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Auckland Transport

Medallion Drive Link Medallion Drive Link

Auckland Transport (AT) is building a new 2-lane link road between Oteha Valley Road and Fairview Avenue. The new roadway is an extension to Medallion Drive.

Project status: Design
Project zone: North

Project overview

Auckland is experiencing major population growth, which is placing huge demand on housing and transport infrastructure. To support this growth, Auckland Transport (AT) is developing its transport network to ensure communities have access to an integrated high quality transport system.

This rapid growth is evident in the Albany area, which over the past 20 years has changed from a primarily rural settlement on the fringe of Auckland city, to a growing urbanised environment with a number of residential developments.

Three key roading projects are planned in the area, including the Medallion Drive Link. The road will improve connectivity and safe access for the growing residential areas served by these roads as well as providing improved walking and cycling facilities.

The project involves constructing a new 2-lane road, including a new bridge, approximately 200m-long with footpaths and cycle facilities to link Fairview Avenue with Oteha Valley Road. Extending Medallion Drive will allow vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians to move safely and efficiently around the area and will improve access between the residential community, public transport, schools, retail precinct and the future designated growth area north of Oteha Valley Road.

Project objectives

Growth - Facilitate future growth in the residential areas north of Oteha Valley Road.
Capacity - Increase capacity of the transport links between Oteha/Pinehill and Fairview Heights/Northcross.
Efficiency - Improve the efficiency of existing intersections at SH1, Medallion Drive and Rising Parade.
Safety - Improve safety for traffic accessing Oteha Valley Road from Fairview Avenue.
Travel Choice - Improve walking and cycling connections between Medallion Drive and Fairview Avenue.
Cultural - Enhancing the environment through stormwater management/treatment, planting, landscaping and re-establish of the cultural footprint within the area.


  • Delivering essential public infrastructure to support future residential and traffic growth in the Fairview Heights, Albany Heights area and north of Oteha Valley Road.
  • Increased safety through existing intersection upgrades, road resurfacing, footpaths and diverting traffic away from the single-lane bridge on Fairview Avenue.
  • More direct connectivity to the retail precinct by bypassing the single-lane bridge on Fairview Avenue.
  • Better walking and cycling connections from the residential area to facilities including local schools, public transport and the retail precinct.
  • Positive environmental effects from improved planting along Lucas Creek river and landscaping along the route.


  • Designation confirmed 2017.
  • Detailed design completed - July 2019.
  • Construction is expected to start in early 2020.

Project details

Features of the new road link

  • Two traffic lanes, one in each direction.
  • A 3 metre shared path for walking and cycling on the eastern side of the road.
  • Footpath on the western side.
  • Stormwater treatment areas at the southern end of the link road. Landscaping along the road corridor and within stormwater treatment areas.
  • Mana Whenua mahi toi – artwork.

Oteha Valley Road

  • A new set of traffic lights where the road link connects to Oteha Valley Road.

Fairview Avenue

  • A new roundabout where the road link connects to Fairview Avenue.
  • Upgrading Fairview Avenue to tie-in with the road link.
  • Provide a new driveway to the western section of 56 Fairview Avenue.

Detailed Design

Is the process of developing the approved concept design. By the end of the detailed design process, the design will be dimensionally correct and coordinated, describing all the main components of the road/building and how they fit together.

The images below are an indication of the proposed works and not final designs.

Download high resolution cross sectional drawings of Medallion Drive (PDF 138KB)

Medallion Drive Link project overview July 2019_
Medallion Drive project overview

Cross section of Medallion Drive Link at Oteha Valley Road intersection end
Cross section of Medallion Drive Link at Oteha Valley Road intersection end

Cross section of Medallion Drive Link at Fairview Avenue end
Cross section of Medallion Drive Link at Fairview Avenue end

Cross section of Fairview Avenue
Cross section of Fairview Avenue