Barnes Dance crossing improvements Barnes Dance crossing improvements

Auckland Transport (AT) trialled the use of a new crossing sound at Barnes Dance crossings in central Auckland to see if it improved pedestrian safety.

Based on the results of the trial, the original crossing sound was re-instated.

Project status: Completed
Project area: Central

Project overview

AT introduced a new crossing sound for Barnes Dance crossings at the Queens/Quay Street and Queens/Customs Street intersections in early May 2016.

The new sound, heard when the “Green man” signal was active, was trialled for 6 months.

The new tone was chosen to help pedestrians distinguish the difference between a Barnes Dance and standard crossings (where crossings run independently of each other and vehicles may be moving at the same time).

Surveys indicated that pedestrians didn’t notice the difference in the sound and public feedback suggested the sound was annoying.

Based on the survey and feedback, the original crossing sound was re-instated.

AT may trial another crossing sound in the future.

A Barnes Dance, also known as a ‘scramble crossing’ or ‘exclusive pedestrian crossing’, is an intersection where all pedestrians can cross on all crossings simultaneously and all vehicles must stop.

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