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Auckland Transport

New Network for West Auckland New Network for West Auckland

On 11 June 2017, we launched a new bus network for West Auckland. Everything changed, including bus routes, route numbers, timetables and buses.

The video playlist includes versions in Cantonese, Mandarin, Samoan, and Hindi.

What the New Network brings to West Auckland

  • More services, especially from 7am to 7pm, 7 days a week.
  • Buses are more frequent, at least every 15 minutes, between New Lynn and the city centre as well as between Westgate, Henderson, and New Lynn.
  • Frequent connections to other destinations such as Waitakere Hospital, Auckland Zoo and MOTAT.
  • For areas that do not have direct services to the city centre you can get there by transferring at Westgate, Henderson, or New Lynn.
  • More trips on weekends.
  • Improved late-night services.
  • All-day direct services from Westgate to the city centre via the Northwestern Motorway.
  • Peak express services to the city centre from Helensville, Westgate, Te Atatu Peninsula, and Henderson via Te Atatu Rd, New Lynn, Glen Eden, and Titirangi.

Key features

Frequent services so you can turn up and go

  • 14t, 14w - The combination of these 2 services creates a 15-minute frequency between Westgate, Henderson and New Lynn, along Lincoln Rd and Great North Rd.
  • 18 - This route operates at least every 15 minutes from 6 am to midnight, 7 days a week, between New Lynn and the city centre along Great North Rd. From August 2017, double-decker buses will provide more seats.

Improved services for Helensville, Huapai and Kumeu

  • 122, 125 - Improved weekend services on these routes. The combination of 122 and 125 creates an hourly service between Huapai, Kumeu and Westgate, 7 days a week.
  • 125x - Peak express services from Helensville, through Huapai, Kumeu and Westgate to the city centre.

Buses connecting with trains

  • Connections to most train stations provide more options for local travel or to major destinations such as Henderson, New Lynn, and the city centre.
  • Trains on the Western Line run every 10 minutes during peak times, every 20 minutes in the middle of the day, and every 30 minutes evenings and weekends.

New and improved services

  • 138 - A new service between Henderson and New Lynn along Rosebank Rd serving the local business district.
  • 141, 142, 143, 146 - Improved local services connecting Western Heights, Ranui and Swanson with Henderson
  • 146 - Connects The Trusts Arena and Central Park Drive with Henderson.

Services to Hobsonville Point

  • 112 - Runs every 30 minutes between Hobsonville Point and Westgate
  • 114 - Runs 30 minutes at peak and hourly at other times, connecting Herald Island and Whenuapai with Hobsonville Point and Westgate.

Late-night buses replace NiteRider services

  • The NiteRider services N05, N13, and N24 will be replaced by-late night services on Fridays and Saturdays for routes 18, 110, 221, and 249, which will run until 3am.
  • 18 will extend from New Lynn to Henderson via Great North Rd for these late-night trips.

Route maps

Network map

See the new West Auckland network map (PDF 3MB)

Individual route maps

Summary of services by neighbourhood

Use the Journey planner to find trip details and times.


14t, 14w, 110, 111, 114, 120, 122, 125, 125x,129

  • Frequent buses 14t, 14w to Henderson and New Lynn via Lincoln Rd.
  • 110 is a direct service to the city centre via Triangle Road and the Northwestern Motorway.
  • 125x is a peak express service direct to the city centre.
  • 112 connects Hobsonville Point to Westgate via West Harbour.
  • 114 travels via Whenuapai and Herald Island to the ferries at Hobsonville Point.
  • 120 is a direct service to Constellation Station in the North Shore, via Hobsonville Rd and Greenhithe.
  • 122 runs to Kumeu and Huapai and 125 to Helensville via Kumeu and Huapai.
  • 129 is a peak only service to the city centre via Don Buck Rd, Northwestern Motorway and Great North Rd.

Whenuapai, Herald Island, West Harbour and Hobsonville

112, 114, 120

  • 112 travels between Hobsonville, West Harbour and Westgate.
  • 114 is a new Local service connecting Whenuapai and Herald Island, with Westgate and Hobsonville Point Ferry Terminal.
  • 120 is a more direct service between Henderson and Constellation Station via Westgate and Hobsonville Rd, with higher frequency from Westgate to Constellation Station during peak.
  • For travel to the city centre or other areas of west Auckland, transfer to a bus at Westgate.

