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Travel plan resources Ask about travel planning

We have compiled a list of resources and information to help promote and implement travel planning in your workplace.

Travel plan resources

To be eligible for these packages, your workplace needs to have more than 100 employees or be part of a business association/network. 

AT has the following products and services that can help encourage people to use public transport to get to and from work:

Workplace visits

AT can come to your workplace and let employees know about travel options. We can also provide timetables, resources and information that make choosing public transport easy.

This first visit is informal and our team will be on site for around 2 hours. The first visit is free. We'll then provide ongoing support for your business.

Travel plans for businesses

AT can also help you create a business travel plan, which lists all the transport options available to your staff. It also provides tailored options and helps with any commuting changes.

Get 2 weeks of public transport on us

This pass is available at no cost to businesses who want to encourage staff to use public transport. Give It A Go gives eligible staff a chance to try public transport for free.

To find out more about offering Give It A Go at your workplace, Contact us. Terms and conditions apply.

Find out more about public transport and try out the Journey Planner to see what works for you.

Workplace travel videos

The workplace travel plan programme works with a range of businesses, tertiary institutes and business areas in the Auckland region.

People are switching to a wide range of travel modes, particularly public transport and carpooling.