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Project updates & impacts to traffic Project updates & impacts to traffic

Get the latest AMETI Eastern Busway project updates and consultation information.


10 September

Queens Road, Ireland Road trial

Over the coming months, we will be running a trial allowing drivers to move directly from Queens Road across into Ireland Road when they are on a green light. Driver behaviour will determine whether this connection can remain in place through until it becomes permanent when we finish re-configuring the roundabout into a fully signalised, four road intersection.

Map of the traffic flow with the lights installed.

24 July

Major road layout changes on Pakuranga Road between Panmure Bridge and Ti Rakau Drive from July until late 2020, and temporary road closures in July.

Pakuranga Road layout change

From late July until late 2020, there will be a significant change to the layout of Pakuranga Road between Panmure Bridge and Ti Rakau Drive. We will be temporarily diverting eastbound traffic (Pakuranga bound) onto the newly paved busway running alongside the existing road. Clear signage will be in place but we ask everyone to take care and look out for signs.

Pakuranga Road map showing layout changes.

Temporary road closures in July

Jellicoe Road will be closed to vehicles at the intersection with Ellerslie-Panmure Highway (formerly the Panmure Roundabout) from 6 July to 20 July.

The intersection of Queens Road and Jellicoe Road will be closed to vehicles from 13 July to 20 July.

Map showing road closure on Jellicoe Road 6 to 20 July 2020

Map showing road closure at intersection of Queens and Jellicoe Roads 13 to 20 July 2020

15 May

AMETI Eastern Busway hit a significant milestone recently with the announcement to proceed with a registration of interest for the $700m future stages of the project. This will provide greater certainty for the local community and a step closer towards significantly improved transport infrastructure for East Auckland. Full steam ahead.

4 May

The AMETI Eastern Busway Stage 1 worksite has been safely closed for the duration of the Level 4 alert period.

Auckland Transport has used the time in COVID-19 Alert Level 4 to plan the return to work with a safety focused approach.

Work recommenced on Tuesday, 28 April 2020 on two sites - Church Crescent and on the Tamaki River, and will progressively restart work in other areas over the following weeks and months.

The location and timing for when we start work across various parts of the construction zone depends on a number of factors including the Government alert level and ensuring that we can deliver work within health, safety and physical distancing guidelines.

Health, Safety and Physical Distancing

We would like to assure you that our teams will be following strict health, safety and physical distancing guidelines. This is to ensure the safety of our staff and the community. Each project site has developed a Health and Safety Plan based on Ministry of Health Guidance and industry best practice.

At Level 3 these measures include:

  • physical distancing, compulsory PPE, hygiene practices on site entry and exit and separating teams into zones on our larger sites.
  • contractors will be required to submit return to work plans to demonstrate a safe return.
  • a full re-mobilisation and on-boarding process for each site covering COVID 19 restrictions, ensuring a staged, safe return to the projects.
  • inductions for new project staff and compulsory COVID 19 education and training will be part of ongoing site protocols whilst in a Level 2 and 3 scenarios.

Busway bridge work

This work will involve further piling of Pier 1. We have applied for consent with Auckland Council to work outside normal working hours in order to complete work before seasonal tide changes.

Our intended hours of work (includes Sundays):

  • Monday to Friday - 7:30am to 8pm.
  • Saturday - 7:30am to 6pm.
  • Sunday - 8am to 5pm.

The work crew will enter and exit the site from Bridge Street, parking adjacent to 19 Bridge Street and proceeding directly to the site office and into the construction site. Over-dimensional loads will be delivered to site directly from Lagoon Drive.

Church Crescent and Lagoon Drive busway crossing

With traffic volumes considerably lower, we plan to build the Busway across Church Crescent at the Lagoon Drive intersection shortly.

Work including tree pruning and traffic light modifications. Church Crescent will be closed at Lagoon Drive intersection for fourweeks. Access to all Church Crescent residences will be maintained from the north end (St Patrick's School) of this street.

Below is a map showing the Church Crescent closure and recommended detour from Lagoon Drive.

Church Crescent closure map and detour

For two weeks, focus will be on completing new stormwater drainage, subsoils, installing services' ducting, and kerb and channel preparation and pouring.

The following two weeks, we will excavate to the existing road to subgrade and then install new pavement in layers.

Consented hours of work are 7:30am to 6pm Monday to Saturday, with crews permitted to arrive/set up and pack up/exit outside of these hours. All work will be within the noise and vibration limits set by Auckland Council.