Ranui and Western Heights


  • 141,142,143 link Ranui with Henderson
  • For travel to the city centre take the train or transfer to a bus at Henderson.

Te Atatu Peninsula and Te Atatu South

131, 132, 132x, 133, 133x, 134, 138

  • From Te Atatu Peninsula, 131 runs along Beach Rd and Te Atatu Rd to Henderson.
  • From Te Atatu Peninsula, 132 runs along Beach Rd and via the Northwestern Motorway to the city centre.
  • Te Atatu South has direct connections to Henderson (131, 133, 134, 138), the city centre via the motorway (133 and 134) and to New Lynn (138).

New Lynn

14t, 14w, 18, 107, 138, 152, 154

  • Major connection point for bus and train travel throughout west Auckland and to the city.
  • 14t, 14w Frequent services to Henderson via Great North Rd and Westgate via Lincoln Rd.
  • 18 Frequent service to city centre, via Avondale, UNITEC, Pt Chevalier, Auckland Zoo, MOTAT, Grey Lynn along Great North Rd.
  • Easy connections to Green Bay, Titirangi and neighbouring areas.


14t, 14w, 120, 131, 133, 134, 138, 141, 142, 143, 146, 152, 154, 162

  • Key interchange for buses and trains to other centres of west Auckland and the city centre.
  • 14t, 14w - Frequent services to Westgate and New Lynn, including Waitakere Hospital.
  • Improved local services between Henderson, Ranui and Swanson (141,142,143).
  • 146 - a new route along Central Park Dr past The Trusts Arena.
  • 138 - a new service linking Avondale Peninsula with New Lynn.
  • Options of train or bus (133, 134) to get to the city centre.

Massey, Royal Heights and Massey West

14t, 14w, 110,111, 120, 129

  • Massey has 2 Connector services between Henderson and Westgate.
  • 14t runs along Triangle Rd and 14w along Waimumu Rd.
  • Use 110 for direct travel to the city centre.
  • 111 is a Local service between Royal Heights and Westgate via Colwill Rd and Granville Dr.
  • 120 connects Henderson with Constellation Station on the North Shore.
  • 129 is a peak service running to the city centre via Don Buck Rd and the Northwestern Motorway.

Glen Eden and Sunnyvale

  • 154 connects Glen Eden with Henderson and New Lynn.
  • 152 links Glen Eden and Sunnyvale with Henderson and New Lynn.
  • To get to the city centre, use a train or bus from Henderson or New Lynn.

Oratia and Waiatarua

  • 156 is being discontinued. The last day the 156 operates will be Friday, 9 June 2017.
  • The morning trip to Avondale College will be replaced with a dedicated school bus, route number 056, from Monday 12 June 2017. 
  • Students using the afternoon 156 from Avondale College can use the existing school 056 bus services to Forest Hill Road. 
  • For all other passengers, the closest bus stops to the new bus services are at Parrs Cross Rd and West Coast Rd by Parrs Park.

Rosebank business district and Avondale

18, 107,138

  • 138 is a new service that connects the Rosebank Rd business district with Henderson and New Lynn.
  • 107 provides links between New Lynn, Avondale Peninsula, and Blockhouse Bay.
  • 18 provides a frequent service from New Lynn to the city centre via Avondale and Great North Rd

Swanson and Waitakere Village


  • 146 connects Swanson with Henderson via Universal Dr and Central Park Dr with some trips extended to Waitakere Village.

Helensville, Huapai and Kumeu

122, 125, 125x

  • 125 runs between Helensville and Westgate via Huapai and Kumeu.
  • 122 connects Huapai, Kumeu and Westgate.
  • 122 and 125 together provide an hourly service from Main Rd in Kumeu to Westgate.

Changes to nearby areas

Some neighbouring areas have services that run to West Auckland. These services also have changes:

Sandringham Rd, New North Rd, and Great North Rd

Get details of changes to Sandringham Rd, New North Rd, & Great North Rd buses.


  • 130 will be replaced with the 120. The 120 travels between Henderson, Greenhithe and Constellation Station, with a more direct route between Westgate and Constellation Station. Some trips extend to Akoranga Station on school days at peak school times. 
  • 956 will no longer operate.
  • There will no longer be any bus service that travels from Greenhithe all the way into the city or Takapuna.
    • To get to Takapuna, you will need to transfer at Constellation Station to a bus heading to Smales Farm or Akoranga Station and then transfer again to any bus departing to Takapuna.
    • To get to the city, you will need to transfer at Constellation Station to the Northern Express heading to Britomart or any bus heading to Wellesley St.
  • A new 902 service will operate between Unsworth Drive and Constellation Station. It will not serve Albany Highway or Upper Harbour Drive.

