 2017 consultation

We consulted on the Safer Communities programme from October to December 2017, and received 56 public submissions.

Your feedback provided us with some strong areas of focus to help make Mount Roskill safer for walking. We have taken your feedback on board and we are now proposing to focus our work in two areas:

Frost Road and Carr Road

We want to improve conditions for school children and parents walking to and from the Mount Roskill schools along Frost Road and Carr Road. Traffic is heavy and the footpath is of poor quality. Design ideas include:

  • widening the footpaths.
  • new shared (cycle and pedestrian) paths.
  • raised table zebra crossings.
  • new trees and plantings.

We are looking at removing some on-street parking near the school gate and along Carr Road.

Mount Albert Road and Three Kings Intersection

We want to make Mt Albert Road safer for people walking around the area. We will have special emphasis on the complex intersection of Mount Albert Road with Hayr Road and Dornwell Road opposite the Three Kings Plaza Shopping Centre. Design ideas include:

  • new pedestrian crossings.
  • changes to road layouts and carpark entrances
  • new trees and plantings within the existing grass berm.

Our proposals would not change the existing on-street parking outside the shops.

From your feedback, we identified the following key themes:

  • No safe place to cross/crossing needed (17 responses) in a number of key locations to assist pedestrians and school children to cross busy roads and to calm traffic.
  • Concerns about traffic speeds (16 responses) posing a safety hazard to people walking in a number of locations across Mount Roskill.
  • Footpaths in need of repairs, maintenance or uneven surface (12 responses) making walking difficult and putting walkers at risk of injury.
  • Traffic volume and busy roads (10 responses), and illegal driving or parking behaviour (9 responses) inhibiting walking or making walking unsafe in a range of locations within this community.
  • Footpaths overgrown by trees and bushes (8 responses) preventing pedestrians from walking freely or safely were also identified.
  • Footpaths that are too narrow and need widening (7 responses) for safer pedestrian passage, near busy roads and along local school routes identified in various locations.

Download the Mt Roskill public feedback report (PDF 636KB, pages 38)