Some pavement works may take place at night, particularly the laying of asphalt. We will have the requisite permissions to work at night if needed and will update residents prior to any night work commencing.

For both work sites

  • As we move into autumn, additional lighting will be required during the last few hours to continue working, particularly at the Busway Bridge piling site. Security and safety lighting will remain on overnight.
  • All construction work areas will be cordoned off. Please discuss this work with family, in particular children to ensure their safety.

​16 March 

Progress on the new AMETI Busway Bridge is ​going well with the arrival of the bridge beams and installation of new piers into the Tamaki River during February. Check out our time-lapse video showing the construction over the past month.

27 February

Simeon Brown, MP for Pakuranga visited AMETI Eastern Busway site

Simeon Brown, MP for Pakuranga, joined members of the AMETI Eastern Busway construction team on a tour of the site this week.

The site tour involved gaining insights into the progress of construction of Stage 1 between Panmure and Pakuranga which is on schedule for completion in 2021.

Simeon Brown MP joined members of the AMETI Eastern Busway

Simeon Brown MP joined members of the AMETI Eastern Busway

Simeon Brown MP joined members of the AMETI Eastern Busway

13 January

Major lane closures are in place on Pakuranga Road (between Pakuranga Plaza and Panmure Bridge) and Lagoon Drive until 20 January as part of AMETI Eastern Busway project work.

The lane closures will affect traffic in both directions and we advise people to allow more time for their journeys and to take alternative routes where possible. We have been taking advantage of the quieter holiday period to complete this important work and lanes will be reopened by 20 January.

Thank you for your cooperation.


18 October

From midnight Friday 25 October Panmure roundabout will close for roadworks and to install traffic lights. The new traffic lights and restrictions will be in place from 5am Tuesday 29 October.

The change to the roundabout is being made to make the intersection safer and to enable buses to move safely and reliably between Panmure Station and Lagoon Drive.

Below are some turning restrictions on roads around the roundabout during this time:

Panmure roundabout signalisation
Diagram showing the entry of roads into Panmure roundabout and the rules for drivers that apply.

  • Ellerslie Panmure Highway - No right turn into Ireland Road.
  • Jellicoe Road - Left turn out only into Queens Road.
  • Dunlop Lane - Entry and exit from Pilkington Road only.
  • Queens Road – No right turn into Jellicoe Road.
  • Lagoon Drive - No right turn into Jellicoe Road or Queens Road.
  • Ireland Road - Left turn out only into Ellerslie Panmure Highway.
  • Potaka Lane - Entry and exit permanently closed at the intersection.

These restrictions will be in place until mid 2020.
Find out more information about planning your journey out East.​

13 June

More travel choices will soon be available for people during construction of Stage 1 of the AMETI Eastern Busway. People will be able to use a T2 lane along Pakuranga Road from 30 June, operating between 6am – 10am, Monday to Friday, between Dunrobin Place and Gossamer Drive in the westbound direction.

View the new T2 lane layout (PDF 580KB)

This T2 lane is a measure we are using to provide more travel choice and minimise journey times. The traffic measures (including the proposed Park and Ride at Lloyd Elsmore and express bus services) are part of a wider traffic management plan, which will reduce the number of cars on the road and improve choice and convenience for people in the area. It will significantly help journey times for buses and cars with multiple occupants

The T2 lane will be monitored throughout construction and changes will be made if required. Find out how a T2 lane works.

These lanes have been proven tools to help reduce traffic jams in other areas of Auckland and we’re keen to see it work on Pakuranga Road. We want to get people who may travel alone to join forces with workmates, teammates, family and friends, to reduce the number of cars on the road and find other ways of getting around.

Find out more information about planning your journey out East.

3 May

Check out our time-lapse video of our work at the Panmure roundabout over the Easter/ANZAC holiday period

1 May

AMETI Easter/ ANZAC Works Construction wrap

Over the Easter/ANZAC holiday period, we began construction on the Eastern Busway. In the ten day window, our contractors worked hard, completing the initial work required to move underground utilities out of the way for construction of a new signalised crossing.

This included removing the iconic Panmure Sign in the roundabout. It was carefully removed & placed in storage. But don’t worry, the sign will return (subject to consultation), refreshed at a new location.

For those who travelled through the area during this time, thanks for your patience and understanding. Here’s a few stats for what we got up to:

  • 1500m3 of earth removed from the roundabout, equivalent to 250 truckloads. 
  • 750m3 of aggregate imported, the same as 52 truck and trailer loads. 
  • 100m of new Stormwater network.
  • 400m of services including water mains, gas, communication & power lines.
  • The removal of 100m3 of solid basalt rock.