Green Bay, Titirangi and Laingholm

Only minor timetable changes to ensure buses run on time.

Some school buses are changing

Get details of changes by school and find new timetables.

You can also use the Journey planner to find new trip details and times (select 'school buses' in the Advanced options).

Hours of operation and service frequency

See a table of hours of operation and frequency for each route (PDF 76KB).

Key interchanges for West Auckland

These maps will help you find where to catch your new bus service.

City centre

The city centre map shows the location of bus stops and travel direction of services arriving in and departing from the CBD.

city centre bus map

New Lynn Station

New Lynn bus map

Henderson Station

Henderson bus map


Westgate  bus map

Bus stop changes

Find out which bus stops have closed to regular public bus services.

Some bus stops are only being used by school bus services (regular public buses will not use the stops from 11 June).

Auckland city

Bus stops closing

  • 261 Karangahape Road (stop number 7133).
  • 278 Karangahape Road (#7132).
  • Mayoral Drive by Aotea Centre (#7076).


Bus stops closing

  • 110 Ash Street (stop number 5950).
  • 45 Wairau Ave (#1471).
  • 7 New Windsor Road (#7009).
  • Opposite 38 New Windsor Road (#7011).
  • Opposite 83 Patiki Road (#8569).

New bus stops

  • Opposite 57A Ash Street.
  • 103 Rosebank Road.
  • 289 Rosebank Road.

Blockhouse Bay

Bus stops closing

  • 8 Busby Street (stop number 1004).
  • 34 Busby Street (#1006).
  • 11 Dundale Ave (#8281).
  • 85 Dundale Ave (#8285).
  • 37 Dundale Ave (#8283).
  • Opposite 21 Dundale Ave (#8282).
  • Opposite 55 Dundale Ave (#8284).
  • Opposite 87 Dundale Ave (#8286).
  • 87 Terry Street (#8289).
  • 119 Terry Street (#8291).
  • 124 Terry Street (#8292).
  • 154 Terry Street (#8294).
  • 33 Ulster Road (#1003).

Glen Eden

Bus stops closing

  • 94 Glengarry Road (stop number 5038).
  • 241 Glengarry Road (#5051).
  • 5 Libra Street (#5467).
  • 6 Libra Street (#5062).
  • 41 Solar Road (#5061).
  • 70 Solar Road (#5056).
  • 113 Solar Road (#5063).

New bus stops

  • 297 Glengarry Road.
  • 328 Glengarry Road.
  • 50 Sunvue Road.
  • 73 Sunvue Road.
  • 297 West Coast Road.
  • 320 West Coast Road.

School bus stops (regular public buses will not use these stops from Sunday 11 June)

  • 86 West Coast Road (stop number 5456).
  • 367 West Coast Road (#5431).
  • 368 West Coast Road (#5460).
  • 391 West Coast Road (#5433).
  • 396 West Coast Road (#5462).
  • 478 West Coast Road (#5468).
  • 508 West Coast Road (#5470).
  • 515 West Coast Road (#5441).
  • 551 West Coast Road (#5443).
  • 558 West Coast Road (#5472).
  • 596 West Coast Road (#5474).
  • Opposite 553 West Coast Road (#5445).
  • West Coast Road opposite Kauri Loop Road (#5457).


Bus stops closing

  • 85 Farquhar Road (stop number 5535).
  • 110 Farquhar Road (#5554).
  • 113 Farquhar Road (#5537).
  • 151 Farquhar Road (#5539).

New bus stops

  • Opposite 44 Archibald Road.
  • 48 Archibald Road.
  • 71 Hepburn Road.

School bus stops (regular public buses will not use these stops from Sunday 11 June)

  • 16 Phelps Place (stop number 5552).
  • 34 Hepburn Road (#5544).


Bus stops closing

  • Tauhinu Road and The Knoll (stop number 4249).
  • Tauhinu Road opposite The Knoll (#3646).
  • Upper Harbour Drive near Shelter Drive (#3648).
  • 158 Upper Harbour Drive (#3658).
  • 232 Upper Harbour Drive (#3754).
  • 66 Upper Harbour Drive (#3660).

