Addison development, Takanini - safety & access improvements Addison development, Takanini - safety & access improvements

Auckland Transport is improving access and safety by introducing broken yellow lines at a number of locations throughout Addison development in Takanini.

Project status: Construction
Project zone: South
Reference number: BYL-365

Project overview

Residents from the Addison development have contacted Auckland Transport reporting car parking behaviour impacting on visibility and difficulty accessing their homes and through the development.

In 2017, we began investigating a number of complaints and based on the results of these investigations, we have determined that these roads cannot accommodate the number of vehicles that are currently utilising on-street parking. This often leads to the concerns raised around visibility and access.

The project aims to achieve a balance between satisfying on-street parking demand and ensuring safe access for people driving, walking, and cycling. We expect that the planned broken yellow lines will better signify to drivers where it is safe and unsafe to park in the area.

This is important for ensuring safety and protecting the well-being of residents in these local roads.


Installing broken yellow lines would better manage parking within the development to:

  • prevent vehicles from being parked on both sides of narrow streets making access in and out difficult.
  • prevent vehicles from parking near intersections, as defined by the NZ road code.
  • improve visibility for drivers and pedestrians at pedestrian crossing points.


  • May 2019 - Information for the project made public online.
  • November 2020 - Work begins at the locations in the project drawings.

Project details

In terms of the New Zealand road code, cars are parked illegally when too close to corners, on berms and across driveways.

This project will involve removing parking in the following areas:

  • Along one side of narrow roads that are less than 6.8 metres wide. Parking on both sides of these roads can obstruct or limit access for larger vehicles, which creates safety concerns for emergency services.
  • Around intersections, we will be reinforcing the NZ Road Code by formally removing parking around intersections. Please note that it is already prohibited to park in these areas. Formalising these restrictions will ensure that drivers have sufficient visibility of any oncoming traffic.
  • Pedestrian and pram crossings, we will be removing parking leading up to pedestrian crossings and pram ramps. This will allow appropriate visibility for drivers approaching the crossings and pedestrians utilising them.

Project drawings

For details on which roads will be impacted by the installation of broken yellow lines:

Download the project drawing for Addison Development (PDF 19.6MB, 14 pages).

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