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Auckland Transport (AT) will build 3 new road projects in Albany: a new link road between Gills Road and Oteha Valley Road, a new link road between Medallion Drive and Fairview Avenue, and an upgrade of the Dairy Flat Highway between Stevenson Crescent and Gills Road.

We are also building a new footbridge on the existing Gills Road bridge and connecting footpaths.

See a map of the projects' locations (PDF 276KB)

Gills Road and Oteha Valley Road

  • Investigate, design and build a new link road between Gills Road and Oteha Valley Road.

The area bounded by Gills Road, Lonely Tack Road, State Highway 1 (SH1) and Oteha Valley Road is undergoing significant development with a number of residential subdivisions recently completed.

Currently Gills Road is the only direct access route from this development area to Dairy Flat Highway and Albany Village. A new link road between Oteha Valley Road and Gills Road is necessary to provide for the additional traffic expected from the Gills Road development area.

Gills Road footbridge and footpath improvements

  • Build a new footbridge and connecting footpaths to the existing Gills Road bridge (near 20 Gills Road).

The new footbridge and footpaths will make it much safer for pedestrians and cyclists to access Albany Village shops and businesses.


Construction will start on 8 January 2018. The contractor, Downer, expects to complete the work by April, weather permitting.

To minimise disruption, work will be completed in 3 stages:

Stage 1 - Starting January 2018 for approximately 2 months.

Work includes constructing the new footbridge abutments (foundations).

During work hours, we will need to close the road shoulders.   

Stage 2

Building footpaths leading to the bridge.

Stage 3

Installing the last major bridge components.

What to expect during construction

  • As a live construction site, the speed limit will temporarily be reduced to 30 km/h.
  • Traffic controllers will be on site to assist vehicles during work hours.
  • Traffic delays can be expected. Please approach the work site with care. 
  • Pedestrian and driveway access will be maintained.  

Medallion Drive

  • Build a new link road between Medallion Drive and Fairview Avenue.

The Albany Town Centre is located south of the site, west of the northern motorway. This rapidly developing centre can be accessed from a bridge over the motorway at Medallion Drive.

East of the site, Oteha Valley Road intersects with East Coast Road, an arterial route north and south servicing the East coast Bays residential areas down to Takapuna. A future Medallion Drive Link is proposed to be largely constructed at Fairview Avenue. 

Find out more about the Medallion Drive link road.

Dairy Flat Highway

  • Upgrade the Lucas Creek Bridge as well as a section of the Dairy Flat Highway and intersection with The Avenue.

Dairy Flat Highway is a key transport connection in a planned growth area and provides indirect access to the northern motorway interchange via Oteha Valley Road and direct access to the Albany Village and Dairy Flat to the north. 

Dairy Flat Highway carries approx. 18,000 vehicles per day. Upgrades are already planned for a section of Dairy Flat Highway farther north, at the Dairy Flat/Wainui/Silverdale future urban area.

Find out more about proposed transport networks to support growth in north Auckland.

Why we are doing this

Changing land use, population growth, and planned housing developments are adding pressure on transport infrastructure in the north of Auckland. The Albany area has seen rapid growth in the past 20 years, changing from a rural environment on the fringe of Auckland city, to a growing urbanized environment on the outer edge of the city boundaries.

With growth happening quickly in the area, we can offer certainty to both existing and future property owners as to which land can be upgraded. New housing and commercial areas can then be built knowing where the transport infrastructure to support it will be.

These projects will further improve connections from local roads to main arterial networks, introduce improved walking and cycling amenities, provide an improved urban design, and enhance safety for all road users.


Subject to land acquisition and statutory approvals, construction of the link road between Gills Road and Oteha Valley Road will start in October 2018.

Work on the link road between Medallion Drive and Fairview Avenue and the Dairy Flat Highway upgrade will begin in early 2019.


Funding from Auckland Council's Local Residential Growth Fund has been approved to investigate the 3 road projects.

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