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Auckland Transport

Public transport Public transport

Using public transport reduces parking demand and traffic congestion.

Commute by public transport

Using public transport to get to work can be relaxing and help to improve your health and wellbeing. You will get to meet people who live in your community, see what’s happening in your neighbourhood, use your mobile phone, and enjoy the scenery. You can make your trip using public transport more active by walking to the next stop.

Travel by ferry

Tired of your current commute and want to try a more relaxing, direct and scenic way to travel? Consider taking one of Auckland’s ferry routes. Auckland Transport operate ferries from 13 locations to downtown Auckland.

Ferries offer a stunning view, a more direct route and a social way to travel. If you’re lucky enough to live near one of these terminals why not give ferries a go. A seat for every passenger is a benefit worth highlighting as well, something not always guaranteed via other public transport modes.

The AT Journey Planner or the AT Mobile app can help you to plan your journey to work, using the bus, train or ferry.