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Travel plan resources Ask about travel planning

We have compiled a list of resources and information to help promote and implement travel planning in your workplace.

Travel during work hours

Journey planner

Auckland Transport's Journey Planner can help you plan your public transport route and see all the options available for your trip.


You can register your business with Smart Travel for free and encourage employees to register their business trips for more efficient use of fleet vehicles.

Travelling under 2km?

Try walking or cycling to your meetings! Routes can be found on Google Maps or check out AT's biking and cycleways information to discover cycle routes in your area.


Working away from your usual location is flexi-working; this can include other office locations and working from home. To minimise time spent travelling to and from meetings, could employees telework?

Video and teleconferencing

There are a number of low costs options available to businesses for video and teleconferencing which can eliminate the need to travel to meetings, saving money and reducing unproductive time spent driving.

Workplace travel videos

The workplace travel plan programme works with a range of businesses, tertiary institutes and business areas in the Auckland region.

People are switching to a wide range of travel modes, particularly public transport and carpooling. 

Greening fleet vehicles

The fuel economy label generator is a great tool to find out how fuel efficient your fleet vehicles are. There is the option to print the label for display or save the text information.

The Sustainable Business Network - Helping business succeed through sustainability

The Sustainable Business Network offers a comprehensive network for businesses providing advice, support, training, tools and sustainability assessments to help businesses by becoming more sustainable.

Networking opportunities are available throughout the year and information and advice is provided about all aspects of business.

Best practice advice

NZTA's 'Travelling for business' page gives practical advice for making trips during working hours more efficient, including information on eco driving as well as staff training for fuel efficient driving and fleet audits.

The EECA Business website provides transport information and case studies, for both light and heavy vehicle users, on how to make significant savings on fuel costs, purchasing efficient vehicles and driving economically.