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Panmure to Pakuranga (phase 2)

The second phase of AMETI includes upgrading Panmure roundabout to an intersection and building a new busway from Panmure Station to Pakuranga town centre.

Project overview

The new Panmure intersection and station upgrade. Click on the image for a bigger picture; then click on any element to zoom in.

AMETI Phase 2 will provide the next stage of transport improvements for the area after those being built in the Panmure Station area are complete in 2014.

The improvements will reduce major congestion in the area, get more people onto public transport and make walking and cycling more attractive options.

AMETI Phase 2 includes:

  • Upgrading Panmure roundabout to a signalised intersection to remove a major congestion point and improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians;
  • Creating a busway with lanes separate from general traffic from Panmure Station to Pakuranga town centre to make public transport quicker;
  • Completing about 7km of new cycling paths and 6km of footpaths, including new paths linking Panmure and Pakuranga along Lagoon Drive and Pakuranga Rd;
  • New Panmure Bridge next to the existing one for buses, cyclists and pedestrians;
  • The Reeves Rd flyover, a direct link from Pakuranga Road to Waipuna Bridge above part of Reeves Rd and the current Ti Rakau Drive intersection.

Features and benefits

  • More transport options – with major public transport, walking and cycling improvements;
  • Removal of the bottleneck at Panmure roundabout, with a safer signalised intersection keeping traffic moving. Average morning and evening queues reduced by 60%;
  • Quicker and more reliable journeys by bus, getting more people onto public transport;
  • Easier to walk or cycle around Panmure. The new intersection will have direct crossings across all roads, instead of the current 500m crossing distance from Ireland to Mountain Rd;
  • Priority for vehicles using Lagoon Drive making it a more attractive route for through traffic, reducing use of Church Cres and Queen’s Rd as a rat-run;
  • New cycle lanes and footpaths connecting Panmure and Pakuranga;
  • A better town centre environment and improved connections with Panmure Station.

Project detail

Details of the transport improvements that are part of AMETI’s Panmure to Pakuranga work.

Panmure Bridge

A new Panmure Bridge is proposed on the northern side of the current bridge because:

  • there are no dedicated cycle facilities;
  • the narrow path on one side of the bridge makes walking across it unpleasant;
  • this is the only walk and cycle crossing of the Tamaki River north of Highbrook Drive;
  • there is no room for the proposed busway.

The proposal is to construct a new bridge on the northern side of the existing bridge for the busway, pedestrians and cyclists. The new bridge will contain 2 x 3.5m busway lanes and a 4.3m shared cycle/pedestrian path. The new bridge will avoid affecting the last intact portion of the Makoia Pa site, which also forms part of the crater rim of the Panmure Basin.

The existing bridge will remain for private vehicles and will provide adequate capacity to move forecasted traffic volumes and ensure there are no safety or congestion issues.

Panmure to Pakuranga busway

The Panmure to Pakuranga busway will start from an upgraded Panmure Station, providing easy connections between trains and buses. It will run along the north side of Lagoon Drive, with bus stops at the intersections with Domain Rd and Church Crescent, and form the South-Eastern Busway when the Pakuranga to Botany busway is completed.

Features of the busway:

  • New bus and rail interchange at Panmure;
  • Faster connections to Pakuranga, Howick and Botany;
  • Removes conflicts with cars, improving bus journey times and reliability;
  • Allows all modes of transport to operate safely and efficiently;
  • Local bus services will continue to serve Panmure town centre.

As well as changes to Lagoon Drive, creating the busway will mean some changes are required on Basin View Lane and Domain Road to provide improved connectivity and mobility. Two-way access will be maintained into Domain Road and scheduled pohutukawa trees will be avoided. Changes are also required to the Church Crescent intersection, to accommodate the busway and reduce rat-running via Church Cres. Design progression since 2011 includes extending the busway along Lagoon Drive to Panmure Bridge and improving the pedestrian environment along Lagoon Drive and into Church Crescent. 

Auckland Transport is talking to property owners along the Panmure to Pakuranga section of the busway about impacts to their property. Property impacts along Ti Rakau Drive are expected to be confirmed soon. Auckland Transport will contact owners directly.

Construction will begin no earlier than 2015 (a confirmed date will depend on funding and consent approvals).

New Panmure intersection

Opening the new north-south road that is being built in Phase One will reduce traffic through the Panmure roundabout via Jellicoe Rd and Ellerslie-Panmure Highway. This allows work on replacing the roundabout and a number of changes to make the intersection work better.

Panmure Intersection

Improvements include:

  • Pedestrian crossings on all arms, walking distance shortened from up to 500m to 50m;
  • Allowance for busway;
  • Majority of current traffic movements remain, right turn out of Jellicoe Rd via Mountain Rd/Forge Way instead;
  • Priority given to major traffic demands – Lagoon Drive to Ellerslie-Panmure Highway;
  • On- and off-street cycle facilities;
  • Town centre better connected to station – shorter walking distances.