AMETI Roundabout Rainbow pic web
A rainbow appears over the Panmure roundabout during the Easter/ANZAC works.

24 April

Major work to signalise the Panmure roundabout is in full swing.

Teams have set up an archaeological site to one side, and traffic has been flowing excellently through the area. We even found the original road surface underneath the roundabout.

AMETI Area 2

AMETI Area 3

AMETI Area 4

17 April

Minister of Transport Phil Twyford and Auckland Mayor Phil Goff were on site to officially begin construction of the AMETI Eastern Busway on Friday. The Eastern Busway, once completed, will provide public transport options from Botany to the City Centre in under 40 minutes.

Auckland Transport is proud to be delivering this project and Friday’s event was a great occasion to mark the start. We would also like to thank the children from Panmure District School and Riverina School for their spectacular performances at the ceremony.


15 March

In late February, Auckland Council recommended the approval of consent for the Panmure to Pakuranga stage of the project.

A number of submissions were received as part of the Notice of Requirement process, and a public hearing was held in December 2017 to enable the views of people who submitted to be heard.

Thank you to everyone who took part. This is a project for local people and we valued your input.

Construction of the Panmure to Pakuranga stage is planned for late 2018.

Download the March AMETI Eastern Busway newsletter (PDF 2.6MB).

15 February

Pre-construction work is starting on the Panmure to Pakuranga stage of the busway.

The work involves the demolition of 14 council-owned properties to enable archaeological investigations.


13 December

The Notice of Requirement hearing for the Panmure to Pakuranga stage of the project has commenced.

3 October

Auckland Council recently accepted a request from AT to open a period of re-notification as part of the Notice of Requirement application and specific re-engagement with owners and occupants along Mountain Road, Forge Way and Monaco Place in Panmure.

The reason for this request is that recently updated traffic modelling has provided additional detail regarding a potential traffic effect in the vicinity of this area.

Find out more information about this process and how to submit

1 May

Investigation work late April to late May

As part of the AMETI Eastern Busway project, AT is about to begin work to investigate the location of underground services along sections of Pakuranga Road between Panmure Bridge and Ti Rakau Drive. Some work will also take place on Williams Avenue, Latham Avenue, and Tamaki Bay Drive.

The majority of this work will be located within the grass berm, however some activity will be required within small sections of road. Work undertaken in the road will result in the closure of one lane around the work area for a short period of time.

Work will take place on both sides of Pakuranga Road and will start at the Panmure Bridge end on 26 April. Working hours will be 8.30am to 4.30pm between Monday and Friday. Some evening or weekend work may be required.

While we endeavour to minimise disruption to residents, some noise can be expected. We may also be required to temporarily limit driveway access to a very small number of properties along the route and will advise affected tenants and property owners with plenty of notice.

20 March

The Notice of Requirement submission period for the Panmure to Pakuranga busway section has ended.

7 February

The Panmure to Pakuranga busway section of the AMETI Eastern Busway is open for public submissions.

AT had lodged a Notice of Requirement and resource consent application to Auckland Council for the Eastern Busway – Panmure to Pakuranga section. The Council has publicly notified the project and it is open for public submissions from 7 February 2017 for a period of 20 business days.

We are holding public information sessions and would like local residents and businesses to get involved and make submissions:

  • 14 February, 6.30am to 9.30am - Panmure Station, mezzanine level.
  • 16 February, 4pm to 9pm - Pakuranga Plaza (outside Farmers).
  • 18 February, 6pm to 10pm, Pakuranga night markets, Westfield (under The Warehouse)

25 January

The AMETI Eastern Busway project will soon carry out a series of geotechnical and pavement investigations along and around Lagoon Drive, extending from the Panmure roundabout to the eastern side of Panmure Bridge.

Investigations will provide information on ground and pavement conditions.

Pedestrian and traffic management will be required and sign posted.

Work will occur for up to six weeks between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday starting 25 January. Night and/or Saturday work may also be required.

Map showing area of investigation



7 November

Public notification of the Panmure to Pakuranga Busway Notice of Requirement (NoR) is just around the corner. You will be able to have your say via the public submissions process, details of which will be advertised with the notification.

Design and consenting of the rest of the busway and Reeves Road Flyover has commenced. Lodgement of the consents is expected early in 2018.

