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Auckland Transport

Carpooling on-ramp priority lanes

Priority lanes are on-ramp lanes heading towards the motorway, where vehicles with 2 or more people can bypass the ramp signal. Priority lanes can also be used by trucks, buses and motorcycles. The ramp signals are the lights that flash red and green on motorway on-ramps to manage the level of traffic entering the motorway. These operate when there is a level of congestion on the motorway that triggers them to turn on. The priority lanes are able to be used by carpoolers at any time. These lanes are run by NZTA.

  • Southern Motorway
    • Mt Wellington Northbound
    • South Eastern Highway 
    • Northbound
    • Hilldene Road Northbound
  • Northwestern Motorway
    • Lincoln Road Eastbound
    • Te Atatu Road Eastbound 
    • Great North Road Eastbound 
    • Great North Road Westbound
  • Northern Motorway
    • Greville Road Southbound
    • Constellation Drive Southbound
  • Southwestern Motorway
    • Coronation Road Northbound
    • Onehunga Harbour Road 
    • Northbound
    • Neilson Street Southbound
    • Rimu Road Northbound