Albany busway car park extension Albany busway car park extension

Auckland Transport has completed a major extension of the Albany Busway Park and Ride facility, which has doubled the number of parking spaces.

Project overview

The $5.5-million project was available for use by the public by late July 2012, and was completed well within budget. The carpark extension is proving popular, with the additional 550 carpark spaces being filled on the 2nd day they were made available.

The total parking capacity at the Albany Busway station is now 1,100 spaces for cars, with 20 new motorcycle stands and 40 cycle stands that are also being well used.

A large surface water treatment 'rain garden' has also been completed in the adjacent Hooton Reserve to ensure the carpark's water shed is pristine before entering the nearby, protected Lucas Creek.

The facility is part of the Northern Busway initiative which was New Zealand’s first purpose-built road dedicated to bus passenger transport. It forms a key part of Auckland’s Rapid Transport Network whilst improving journey speeds and reliability.

The busway provides an attractive alternative to private vehicle use and promotes the use of multiple modes of transport.

Project background

The Albany Busway station car park first opened in November 2005 with 370 car parking spaces. An additional 181 were added in May 2007 to meet demand.

The 2012 extension provides further evidence that the Northern Busway has significantly changed the way in which people in the area travel.

A sculpture designed by renowned Titirangi artist, Caroline Robinson was also completed on site. The eight metre high limestone tower represents the artist’s impression of the car park’s location near Lucas Creek. 

Albany Busway car park extension plans

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