The busway is on track to be fully operational, including the Botany town centre bus station, by 2025.

19 May

Work will soon begin on the design and consenting for the Reeves Road flyover, and Pakuranga to Botany busway in east Auckland.


Download the latest AMETI update newsletter (PDF 700KB)

30 March

Auckland Transport has lodged a Notice of Requirement application on March 29 2016 to designate the route for the proposed Panmure to Pakuranga busway and other transport improvements.


19 October 2015

Come along to the AT Lunchtime Expo at Aotea Square on Thursday, 22 October 2015 from 11am to 2.30pm (rain date is Friday, 23 October).

You can learn about New Zealand’s first urban busway project and other AMETI initiatives.

7 October 2015

Construction of the Panmure to Pakuranga (stage 2a) is expected to begin in 2021 and be complete by 2025, based on current funding and subject to consents approvals.

AT is focused on protecting the route by applying for a designation and purchasing properties, so the project is ready for construction if funding becomes available earlier.

16 April 2015

Auckland Transport has clarified its position regarding the Reeves Road flyover project.

30 March 2015

Public consultation on plans for the next stage of AMETI (stage 2a Panmure to Pakuranga), including a busway between Panmure and Pakuranga and replacing the Panmure roundabout, has closed.

AT plans to apply to apply for consents for the projects between Panmure roundabout and the intersection of Pakuranga Road/Ti Rakau Drive.

11 March 2015

Find out more about the plans for the next stage of AMETI, presented at our open days on 12 and 14 March.

Download the AMETI project information board for more information (PDF 2.92MB) - displayed at the March 2015 public information days.

Panmure-Lagoon Drive scheme map - open for consultation until 29 March 2015

AMETI stage 2a Panmure to Pakaranga: Lagoon Drive schemem map

Pakuranga Road scheme map - open for consultation until 29 March 2015

AMETI stage 2a Panmure to Pakaranga scheme map

27 February 2015

Your new busway coming soon, find out more at our open days.

Plans for the next stage of AMETI, including a busway between Panmure and Pakuranga and replacing the Panmure roundabout, are being finalised.

  • Faster frequent and more reliable bus journeys on congestion free lanes.
  • Buses every 5 to 10 minutes with connections to Panmure Station and to the wider network.
  • New Panmure bridge for busway, cyclists and pedestrians.
  • New safer cycle and pedestrian link between Panmure and Pakuranga.

Find out more at our open days below, talk to members of the project team and provide your feedback.

When: 12 March 2015 from 5pm to 9pm.
Where: Pakuranga Plaza Centre, Aylesbury Street.

When: 14 March 2015 from 10am to 1pm.
Where: Panmure Bridge School, 76 Kings Road, Panmure.


2 November

Watch the latest AMETI video

30 October - Traffic changes ahead

The opening of Te Horeta Road for public use on Sunday, 2 November marks the final milestone in the AMETI Panmure work. As with any new route, be mindful of the traffic changes in the area. 

View the new Te Horeta Road route options:

Click to view a larger version of the Te Horeta Road route options

13 October 2014

Auckland Transport will open the 1.5km Te Horeta Rd in Panmure to traffic on 2 November. A community event will be held on Saturday 1 November from 11am until 3pm so people in the area can walk or cycle along the road, through the tunnel and on the shared path.

18 August 2014

Funding has been approved to further develop plans for the South Eastern Busway from Panmure Station to Pakuranga.

29 July 2014

The new Panmure railway station has seen a 57% increase in passenger numbers since opening in January and a 73% increase compared with this time last year.

Panmure is now ranked the 10th busiest railway station in Auckland.

8 July 2014

Borehole drilling to confirm the design of the proposed Reeves Road Flyover will occur on the Pakuranga Highway, Reeves Road and William Roberts Road between 14 July and early August 2014.  This will happen during daylight hours and is expected to provide data to be used in foundation design of the flyover and approach embankments.

26 June 2014

Based on current funding plans construction of the Reeves Rd flyover will begin in the second half of 2017, followed by other Panmure to Pakuranga projects. Auckland Transport will be consulting again on this stage of AMETI, with the intention to apply for a designation (Notice of Requirement) in April 2015. This will then be publicly notified, allowing public submissions.

Planning work on the Pakuranga to Botany stage will not progress any further until 2015. This is to allow the project team to focus on further developing design, consultation and preparing to apply for consent for the Panmure to Pakuranga section. When planning on the Pakuranga to Botany section begins again it will include further consultation with property owners in the area and the community. Pakuranga to Botany is expected to be complete by 2028 based on current funding plans.


