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Auckland Transport has launched a programme to improve safety and access for pedestrians and cyclists using Domain Drive and Lower Domain drive, through the Auckland Domain.

Project overview

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The Domain project aims to improve safety and access for all park users by providing:

  • A cycle lane on the northern side of Domain Drive from Park Road to Lower Domain Drive 
  • Completion of works for the cycle lane recently installed on Lower Domain Drive
  • The linking of the Lower Domain footpath with those on Domain drive, including increased and improved crossing points and additional street lighting
  • Linking and crossing of footpath section at Titoki St
  • Speed tables and intermittent speed humps to reduce speeds throughout the Domain
  • Reduced speed limit along Domain Drive to 30km/h (currently 40km/h)
  • Improved line-marking, road signage and street lighting throughout
  • Significant changes to the layout of the Lower Domain Drive/Domain Drive intersection to improve safety for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Closure of Lovers Lane for an initial period of 12 months to combat the current level of anti-social behaviour and to remove off-road parking (pedestrian access will remain).
  • The re-opening of The Crescent and The Winter Gardens to improve traffic circulation within the park and to improve access for Museum tour buses and Domain event buses.
  • The inclusion of cultural aspect finish on Speed Table 6 (in partnership with Ngai tai ki Tamaki) in pairing with the palisade and pou on the recently constructed retaining walls on Lower Domain Drive.

The project has been planned in stages, limiting closures over the summer months to minimise impact on events held in the park.

Works started late 2012 with the reconstruction of retaining walls on Lower Domain Drive.



Works have been designed to minimise impact on trees/vegetation.

Total works require only maintenance trimming and the removal of two minor limbs at the Domain Drive/Lower Domain Drive intersection so as not to pose issues for new footpath users.

Auckland Council Parks will monitor works and direct the contractor as needed when working in and around the drip line or in close proximity to trees.


Traffic will be disrupted during the works. However, the decision was made to carry out works during the winter to minimise impact upon summer events and peak usage of the Domain.

Traffic management and diversions will be undertaken by the contractor (as detailed above) with the intention of creating minimal impact on traffic, but also in respect ot the safety of the works being carried out.


The New Zealand Historic Places Trust and representatives from Ngai tai ki Tamaki will monitor works to ensure compliance with the Resource Consent and safeguard potential heritage/cultural aspects.

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