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Afternoon peak hours bus lane for Ramsgate Terrace Afternoon peak hours bus lane for Ramsgate Terrace

Auckland Transport (AT) is proposing changes to Ramsgate Terrace in Mairangi Bay.

Project status: Consultation
Project zone: North

Project overview

We are seeking feedback on proposed changes to Ramsgate Terrace in Mairangi Bay.

The proposed changes include:

  • A northbound bus lane operating 4pm to 7pm weekdays.
  • Changes to bus stops and shelters, these directly affect properties at 3 (Countdown), 6, 7 and 12 Ramsgate Road.
  • A new signalised pedestrian crossing.
  • Removal of on-street parking at various locations and during the operation of the bus lane.

The location of the proposed bus lane is shown on the map.

Download the proposal map (PDF 959KB)


  • Buses can experience delays of up to 230 seconds along this section of road due to traffic queues on Ramsgate Road that back up from the Beach Road roundabout. The bus lane is proposed to improve journey time reliability during the PM peak period by allowing buses to bypass traffic queues. The bus lane is likely to deliver travel time savings of up to 180 seconds for buses during the busiest days/times.
  • A T2 or T3 lane is not proposed at this location as T2 or T3 vehicles merging back into the general traffic lane would create delays to buses and may also impede bus access to the stop near the end of the bus lane. It is also likely that over time as traffic volumes increase the benefits to buses would further decrease if a T2 or T3 lane was implemented. Additionally, vehicles using the general traffic lane would experience increased delays as T2/T3 vehicles merge back into the general traffic lane at the end of the bus lane.
  • The bus stops are being relocated to make space for the signalised pedestrian crossing and to ensure that they are located after the pedestrian crossing. Locating them after the pedestrian crossings is safer than in front because buses won’t obstruct drivers’ views of pedestrians using the crossing.
  • No stopping at all times areas (existing and proposed) are required to make space for the bus lane, ensure buses can easily pull up against the kerb at the bus stops, exit bus stops easily and also to ensure parked vehicles don’t block other vehicles views of the pedestrian crossings.
  • The proposed signalised pedestrian crossings provide a safe crossing point across this busy road. This will improve access to the bus stops and other attractions in the area. Auckland Transport embraces Vision Zero principles. We are putting safety at the heart of our business, where our road network is safe for all users. Zero deaths or serious injuries on the transport network are acceptable.
  • The hatched no stopping at all times area is required to allow vehicles to enter and exit the Countdown car park when traffic queues have formed on Ramsgate Terrace.

Project details

Proposed bus lane

  • A northbound PM peak hour bus lane about 175m in length. The bus lane starts outside 18 Ramsgate Terrace and finishes outside 2 Ramsgate Terrace.
  • The bus lane will operate 4pm to 7pm weekdays.
  • Buses, bicycles, and motorbikes will be permitted to use the bus lane.
  • Space for the bus lane will be provided by:
    • using existing on-street parking (9 permanently removed plus 7 unavailable during the operating hours of the bus lane).
    • moving the road centreline eastwards.
    • realigning the kerb/widening the road on the east side of the road from 8-18 Ramsgate Terrace.
    • footpath/driveway reconstruction (required due to the road widening).
    • tree pruning.

Proposed changes to bus stops and shelters

  • One existing bus stop is being moved from outside 7 Ramsgate Terrace to outside 3 Ramsgate Terrace (outside Countdown). The relocation includes broken yellow lines before and after the bus stop, and a shelter.
  • Another existing bus stop is being moved from outside 6 Ramsgate Terrace to outside 12 Ramsgate Terrace. The relocation includes the reinstatement of broken yellow lines before and after the bus stop, and a shelter.

Proposed signalised pedestrian crossing

  • A signalised pedestrian crossing with associated pram crossings and tactile pavers outside 7 Ramsgate Terrace.

Other proposed changes

  • The footpath heading down the hill between 8 and 10 Ramsgate Terrace is being resurfaced and widened. The steps down the same hill are being removed.
  • A hatched no stopping at all times area is proposed to be installed in the northbound traffic lane opposite the entrance to the Countdown car park.

Parking removal

  • Removal of on-street parking along parts of Ramsgate Terrace is required to make space for the bus lane. Parking removal is as follows:
    • 6 car parks will be permanently removed outside 3 Ramsgate Terrace.
    • 3 car parks will be permanently removed outside 4 Ramsgate Terrace.
    • 7 Car parks will temporarily unavailable during the operation of the bus lane (4pm to 7pm).
  • Parking surveys indicate that if the project is implemented:
    • There is plenty of spare capacity through the entire day on Sidmouth Street (100m-170m away) to accommodate the demand for any displaced vehicles (long-stay and short-stay).
    • There is capacity in the on-street parking outside the bowls club on Ramsgate Terrace to accommodate all displaced vehicles outside the operating hours of the bus lane, and some of the displaced vehicles during the bus lane operation.
    • There is plenty of capacity in the public and privately available car parking in the vicinity of the project to accommodate shoppers.

Have your say

All feedback is important whether you support the proposal or have concerns with it. It should only take a couple of minutes and your feedback will help us decide the final shape of the project.

Give feedback on the Ramsgate Terrace proposal

Public feedback is open until further notice.

The public feedback period will remain open until the rescheduled public drop-in session is held.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 we had to postpone the public drop-in session. We are planning to reschedule the drop-in session once the COVID-19 restrictions drop to level 1. We will update this page and notify the community when a date is confirmed for the rescheduled drop-in session. Until then you are welcome to call us with any questions you may have, we are ready to help.

After feedback closes

We will:

  • Consider your feedback and use it to revise the proposal.
  • Prepare a report that outlines any changes to the proposal and our final decisions. If you provide your contact details, we will notify you when the report is available.

For more information on this project

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