The development of the new intersection is the result of feedback from a number of public information days and discussions with the community.

What you saidWhat has been done
Keep Ireland Road access Ireland Road access remains
Keep Jellicoe Road open Jellicoe Road open, no right turn, access to Ellerslie-Panmure Highway via re-aligned Mountain Rd
Want right turn from Lagoon Drive Permit right turn from Lagoon Drive
Crossing distances too long Introduced staggered crossings
Want to be able to u-turn on Queen's Road Introduced break in median for u-turns

Following public feedback on what should happen to the Panmure roundabout sign, a location for the sign has been proposed, shown by letter a on the map above.

Lagoon Drive

Lagoon Drive improvements:

  • Widened on the cliff side of the road to allow for the busway, a wide shared cycle path and footpath, as well as a median between the busway and general traffic;
  • General traffic lanes reduced to one in each direction, made possible by the new Panmure intersection improving traffic flows;
  • The southern side of Lagoon Drive remains untouched to avoid significant geological and archaeological features;
  • Signalised intersections with bus stops at Basin View Lane and Church Crescent;
  • Some properties on Lagoon Dr need to be purchased to allow for busway, others will have changes to access as vehicles can’t cross the busway.

Pakuranga Road

The new busway will be on the northern side of Pakuranga Rd. This means current road access from streets north of Pakuranga Rd will need to change to ensure everyone can access these roads safely. There are also some implications for the southern side of Pakuranga Rd.

Proposed changes:

  • Signalise current give way intersection at Kerswill Pl and Williams Ave to allow safe access across new busway;
  • Close Latham Ave and Tamaki Bay Dr to rationalise number of intersections on Pakuranga Rd;
  • Alternate access for Tamaki Dr residents via new Williams Ave signalised intersection;
  • Alternate access for Latham Ave residents via existing Millen Ave signalised intersection. This requires a new local road connection between Dillimore Ave and Latham Ave;
  • A new local road to connect existing lane underneath Panmure Bridge with Kerwill Pl. This maintains access to the Panmure Marina via Kerswill Pl intersection. It also maintains the ability for residents on the southern side of Pakuranga Rd to travel east via Kerswill Pl intersection.

Pakuranga town centre

Pakuranga town centre is conveniently located on the corner of two regional arterial roads, and is close to the Tamaki Estuary coastline. The centre serves the local community and acts as the gateway to the eastern suburbs. However, its vitality has been affected in recent years by congestion on the main roads that border the town centre. This has been largely due to commuter traffic accessing Waipuna Bridge from Pakuranga Rd and Ti Rakau Dr. The transport improvements proposed provide significant opportunities to revitalise the Pakuranga town centre.

Reeves Road Flyover

Reeves Flyover

A new flyover in Pakuranga will provide a direct connection between Pakuranga Rd and Waipuna Bridge, and significantly reduce traffic on Pakuranga Rd and Ti Rakau Dr. This will equate to an average 40% reduction during morning and evening peaks. 

The reduction in traffic will also allow significant improvements to be made to the town centre, ensuring the economic vitality of the town centre is maintained and enhanced.

The proposed flyover will be a significant new feature in the Pakuranga town centre. Auckland Transport is investigating design options and will seek input from the community on initial concept options. The aim is to ensure the flyover design contributes positively to the Pakuranga urban area.

Construction of the new flyover is due to begin in 2015/2016 (subject to funding and consents). It will be constructed in short stages and will take approximately 18-24 months to complete.

Access to the town centre and neighbouring businesses will be maintained while the flyover is built. Investigations are progressing to determine what measures may be required to ease the potential adverse effects (e.g. noise, visual) of the flyover on nearby properties.

Pakuranga bus station

Pakuranga Bus Station

Pakuranga town centre will have a new bus station to cater for the many buses that will converge at Pakuranga. This will significantly improve public transport access to the town centre and allow for easy transfers between bus services.

Previous proposals looked at providing bus stops on Pakuranga Rd and Ti Rakau Dr. A new option has since been developed within the context of the draft Pakuranga Town Centre Masterplan. Auckland Transport is working collaboratively with key town centre stakeholders and Auckland Council to investigate these options further and develop parking strategy for the town centre.

Benefits of current proposal:

  • One bus station on Ti Rakau Dr to cater for all services;
  • Pakuranga Road buses will be able to access station via a bus-only link road;
  • Easy to understand and attractive transport hub;
  • All bus stops conveniently located to allow easy access to the town centre;
  • No need to cross Pakuranga Rd when transferring between bus services;
  • New multi-storey car parking and on-street parking created through the town centre to replace lost at-grade parking spaces;
  • Proposed new town square (led by Auckland Council);
  • Pakuranga Road reduced to four lanes - improving feature of town centre edge;
  • Acts as a catalyst for redevelopment opportunities (led by Auckland Council).

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