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Auckland Transport

Commute Awards

We celebrated the successes of organisations commited to promoting sustainable transport on 21 July after the Smart Transport Forum.

Commute Awards 2016 winners

Supreme Award

Isthmus Group is a company engaging in architecture, design planning, landscape architecture and urban design interwoven with commitment to the creation of vibrant new communities, healthy new ecologies, and built environments. 

Isthmus Group has won the Supreme Award for commitment from their management team: staff have not only been provided with showers, changing areas and secure cycle parking; but the Director of the company gave up his parking space for a Cityhop car, which can be used by all staff in case of emergencies or if they need a car during the day.

The Green Trip Award for mode shift

AdhbAn award for reducing car trips.

The Auckland DHB has approximately 10,000 health and medical staff employed which equates to over 8,000 full-time equivalent positions and is the largest trainer of doctors in New Zealand.

Auckland DHB is the Winner of the Green Trip Award for Mode Shift for their Sustainable Transport Project which has provided incentives for their staff to travel by sustainable transport and increased parking fees to fund different transport options, services and facilities for staff. 

Tourism Holdings Limited (THL) have been Highly Commended for the Green Trip Award for Mode Shift for constantly promoting all modes of sustainable transport. They have had a fleet bike trial, public transport trials and constantly communicate the benefits of sustainable transport to their staff.

Green Trip Award for mode shift: Tourism Holding Limited

Think outside the car award for creative excellence

Smales Farm LogoSmales Farm is a commercial business hub on the north shore.

Smales Farm has been awarded the Think-outside-the-car-award for Creative Excellence for providing different ways for staff to travel sustainably.

They also have plans to include different technologies to support Electric Vehicle use and ride sharing schemes in the near future.

Pedal power award 

Winner: WhereScape

WhereScape is a company that pioneers data warehouse automation software.

They are the winner of the Pedal Power Award for success in creating a cycling culture at work by promoting cycling for commuting and business purposes.

They also created original motivational tools for staff.

Pedal Power Award: WhereScape Ltd.

AUT logoHighly commended: AUT

Auckland University of Technology has been awarded Highly Commended for providing secure cycle parking facilities and showers for staff and postgrad students with a swipe card access system, which has embedded the administration and maintenance of cycle parking in the relevant departments.  

Match maker award

Counties Manukau Logo 2 300X240For the most successful carpooling promotion.

Winner: Counties Manukau Health Board

Counties Manukau Health provides health and disability services to an estimated 512,000 people within the Auckland, Waikato and Hauraki Districts.

Counties Manukau Health are the Winners of the Match Maker Award for encouraging carpooling by showcasing case studies of:

  • Staff that currently carpool,
  • holding carpooling events,
  • having dedicated carpooling spaces for staff that carpool.

Highly Commended: Beca


Beca is a consultancy services organisation delivering projects across the Buildings, Government, Industrial, Power, Transport and Water market segments.

Beca has won the Highly Commended award for promoting carpooling through shared lunch, events and developing a fun Carpool Karaoke video which was circulated to staff and encouraged people to carpool.

Travel Champion Award: Westmere Physiotherapy Clinic

Winner 2016.

Westmere Physiotherapy Clinic is a small clinic and the clinicians there are making a big impact on sustainable transport choices.

They are the Winner of the Travel Champion Award for being ambassadors for active transport, promoting walking and cycling for commuting both verbally and by consistent modelling.

Using walking and cycling on their home visits as well as commuting, and recommending commuting by sustainable transport to their patients as part of their health advice.

Travel Champion Award: Westmere Physiotherapy Clinic

Step it up award for success in active transport: St John

Winner 2016.

St John New Zealand is a charitable organisation that provides ambulance services, first aid training and event medical services as well as other community progammes.  

St John has won the Step it up Award for promoting walking to work and to work meetings as a healthy alternative for their staff, through fun challenges and prize draws, which kept their staff engaged.

Step it up award for success in active transport: St John

Travel Champion Award: Helen Baillie-Strong

Highly commended.

Helen is the Facilities Manager at Vend, a retail Point of Sale Software Company, and has been awarded Highly Commended for sharing her cycling enthusiasm with the whole office.  

She has accomplished getting bike racks for the workplace and creating a social instant chat group where colleagues can share biking stories, news and encourage each other. 

Travel Champion Award: Helen Baillie-Strong

Travel Champion Award: Genny Stevens

High Commended 2016.

Genny, from Xero, a business accounting software company, has been awarded Highly Commended for being an absolute bike advocate.  

She has been organising cycling activities, providing individual motivational support to colleagues and changing the perception of cycling to be attainable, safe and fun way to get where you are going. 

Travel Champion Award: Genny Stevens


There were 3 main award categories:

  1. Travel Champion Award – celebrating the achievements of that person in your organisation who goes the extra mile to motivate others, organise events or actively promote travel options. 
  2.  Think-Outside-the-Car Award for Creative Excellence. This award is for an out-of-the-ordinary initiative or an outstanding campaign with an innovative approach. 
  3. Green Trip Award for mode shift – an award for reducing car trips, plus separate awards for success in:
    a. Active transport (the Step-it-up and Pedal-Power Awards).
    b. Carpooling (the Match-Maker Award).
    c. Public transport (On-Board Award). 

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