School bus stops (regular public buses will not use these stops from Sunday 11 June)

  • 61 Upper Harbour Drive (stop number 4541).
  • 123 Upper Harbour Drive (#4251).
  • 149 Upper Harbour Drive (#4415).
  • 235 Upper Harbour Drive (#3595).


Bus stops closing

  • 2059 State Highway 16 (stop number 4892).
  • Opposite 2059 SH16 (#4917).
  • Opposite 8 Parkhurst Road (#4929).
  • SH16 near Te Pua School Road (#4910).

New bus stops

  • 23 Awaroa Road.
  • 20 Rata Street.
  • 24 Rautawhiri Road.


Bus stops closing

  • Alderman Drive opposite Falls Hotel (stop number 5839)
  • Opposite 2 Bibury Ave (#5927).
  • 22 Chadlington Ave (#5438).
  • Opposite 41 Chadlington Ave (#5440).
  • 10 Corban Ave (#5788).
  • Opposite 15 Edsel Street (#5954).
  • 11 Harvest Drive (#5727).
  • 30 Harvest Drive (#5432).
  • 6 Pomaria Road (#5810).
  • 7 Pomaria Road (#5795).
  • 52 Pomaria Road (#5812).
  • 53 Pomaria Road (#5797).
  • Opposite 98 Railside Ave (#5835).
  • 104 Railside Ave (#5852).
  • Opposite 116 Railside Ave (#5833).
  • 118 Railside Ave (#5850).
  • 52 Sturges Road (#5380).
  • 239 Sturges Road (#5391).
  • 242 Sturges Road (#5394).
  • 267 Sturges Road (#5393).
  • 280 Sturges Road (#5396).
  • 321 Sturges Road (#5395).
  • Vitasovich Ave by Waitakere Mega Centre (#5862).
  • Vitasovich Ave near View Road (#5845).
  • Vitasovich Ave near View Road (#5864).
  • Vitasovich Ave opposite Waitakere Mega Centre (#5843).
  • Waitakere College Bus Bay (#5990).

New bus stops

  • 7 Forest Hill Road.
  • 29 Forest Hill Road.
  • 36 Forest Hill Road.
  • 61 Forest Hill Road.
  • 9 Lake Panorama Drive.
  • 10 Lake Panorama Drive.
  • 38 Lake Panorama Drive.
  • 39 Lake Panorama Drive.
  • 52 Lake Panorama Drive.
  • 53 Lake Panorama Drive.
  • 96 Lake Panorama Drive.
  • 101 Lake Panorama Drive.
  • 3 Rathgar Road.
  • 21 Sturges Road.
  • 5  Summerland Drive.
  • 12 Summerland Drive.
  • 29 Summerland Drive.
  • Opposite 33A Summerland Drive.
  • Opposite 377 Triangle Road.
  • 187 Universal Drive.
  • Opposite 187 Universal Drive.

School bus stops (regular public buses will not use these stops from Sunday 11 June)

  • 170 Forest Hill Road (stop number 5320).
  • 119 Forest Hill Road (#5329).
  • 126 Forest Hill Road (#5324).
  • Opposite 53 Forrest Hill Road (#3650).
  • Opposite 79 Forest Hill Road (#5326).
  • Opposite 147 Forest Hill Road (#5322).
  • Opposite 235 Forest Hill Road (#5890).
  • Opposite 362 Forest Hill Road (#1623).
  • 31 Rathgar Road (#5783).
  • 145 Rathgar Road (#5787).
  • 152 Rathgar Road (#5802).
  • 185 Rathgar Road (#5789).
  • 188 Rathgar Road (#5804).
  • 160 View Road (#5356).
  • 171 View Road (#5297).

Henderson Valley

Bus stops closing

  • Candia Rd near Vineyard Road (stop number 5725).
  • Opposite 186 Candia Road (#5723).
  • 15 Henderson Valley Road (#5348).
  • 300 Henderson Valley Road (#5332).
  • 308 Henderson Valley Road (#5330).
  • 337 Henderson Valley Road (#5333).
  • 373 Henderson Valley Road (#5331).

New bus stops

  • 104C Simpson Road.
  • 147 Simpson Road.

Herald Island

Bus stops closing

  • 2 Ferry Parade (stop number 5694).
  • 50 Ferry Parade (#1682d).