26 September 2013

Mount Wellington Highway nightworks

Night works will begin on 29 September 2013 for service relocations with road closures scheduled for one week (Sunday to Thursday nights inclusive). The closures will affect the section of Mt Wellington Highway between the Penrose/Waipuna and Ellerslie Panmure Highway intersections.

Because work will stretch across the entire width of the highway, residents living to the south (between Triangle Road and Penrose/Waipuna Road) will be asked to drive in and out of the Penrose/Waipuna Road intersection. Residents to the north of Triangle Road will be asked to drive in and out via the Ellerslie Panmure Highway intersection.

Traffic controllers will be on site to assist and a detour route will be signposted.

25 September 2013

Major makeover for forgotten corner of Panmure

Work is underway on upgrading and revitalising Van Damme’s Lagoon and reserve.

17 September 2013

Footpath closed 

The public footpath around Van Dammes Lagoon will be closed from Thursday 12 September 2013 until July 2014 as works to upgrade the Lagoon and surround area are done.

2 August 2013

William Harvey Footbridge to open

A new temporary footbridge will be opened on the 23 August to make way for the demolition and construction of a higher and longer William Harvey Footbridge. The new bridge will extend across the AMETI Link Road and avoid the electrification works associated with the rail.

Access to the temporary footbridge will be located approximately 100m north of the existing footpath on Ireland Road. Pedestrians coming from William Harvey Place will be able to access the footbridge from the same location.

1 August 2013

Bridge Opens Early

The new Ellerslie-Panmure Highway Bridge at Panmure has been opened three months ahead of schedule. An opening ceremony and celebration of the AMETI milestone was held on 1 August on the site.

22 July 2013

Public information day

A public information day on the AMETI project was held on 20 July at Pakuranga and was attended by hundreds of interested people.

Details of the latest plans were outlined at the meeting, and the new maps and diagrams presented are listed below:

New Panmure Station and Transport Interchange continue to take shape

Panmure Station Milestones Large

The new station building is emerging above ground as station development goes on below.

Work continues on the new north-south road between Glen Innes and Mt Wellington along with the 220 metre tunnel next to the station. A local road to transport facilities is nearing completion above.

Earthworks are under way for the new 1.5 Km AMETI link road which will allow a direct link between Mt Wellington and Glen Innes.

Milestones now completed completed include:

  • The new Mountain Road bridge;
  • Realignment of Mountain Road;
  • The new busway bridge;
  • Shifting Ellerslie-Panmure Highway traffic to the new busway bridge;
  • Ellerslie-Panmure Highway bridge demolition.

The new Ellerslie-Panmure Highway Bridge is due to open in August.

June 2013

Significant new diversions looming around Panmure

A number of projects involving diversions or traffic restrictions are about to occur in Panmure.

17 April 2013

Roadworks on Ireland Road for four months

Local residents will notice roadworks on the southern end near Ireland Road Tree Grove from the end of the April.

The works will affect traffic flows for about four months. At various times there will be lane narrowing while we work on the side of the road. There will also be a one lane ‘stop/go’, and night-time road closures while work takes place.

Residents are advised that resident access will be maintained all times.

This work is to divert services, including undergrounding some power-lines, and to tunnel a large stormwater pipe under the rail embankment to Van Dammes Lagoon and down to an improved outfall at Panmure Basin. This pipe is part of the enhanced stormwater treatment and landscaping being put in at Van Dammes Lagoon for the new AMETI road. Large ‘jacking pits’ will be set-up in Ireland Rd Tree Grove and a minimal number of trees will need to be removed or pruned.

We apologise for inconvenience to local residents.

Nightworks on Ellerslie Panmure Highway from later this month

Work on utility services diversions will start again on Ellerslie Panmure Highway around the intersection with Forge Way near Burger King and Wattyl Paints.

There will be works on the side of the road near Burger King and then at nights a range of road closures of westbound and eastbound lanes as well as full closures of Ellerslie Panmure Highway in order to lay a new gas main across the road.

This work will take several weeks and will include several nights of rock breaking as well as general excavation and road paving noise. We apologise for any disruption and will provide further information in our May Update.

9 April 2013

New railway station taking shape

The new Panmure Railway Station building is taking shape and the new north south road is under construction. Work progresses on the tunnel next to the station and other developments are under way.

New projects under way around Easter

Work is starting on the new AMETI road shortly, along with construction at the Panmure station, and some ecological work at Van Damme's Lagoon.

