Lower Domain Drive Lower Domain Drive

This construction project will replace three existing retaining walls along a section of Lower Domain Drive within the Auckland Domain. A new retaining wall and footpath also will be built on a southern portion of Lower Domain Drive.

Project overview

Retaining walls of Lower Domain DriveThe Lower Domain Drive project will repair and upgrade a major access way through the Auckland Domain.

The project was initiated as a result of the old retaining walls failing, resulting in slumping of the adjacent road and footpath. This caused the surface to become uneven and cracked. Continuous maintenance has been necessary over a number of years repairing cracks in the road surface.

Auckland Transport has engaged HEB Construction to undertake these works.


The road in the section of Domain Drive affected by these works will be closed for the duration of the works, although pedestrian access will be maintained. An approved Temporary Traffic Management Plan will be implemented during the works. 

Affected roads (JPG 627KB)Design drawings of Lower Domain Drive new handrails

The public has been advised that there may be delays, and drivers are asked to exercise patience. Priority will be given to ensuring safe pedestrian access through the works area at all times. Drivers should consider alternative routes.

Carparks will remain open on Grafton Mews and Lovers Lane, but these may need to be approached from alternative directions.

Local iwi have had significant involvement to ensure cultural aspects are incorporated into the design of the project. This has resulted in changes to the standard handrail design, with the new handrail incorporating a palisade look and carved poles (see sketches to the right). 

Following the upgrade of the retaining walls another project is planned in which the footpath will be replaced and the road resurfaced for the full length of Lower Domain Drive.  

Traffic management plans


Works commenced in early September 2012. They are now largely completed, with some resurfacing work to be done at the end of January 2013.