Bus stops closing

  • Opposite 17 Wallingford Way (stop number 5676).

New bus stops

  • Hudson Bay Road near Buckley Ave.
  • Hudson Bay Road opposite Buckley Ave.


Bus stops closing

  • 3 Beaubank Road (stop number 5277).
  • 8 Beaubank Road (#5888).
  • 40 Kelwyn Road (#5280).
  • Opposite 44 Kelwyn Road (#5275).


Bus stops closing

  • State Highway 16 near Foster Road (stop number 4535).
  • 340 SH16 (#4858).
  • 550 SH16 (#4860).
  • 601 SH16 (#4895).
  • Opposite 550 SH16 (#4862).
  • Opposite 609 SH16 (#4874).


New bus stops

  • 14 Parlane Drive.
  • 29 Tapu Road.
  • 48 Tapu Road.
  • 80 Tapu Road.
  • 83 Tapu Road.


New bus stops

  • 13 Commodore Drive.
  • 168 Halsey Drive.
  • 207 Halsey Drive


Bus stops closing

  • 41 Fred Taylor Drive (stop number 5705).
  • 59 Fred Taylor Drive (#5707).
  • 70 Fred Taylor Drive (#5730).
  • 75 Fred Taylor Drive (#5709).
  • 78 Fred Taylor Drive (#5732).
  • 58 Kemp Road (#5600).
  • 83 Kemp Road (#5585).
  • 27 Helleur Road (#5583).
  • 22 Makora Road (#5596).
  • Makora Road Near Marbella Drive (#5933).
  • 27 Triangle Road (#5627).
  • 14 Waimumu Road (#5616).
  • 25 Waimumu Road (#5603).
  • Westgate opposite Burger King (#5633).
  • Westgate outside Burger King (#5640).

New bus stops

  • 526 Don Buck Road.
  • 26 Granville Drive.
  • 58 Granville Drive.
  • 90 Granville Drive.
  • 36 Kemp Road.
  • Opposite 26 Kemp Road.
  • 46 Makora Road.
  • 8 Royal Road.
  • 23 Westgate Drive.
  • 28 Westgate Drive.
  • 55 Westgate Drive.
  • 60 Westgate Drive.
  • 71 Westgate Drive.
  • 78 Westgate Drive.
  • Westgate Stop A.
  • Westgate Stop B.
  • 13164 Westgate Drive near Maki Street (Stop C).
  • 13470 Westgate Drive opposite Maki Street.

School bus stops (regular public buses will not use these stops from Sunday 11 June)

  • Opp 90 Granville Drive (stop number 5945).
  • 173 Royal Road (#5573).
  • 211 Royal Road (#5575).
  • 235 Royal Road (#5577).
  • 267 Royal Road (#5579).
  • 64 Royal Road (#5578).
  • 75 Royal Road (#5569).
  • 194 Waimumu Road (#5624).

New Lynn

Bus stops closing

  • Great North Rd outside LynnMall (stop number 5816).
  • 17 Miro Street (#5243).
  • 26 Miro Street (#5268).
  • 39 Miro Street (#5247).
  • 44 Miro Street (#5260).
  • 61 Miro Street (#5245).

New bus stops

  • 45 Archibald Road.
  • Opposite 45 Archibald Road.
  • 9 Binsted Road.
  • 25 Nikau Street.
  • 36 Nikau Street.
  • 41 Nikau Street.
  • 96 Nikau Street.
  • 87B Nikau Street.
  • Opposite 65 Nikau Street.
  • 25 Veronica Street.
  • Opposite 19 Veronica Street.


Bus stops closing

  • 2 Parker Rd (stop number 5478).

School bus stops (regular public buses will not use these stops from Sunday 11 June)

  • Shaw Road outside Oratia Primary (stop number 5951).
  • 621 West Coast Road (#5447).
  • 646 West Coast Road (#5476).
  • 647 West Coast Road (#5449).
  • 671 West Coast Road (#5451).
  • 680 West Coast Road (#5958).
  • 714 West Coast Road (#5482).
  • 727 West Coast Road (#5453).
  • 734 West Coast Road (#5484).
  • 757 West Coast Road (#5455).
  • 776 West Coast Road (#5486).
  • 806 West Coast Road (#5488).
  • 813 West Coast Road (#5459).
  • Opposite 676 West Coast Road (#5989).
  • Opposite 727 West Coast Road (#5480).