Bridge Construction

The new Ellerslie-Panmure Highway bridge is one of three being built for the $100m first phase of the Auckland Manukau Eastern Transport Initiative (AMETI) in Panmure. The bridges will be higher and longer for rail electrification and a new road runs underneath next to the rail line.

Mayor Len Brown and Auckland Transport Chairman Lester Levy marked the start of work with a visit to the bridge.

Road Tunnel

Work is also under way on the beams which will form the tunnel roof for the new arterial road.  That roof will, in turn, become a new local road on top of the tunnel.   This will connect to Mountwell Crescent near WINZ. New drainage works are needed on Mountwell Crescent so it can be re-levelled to tie into the new road layout on the tunnel. We will provide local business more information on this work closer to the time.

Photo Gallery

Follow the progress of the project through these slideshows:

The construction currently underway next to Ellerslie Panmure Highway and in the Panmure Station area is part of AMETI Phase One.

It is one of Auckland’s largest transport construction projects and Auckland Transport’s largest. The majority of the work is being carried out by Fletcher Construction. It is due for completion in 2014.

19 March 2013

Nightwork on Mountwell Crescent from 24 March

Mountwell Cresent (where WINZ is off Forge Way) needs to be rebuilt at a higher level to tie into the new local road currently being constructed over the new tunnel. As Mountwell Crescent will need to be closed while the work is carried out, this work will be done at night, and the road reopened each morning as one lane with no parking. Work will start before Easter and take around three months to complete. While there will not be loud rockbreaking, work is still expected to be noisy and we apologise for any inconvenience.

18 March 2013

Phase one work on the new AMETI road to start at Easter

Work excavating the new road will start just north of the Mountain Rd bridge before Easter. Then the road level gets built up near Morrin Rd supported by retaining walls.

Morrin Road map

Excavation work is likely to involve rockbreaking and will be done during the day.

Where the new road links with the intersection of Morrin Rd,  a lot of underground services  need to be moved out of the way.

The first stage of this is to ‘pothole’ to confirm the exact location and depth of existing services. This work will start on Fraser Rd and the western side of Morrin Rd in the footpath and grass berm area. Access to businesses will be maintained.

At this stage traffic won’t be affected but later this year work across Morrin Rd will be needed which will need to be done at night to maintain traffic flows.

Tree removal near Van Damme's Lagoon

Several very large plane trees near NCI by William Harvey Footbridge and Van Damme's Lagoon will be removed this Easter. Because of their proximity to the rail line, this work needs to be done over a long weekend when trains aren’t running.  Nearby residents on Ireland Rd are likely to hear chainsaws and the wood chipping operation during daylight hours.

March 2013

New station starts going up

Steelwork for the new glass station building started going up in March, with the large roof section being lifted on in one piece at night after pre-assembling on the ground. The large scaffold ‘grandstand’ erected over the tracks at the edge of the station concourse provides a temporary working platform for installing the glass panels and other finishings and protects trains and passengers below.

Ellerslie-Panmure Highway Bridge piling complete

Panmure Station roof construction

The last of the 61 deep piles have been bored to depths of around 55 metres at the Ellerslie-Panmure Highway Bridge site.  Concrete foundations are now being completed over the piles to support the bridge columns.

During Easter, when trains aren’t running, the first of the new bridge beams will be lifted and placed over the railway tracks.

Work on the abutments and ramps at each side is progressing well and traffic should be switched over from where it is currently running on the busway bridge around the middle of this year to allow us to complete the busway and open the new station later in the year.

8 February 2013

Summer progress

The concrete sub-structure for the new station building was completed on 31 December 2012 with a large concrete pour completing the deck over the railway tracks at the south end of the station.

With a lot of work being done on the platforms over summer, the steel columns and beams for the new building are now under way.

With the permanent stairs on the pedestrian plaza  in, the temporary scaffold stairs have been removed. A new set of stairs connecting the recently completed Mountain Rd plaza area to platform 2 (southbound trains) have been installed and will be opened to the public once handrails have been fitted.

25 January 2013

Auckland Mayor

The second of two new bridges for Panmure is now under way. Take a look at where they are and how they are built.

January 2013

Fletcher and Auckland Transport have been busy on the AMETI project during the rail network shutdown over the holiday season. Work has progressed on both the new Panmure station and on the road tunnel project.

Panmure Station construction January 2013

Work on the old Ellerslie-Panmure Highway bridge was completed and another section of the road tunnel roof was put in. Work on piles and support walls for the new Ellerslie-Panmure Highway bridge is about to begin.

