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How to use bus and transit lanes How to use bus and transit lanes

There are certain rules and regulations you need to follow when it comes to using bus and transit lanes.

Rules for using bus and T2 or T3 transit lanes

General rules

  • Vehicles must not stop or park in any bus or transit lane unless they are permitted to use the lane or the vehicle is an emergency vehicle (ambulance, police car, fire engine etc.) that is being used in an emergency and is operating its beacons.
  • Do not turn left out of a junction into a transit lane and travel for longer than 50 metres. Wait for a break in traffic on the all user lane before turning left. The infringement fee for non-compliance is $150.
  • If operating times are not specified on lane signage, a lane operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • If operating times are specified, the lane operates as a normal lane (no restrictions) outside those specified times.

Bus lanes

  • Only for use by buses, bikes, motorbikes and mopeds during the restriction times (except for motorways, including the Northern Busway, which are for buses only).
  • Vehicles are not allowed on a bus lane during active periods.

T2 or T3 Transit lanes 

Reserved for the use of these vehicles (unless specifically excluded by lane signage):

  • Motor vehicles carrying not less than the number of people (including the driver) specified on the sign, eg: T2 is for any vehicle that has 2 or more occupants and T3 is for any vehicle that has 3 or more people.
  • Passenger service vehicles (including taxis, regardless of whether or not they are carrying passengers).
  • Bicycles.
  • Motorbikes.
  • Mopeds.

What the bus and transit lanes look like

Waterfront Transit Lane

Bus lanes

  • Marked on the road with a green-coloured section at the beginning and end of the lane (and sometimes sections in between).
  • Roadside signage identifies the lane and its hours of operation.

Transit lanes

  • Marked on the road with a red hexagonal shape with T2 or T3 painted in white.
  • Roadside signage every 100 metres identifies the lane and its hours of operation.

Legislation and enforcement

Auckland Transport operates its bus and transit lanes in full compliance with national legislation and associated bylaw provision. The bylaws from the legacy councils are carried through to Auckland Transport within the provision of the Local Government (Auckland Council) Act 2009.

Lanes are regularly monitored by traffic enforcement officers, who will issue a ticket to those vehicles not complying with the conditions of the lane. If you are unsure about whether you can use the lane, it is best to travel in the regular traffic lane.

Find out how to pay or query a fine or for more details about bus lane provisions and conditions of use, please see:

Rules for motorcyclists

People riding motorbikes and scooters are allowed to use bus and transit lanes. You may go at the traffic lights on a white "B" signal, but only in the direction allowed by the lane and not if the red arrow light is lit for the direction you are travelling. Be sure not to ride in bus only or cycle lanes as you may face a $150 infringement.

For safety tips, read our information about motorcycle safety and information about scooter safety.