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Mangere Bridge Mangere Bridge

We want to know what you think of plans we have to make it safer, easier and more enjoyable to walk around Māngere Bridge.

We consulted on the Safer Communities programme from October to December 2017, and received 175 public submissions.

We are now looking for your feedback on the draft plan for Māngere.

Public feedback closed Sunday 1 July 2018.

Project status: Consultation

Project zone: South

Outcome of the 2017 consultation 

Your feedback provided us with some strong areas of focus to help make Māngere Bridge safer for walking. We have taken your feedback on board and used it to make a draft plan of where we could build improvements to make the most difference with the budget that we have for this programme of work.

The key areas that we have identified are:

  • Māngere Bridge Village area (including Swanson Road and the service lane section in front of the Library and Swanson Park).
  • Māngere Bridge School and surrounding roads.
  • Mountain View School and Auckland Seventh-day Adventist School zone and surrounding roads
  • Church Road.
  • Wallace Road (including Waterlea Primary School and its surrounding roads).

From your feedback, we identified the following key themes:

  • Locations you identified where pedestrian crossings are needed (58 responses) as there is currently no safe place to cross.
  • Traffic speed (44 responses) on certain streets – residential and arterial - puts some people off walking, and puts pedestrians at risk.
  • Places where the footpath is too narrow and makes walking difficult and for footpath users to pass each other safely and comfortably (27 responses).
  • Locations where footpaths are uneven or in need of repairs/maintenance (24 responses).
  • Lack of sufficient lighting to feel safe (19 responses) was highlighted as an issue.
  • Visibility was a highlighted as a concern at specific locations where it is difficult for drivers to see pedestrians and vice versa (19 responses).
  • No footpath exists (18 responses).
  • Traffic volume (14 responses) make some streets uninviting to walk
  • Existing crossings unsafe or inadequate in some way/ not as safe to use as they should be (13 responses).
  • Improving access for differently abled people within the community to move around (11 responses). Of particular concern was uneven surfaces and lack of ramps on kerbs at intersections.

Download the Māngere Bridge public feedback report (PDF 1.8MB, pages 45)

Public consultation

We are working in your community making it safer, easier and more enjoyable to walk around Māngere Bridge.

Late last year we asked your community to tell us how we could improve walking. We asked about physical improvements we could make to help people walk more in the local area, how we could make it safer and how we could improve connections to places like Māngere Bridge Village, recreation centre, library, schools and parks.

We received lots of good feedback and have used that feedback to create draft plans of the work.

Download the Māngere Bridge walking improvements brochure (PDF 2.3MB)

Public feedback closed Sunday 1 July 2018.

After feedback closes

We will use what you tell us to make sure the changes we are planning are in the right places and to come up with more detailed proposals. We will come back to the community with detailed plans and consult with you in September (2018).