New Windsor

New bus stops

  • 31A Bollard Ave.
  • 67 Bollard Ave.
  • 12 Whitney Street.
  • 57 Whitney Street.
  • 113 Whitney Street.
  • 120 Whitney Street.
  • 50B Whitney Street.
  • Opposite 4 Whitney Street.


New bus stops

  • 142 Piha Road.


Bus stops closing

  • 3 Bahari Drive (stop number 5751).
  • 31 Bahari Drive (#5753).
  • 34 Bahari Drive (#5770).
  • 66 Bahari Drive (#5772).
  • 17 Glen Road (#5767).
  • Metcalfe Rd near Munroe Road (#5956).
  • 5 Pooks Road (#5757).

New bus stops

  • 122 Metcalfe Road.
  • 139 Metcalfe Road.
  • 297 Swanson Road.
  • 337 Swanson Road.
  • 352 Swanson Road.
  • 695 Swanson Road.
  • 716 Swanson Road.

Royal Heights

School bus stops (regular public buses will not use these stops from Sunday 11 June)

  • 24 Moire Road (stop number 5642).
  • 76 Moire Road (#5644).
  • 99 Moire Road (#5641).
  • 100 Moire Road (#5646).
  • Opposite 78 Moire Road (#5639).


Bus stops closing

  • 29 Awaroa Road (stop number 5301).
  • 40 Awaroa Road (#5302).
  • 8 Sunnyside Road (#5306).
  • 11 Sunnyside Road (#5307).
  • 15 Waari Ave (#5299).
  • 22 Waari Ave (#5300).

New bus stops

  • 44 Awaroa Road.
  • 45 Awaroa Road.
  • 2 Seymour Road.
  • 9 Seymour Road.
  • 101 Seymour Road.
  • 104 Seymour Road.

Te Atatu Peninsula

Bus stops closing

  • 667 Te Atatu Road (stop number 5089).
  • 697 Te Atatu Road (#5087).
  • Te Atatu Intermediate School bus stop (#1624).
  • 29 Waipani Road (#5083).
  • 63 Waipani Road (#5085).

New bus stops

  • 14 Beach Road.
  • 62 Beach Road.
  • Opposite 12 Harbour View Road.

Te Atatu South

Bus stops closing

  • 27 Divich Ave (stop number 5959).
  • 45 Nui Mana Place (#5875).
  • 59 Nui Mana Place (#5877).
  • 3 Vodanovich Road (#5373).
  • 4 Vodanovich Road (#5892).
  • 35 Vodanovich Road (#5372).
  • 38 Vodanovich Road (#5894).
  • 81 Vodanovich Road (#5377).
  • 88 Vodanovich Road (#5374).
  • 120 Vodanovich Road (#5376).
  • 133 Vodanovich Road (#5379).

New bus stops

  • Central Park Drive opposite School Road.
  • 65 Central Park Drive.
  • Opposite 65 Central Park Drive.
  • 84 Central Park Drive.
  • 85 Central Park Drive.
  • 13343 Central Park Drive near School Road.


Bus stops closing

  • 207 Forest Hill Road (stop number 53190).

School bus stops (regular public buses will not use these stops from Sunday 11 June)

  • 185 Forest Hill Road (stop number 5325).
  • 191 Forest Hill Road (#5321).
  • 198 Forest Hill Road (#5318).
  • 208 Forest Hill Road (#5316).
  • 215 Forest Hill Road (#5317).
  • 231 Forest Hill Road (#5899).
  • 253 Forest Hill Road (#5315).
  • 276 Forest Hill Road (#5313).
  • 307 Forest Hill Road (#1625).
  • 324 Forest Hill Road (#5314).
  • 362 Forest Hill Road (#5940).
  • 834 West Coast Road (#5490).
  • 835 West Coast Road (#5461).
  • 857 West Coast Road (#5463).
  • 884 West Coast Road (#5492).
  • 893 West Coast Road (#5465).


Bus stops closing

  • 779 State Highway 16 (#4899).
  • Opposite 985 SH16 (#4880).
  • Opposite 1039 SH16 (#4882).
  • 1199 SH16 (stop number 4909).
  • SH16 near Restal Road (#4913).
  • SH16 opp Woodhill Park Road (#4888).

New bus stops

  • 853 SH16.

West Harbour

New bus stops

  • 80 Hobsonville Road.
  • 169 Hobsonville Road.
  • 156 Wiseley Road.
  • 159 Wiseley Road.

