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Auckland Transport

Working with businesses

If your business is considering cutting the costs of company cars, or helping employees with their commute to work, we can help set your business up with alternative options:

Commute Train 294

Workplace travel planning

Manage everyone’s commuting needs by creating a travel plan for your workplace.

Electric Bike

Electric bikes

Trial electric bikes for your business with Auckland Transport.

Moving Van At Office Building 294

Moving premises

Plan your office move to make the best of any transport challenges that your staff may face.

Walking City 294

Travelwise Choices Awards

Celebrating and sharing the successes of organisations committed to promoting sustainable transport.

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Encourage employees to leave their cars at home and switch to commuting they can commute by train, ferry, walking, cycling or public transport.

Benefits for your business and employees include:

  • Less demand for parking and lower parking costs.
  • Healthier, less stressed staff.
  • Higher productivity and staff engagement.
  • Less road congestion and fewer delays to business vehicle trips.

Read our latest evaluation report to find out more about the commute programme (PDF 4.01 MB)

View case studies from organisations in Auckland who have joined the commute programme.

Find out about other travel options

Road safety education

Improving road safety and promoting more efficient vehicle use can help keep employees safe. It also cuts fuel costs, car maintenance and insurance costs.

AT can deliver road safety education in your workplace, which can range from a workshop through to a static display in the staff room.

To request road safety education at your workplace, contact Auckland Transport.