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Travel for free on buses and most ferries from 4pm on Friday 18 December and all day Saturday 19 December 2020

Merry Christmas Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland. We are now a Vision Zero region. This means Auckland Transport (AT) is committed to a goal of no deaths or serious injuries on Tāmaki Makaurau roads by 2050.

We are working with NZ Police to reduce death and trauma caused by drink driving. Given the likelihood that many Aucklanders will enjoy a few drinks after work on Friday 18th December (being the last Friday at work for many, before Christmas), we are offering free travel from 4pm on most AT Metro services to provide a safe alternative to driving home. We’re also offering free travel all day on Saturday 19th December, so Aucklanders can avoid driving and use buses, trains or ferries for Christmas Shopping, or for another family outing.

Home Free is available from 4pm on Friday 18th December and all day on Saturday 19th December to the end of service. During this time travel will be free on buses, trains and most ferries.

This offer excludes

  • Rakino, Waiheke and Great Barrier Island vehicle ferry services.
  • Waiheke and Fullers tourist services.
  • Devonport ferries are excluded on Saturday 19th December.
  • This offer is not available to AT HOP Monthly Pass holders. If you do have an active Monthly Pass, please tag on and off as per usual. As your travel for the month has been paid for in advance, the fare calculation will remain the same.

AT HOP card users should tag on and tag off as normal – your trip will be free if you tagged on after 4pm.

If you don’t have an AT HOP card:

  • Trains: if you are travelling from a gated station e.g. Britomart or Henderson, just go to the security gate – they’ll wave you through. If travelling from an ungated station e.g. Swanson, just board the train. The same is true for your destination station.
  • Buses: see the Bus driver to wave you on.
  • Ferries: ferry staff will wave you aboard.

Specific information for AT HOP cardholders.

  • The “Home Free” promotion is available to those traveling on Auckland buses, trains and some ferries on Friday 18th December from 4pm and all day on Saturday 19th December through to the end of service early Sunday morning. Some services end in the early hours of Sunday morning.
  • Customers with AT HOP cards tagging on after 4pm on Friday 18th December 2020 will receive no charge on their AT HOP account. Tag on and tag off as usual.
  • This promotion applies to both registered and unregistered AT HOP card customers.
  • If you forget to tag off, a missing tag will result in the default fare remaining as a charge on the card. Normal process for Home Free is the default fare will be charged at tag on and refunded at tag off (for eligible travel after 4pm).
  • Non registered AT HOP card customers: If you are entitled to a refund, you will need to go in person to your nearest Customer service centre with your AT HOP card. Proactive refunds will be provided to registered AT HOP card holders where required.

Eligible travel is on participating services when you tag on after 4pm on Friday 18th December only. Commencing travel prior to 4pm is not included in the promotion and you will be charged a normal.