School bus stops (regular public buses will not use these stops from Sunday 11 June)

  • 1 Luckens Road (stop number 5665).
  • 8 Luckens Road (#5660).
  • 25 Luckens Road (#5663).
  • 37 Luckens Road (#5661).
  • 50 Luckens Road (#5658).
  • 37 Marina View Drive (#5943).


Bus stops closing

  • 1 Puriri Road (stop number 5991).
  • 2 Puriri Road (#5844).
  • 88 Fred Taylor Drive (#5734).
  • 116 Fred Taylor Drive (#5736).

New bus stops

  • 116 Totara Road.
  • Opposite 116 Totara Road.
  • 61 Waimarie Road.

School bus stops (regular public buses will not use these stops from Sunday 11 June)

  • Opposite 145 Kauri Rd (stop number 5840).


Translated resources

Do you know someone who will be affected by these changes and speaks Cantonese, Mandarin, Samoan or Hindi? Send them a link to a video in their language which will tell them how to prepare for the changes. We also have a simplified Chinese version of the brochure available for download.

Public engagement

From 21 October to 1 December 2014, we carried out consultation on proposals to change bus services in West Auckland. We received more than 1200 submissions and we made changes to 11 of the 24 proposals as a result of public feedback.

The final bus network for the west was confirmed in March 2015.

Download the west Auckland New Network consultation report (PDF 2.74MB)

For more information about this project

Contact Auckland Transport

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Safe houses usually have other women, including women with their children, staying there. Refuge advocates are around during the day.

How will I get my kids to school?

The advocates at your local refuge will help you work out transport for your children, or help with changing schools.

Can Women's Refuge help me if I stay in my own house?

Yes, we can provide all the same support and advocacy for you no matter where you choose to live. You may be eligible to access support through the Whanau Protect service.

I'm living in a rural area. Can you still help me?

Yes. Find your local refuge and they will be able to arrange support, advocacy and transport for you.

Can Women's Refuge help around issues with children?

Yes. We can provide support and advocacy around matters to do with custody, access and care.


The safest way to browse the internet if you suspect your browsing history is being monitored, is to use your browser’s private or incognito mode.

If you suspect your device has been compromised by spyware, then you should use consider using another device as some spyware may still be able to monitor icognito sessions.

To activate a private browsing session, follow the instructions below.


Open Safari > go to the File menu > select New Private Window

When finished, don’t forget to close your browser window to ensure your safety and privacy.


Open Chrome > go to the triple-dot menu (top right of your browser's window) > select New Incognito Window

Internet Explorer

Open IE > click the Tools button > select Safety > and then click InPrivate Browsing

Mozilla Firefox

Open Firefox > click the menu button ☰ > and then click New Private Window

You should see a message in the new window saying that you are now browsing privately.

When finished, don’t forget to close your browser window to ensure your safety and privacy.

Getting out

The most important thing is for you and your children to get out safely. It is important to know that leaving a violent relationship can be one of the most dangerous times for women and children so it is important to make a safety plan around leaving and keep your plans confidential. Below are some tips to help you make a plan.

  • If you can, pack a bag with bare necessities and important documents that you can leave with someone you trust. Include important documents such as passport, birth certificate, bank account details, driver’s licence, and bank cards and other things like medicines.

  • Know abuser's schedule and safe times to leave.

  • Contact us for guidance or a safe place to stay for you and your children.

Getting help

We warmly welcome all women and their children to access our support, advocacy and crisis accommodation. If you need help or have questions, use our live chat to get in touch.

making a plan

The safety of you and your children (if you have them) will be your primary concern. If you’re not ready or cannot safely leave, here are some things you can do to stay safe now.

  • Make a safety plan with the guidance of a refuge advocate.

  • Get yourself a pre-paid phone; keep it charged and safe.

  • Keep photocopies of important documents (passport, birth certificate, bank account details, medical notes, driver's licence, etc) and store these at the home of a supportive friend or family member.

  • Keep a journal of all violent incidents, noting dates and events.

  • If you can, open your own bank account and try to save some money.

  • If you have pets you are worried about, consider them in your safety plan.

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If You’re In
Immediate danger

If you fear for your safety:

  1. Run outside and head for where there are other people.
  2. Ask someone to call 111
  3. If you have children take them with you if you can
  4. Don't stop to get anything else