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Using public transport reduces parking demand and traffic congestion.

Plan your journey on the bus, train or ferry

Use public transport to get to work

Using public transport to get to work can be relaxing and help to improve your health and wellbeing. You will get to meet people who live in your community, see what’s happening in your neighbourhood, use your mobile phone, and enjoy the scenery. You can make your trip using public transport more active by walking to the next stop.

The AT Journey Planner can help you to plan your journey to work, using the bus, train or ferry.


The AT HOP card is a prepay card for travel on buses, trains and ferries around Auckland. The AT HOP card enables you to save money on fares – at least 20% discount off single trip cash fares (excludes NiteRider and SkyBus services and Waiheke ferry services).


Transport is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses in Auckland. There are many advantages to encouraging workers to use public transport:

  • more options for staff to get to and from work,
  • reduces demand for parking,
  • health benefits: walking to and from the bus stop or train station is an easy way to exercise and burn calories,
  • less traffic congestion around the workplace.

Find out more about fares.

Tools and resources

To be eligible for these packages, your workplace needs to have more than 100 employees or be part of a business association/network. 

AT has the following products and services that can help encourage people to use public transport to get to and from work:

Workplace visits

AT can come to your workplace and let employees know about travel options. We can also provide timetables, resources and information that make choosing public transport easy.

This first visit is informal and our team will be on site for around 2 hours. The first visit is free. We'll then provide ongoing support for your business.

Travel plans for businesses

AT can also help you create a business travel plan, which lists all the transport options available to your staff. It also provides tailored options and helps with any commuting changes.

Get 2 weeks of public transport on us

This pass is available at no cost to businesses who want to encourage staff to use public transport. Give It A Go gives eligible staff a chance to try public transport for free.

To apply for Give It A Go at your workplace, contact us. Numbers are limited. Terms and conditions apply.

Workplace posters

Posters grab attention and are a great way of prompting action. Download our public transport poster (PDF 1.2MB) to display in your workplace.

Find out more about public transport and try out the Journey Planner to see what works for you.

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