At the Panmure Station the concrete floor for the new station building was finished and soon passengers will have new resurfaced platforms and permanent stairs.


AMETI News, December issue

A review of activity on the AMETI project in 2012 has been published in the December issue of AMETI News.

16 October 2012

Major traffic changes in Panmure

Important information for commuters about major traffic layout changes in Panmure, including a video, map and a guide to travelling through Panmure.

24 September 2012

Media release: Major upgrade for Panmure Station

15 September 2012

A public information day was held in Panmure to outline further details of Phase 2 of the AMETI project.

Public information boards (PDF 2MB) 

17 August 2012

Road tunnel excavation complete

The 2500th truckload of rock has been removed for the new road tunnel being built next to Panmure Station. Excavations for the tunnel are now complete, with earth now being removed north of Mountain Rd for the ramp into it.

Leon Wee at the road tunnel construction site August 15 2012

Project manager Leon Wee on the site.

The western wall of the tunnel is almost complete with the last wall panel scheduled to be poured by the end of August. The first of 60 beams used to support the roof of the tunnel have now arrived. These will be stored on site and will start being put up later this year.  

Precast columns supporting the eastern wall dividing the train station from the road tunnel will be complete by end of September. The eastern wall sections are also arriving as pre-cast units and have started to be installed. 

The new north-south road linking Mt Wellington Highway and Morrin Rd will go through the tunnel.

17 August 2012

Mountain Rd works update

The new road alignment between the bridge and Jellicoe Road is now backfilled to subbase level and all subsoil and storm water drainage is installed.

All twelve tree pits are now complete and currently we are preparing the new Mountain Road extension for upcoming kerb and channel which will be poured next month. 

As a safety feature for cyclists and pedestrians, glass barriers 750mm high have now been installed on top of the concrete barriers along the northern side of the new Mountain Road bridge.

Works are ongoing on the plaza section of the new Mountain Road bridge. Construction continues on the plaza’s wall, footings and installation of stormwater drainage.

17 August 2012

Busway bridge piles complete

Piling for the busway bridge is now completed, with 24 pilings drilled 55m deep to reach solid rock. Work is now underway on pile capping beams that will support the main beams for the bridge.

The first of these is due to be placed on 2 September. Beams will be placed on the west side (spanning the new road) first, with beams on the east side (spanning the rail) about a month later.

The bridge will be used for the future busway, however from mid-December traffic will be moved on to it. This will allow demolition of the existing bridge so it can be replaced with a higher and longer bridge next year.

17 August 2012

Panmure Station work

The first piles for the new Panmure Station building have now been drilled and are scheduled to be complete on the eastern side by the end of August. The piling rig will then relocate to the western side in early September to complete the last of the piles.

Columns will then be constructed on the underground piles to support the station concourse and building over the train tracks.

Work continues on the pedestrian plaza with pedestrian access limited to a section of the plaza.

The permanent stairs that run down from the north side of the plaza will be installed over the next few months, allowing the temporary scaffold stairs to be removed.

30 July (updated) 2012

Mountain Rd bridge now open to vehicles

The new Mountain Road Bridge is now open to vehicles as well as pedestrians. This is the first part of the AMETI Panmure project to be complete.

Speed restrictions are in place in the area as construction work continues. Work on realigning Mountain Rd to the intersection of Jellicoe and Pleasant View roads is scheduled to be complete by the end of August.

Late last year, the old Mountain Road Bridge was demolished to construct a new bridge. The new bridge is higher and longer to accommodate the electrification of the rail network and a new road underneath.

It also has major improvements for pedestrians and cyclists. It also improves access between the West and East Park’n’Rides on either side of the Panmure train station.

24 July 2012

Media release: 2500 truckloads removed for tunnel (updated)

Mountain Rd bridge opens to vehicles on 30 July

The bridge and approach roads are currently being sealed in preparation for the opening. Work is continuing on realigning Mountain Rd to the intersection of Jellicoe and Pleasant View roads and is scheduled to be complete by the end of August or early September.From 30 July, the newly-built Mountain Road Bridge will be open to vehicles as well as pedestrians. This will be the first part of the AMETI Panmure project to be complete.

Late last year the previous Mountain Road Bridge was demolished to construct a new bridge. The new bridge is higher and longer to accommodate the electrification of the rail network and a new road underneath.

