102.2 OnRoute FM trial 102.2 OnRoute FM trial

Together with the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) we ran a six-month trial of short-range radio for providing travel information.


The 102.2 OnRoute FM trial has ended and our online survey period has now closed too, however you can still have your say by emailing the OnRouteFM team.

We are currently evaluating the trial, including customer feedback, and will provide an update when decisions on the future of the service have been made.

Project purpose

  • The aim of the trial was to test short-range radio as a tool for better informing people on route by advising them about things which may impact a current or future journey.
  • The focus was on providing targeted, detailed and up-to-date information, which drivers within the broadcast area can tune in for when on the move.

Project details

The trial is being marketed as OnRoute FM, airing on 102.2 FM which is temporarily licensed to us for a fixed-term. It is being conducted in Auckland, with a limited broadcast area which encompasses the Southern Motorway (State Highway 1) from Takanini to Mt Wellington, State Highway 20, 20B and 20A, as well as arterial roads in south and east Auckland. (See map below)

During the trial we will be broadcasting pre-recorded messages 24/7, however we will also be providing live updates from 6am to 7pm, Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours there are other sources of travel information including the AT website and the NZTA website

The focus is on alerts/advisories from AT and NZTA, however we will also be broadcasting messages on behalf of NZ Police, Auckland Civil Defence and Emergency Management. No commercial advertising is permitted on this frequency. 

The trial (which is being delivered by the Auckland Transport Operations Centre at Smales Farm and the Auckland Motorway Alliance) is supported by customer research and follows successful use of short-range radio by transportation and other agencies overseas. This proof-of-concept trial is to see whether it could potentially work well in New Zealand.

To provide feedback, sign-up for updates or get more information, please visit the NZTA website or email: onroutefm@nzta.govt.nz

OnRoute FM map

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