It also has major improvements for pedestrians and cyclists. It will also improve access between the West and East Park’n’Rides on either side of the Panmure train station.

There will be speed restrictions along this section of Mountain Rd because  construction is still underway in the area. 

Excavation for new road tunnel

Pedestrian plaza

Excavation of 44,000m3 or 5000 truckloads of hard basalt rock for the new road tunnel and approaches to it is almost complete.

Work is underway on the foundations and walls for the next stage to create the 220m concrete covered box that the new road will run through.

The west tunnel retaining wall, which has an art design embedded in it, is progressing well. Backfilling behind it will soon begin. Most of the footing for creating the east tunnel wall is almost ready for the wall construction to begin.

A new two lane road, between Mt Wellington Highway near Van Damm’s Lagoon and Merton Rd, will go through the tunnel in the station area.

28 May 2012

New Panmure Station pedestrian plaza opens

A new pedestrian plaza making it easier to get between both platforms at Panmure Station opens on Thursday 28 May. Part of the major station upgrade, it is initially only accessed by stairs, with future work including the installation of lifts.

Map of Panmure Station access

Other recent changes at Panmure Station include:

  • pedestrian access to platforms via the new Mountain Rd bridge
  • The stairs to platforms from Ellerslie-Panmure Highway are closed
  • The Ellerslie-Panmure Highway footpath on the station side is closed between Forge Way and Panmure roundabout

Note that there will be disabled access via all routes, except the new pedestrian plaza until lifts are installed later this year.

These changes are necessary to ensure public safety while work on AMETI is carried out.

Piling work commences for Busway Bridge

Piling work on 60m deep piles for the busway bridge will continue to involve some night and Sunday work beside Ellerslie Panmure Highway.

Installing piles for the busway

The new bridge is at the station next to Ellerslie-Panmure Highway and is part of the station upgrade. The piling is noisy work and we apologise for any disruption caused.

Unfortunately this work has to be carried out separately to other construction activities happening in the area during the day, so there will be another seven nights of piling over the last two weeks of July.

We are working some Sundays to minimise the number of nights worked.

Twenty four piles are being drilled 60m deep to reach solid rock for the bridge at the station which will be for buses.

Piling work is also being done for the foundations for a new Panmure Station building. Until the pile holes are filled with concrete polymer, an inert liquid, provides support for them. The polymer is pumped between the holes and large water tanks, where it is cleaned, stored and re-used on new piles.

The new bridge is due for completion at the end of this year.

30 May 2012

Auckland Transport is applying to Auckland Council for consents for the new AMETI road and improvements to Van Damme's Lagoon. These projects are now open for public submissions to the Council.

16 April 2012

Media release: South Eastern Busway plans announced

April 2012 public information day

30 March 2012

Changes to Panmure park and ride

Panmure park and ride access changes

A section of the Park‘n’Ride off Forge Way will be closed from 1 April but 86 spaces will remain. Passengers driving via Mt Wellington Highway and Ellerslie-Panmure Highway are advised to use these spaces.

New Park‘n’Ride spaces will be available off the Panmure roundabout end of Mountain Road. Passengers driving via the Panmure roundabout side of the station are advised to use this Park‘n’Ride facility. 

Access to the station will also change. See the map below for your most convenient access point.

Auckland Transport and its contractors apologise for any inconvenience.

These changes are necessary as part of the AMETI Panmure project. When complete the Panmure Station area will be significantly improved.

24 February 2012

Media release: Mayor launches AMETI project

27 January 2012

Construction begins on the first AMETI work

Image of Mountain Road Bridge Demolition

The old Mountain Rd bridge was demolished on Boxing Day and new temporary ramps to the platforms at Panmure Station were installed during the Christmas rail network shutdown.

Access to station platforms is different to how it was before Christmas. Signage is in place to guide passengers.

Work on a new Mountain Rd bridge over the rail lines is now underway with good progress being made on piles and foundations. The new bridge will be higher to allow for electrification of the rail network.

Other AMETI Panmure construction work:

  • Station platform works
  • Ongoing work on a new temporary park and ride car park
  • Demolition of buildings
  • Enabling works for major construction, including creating a trench for combining underground services. This is being carried out at night, mostly on private property. This is noisy work and may be heard by some residents. Auckland Transport is endeavouring to schedule the noisiest work earlier in the evening, use quiet machinery where possible.

Auckland Transport has a community liaison team focused on minimising the impacts to the public during construction.


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21 December 2011

Media release: $100 million Panmure transport contract awarded


December 2010 public information day

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