Botany Road intersection upgrades Botany Road intersection upgrades

As part of a wider plan to improve road safety and traffic flow, we plan to make improvements to the intersections of Cascades Road and Botany Road as well as Millhouse Drive and Botany Road.

Project status: Consultation closed on 17 August 2018.
Project zone: East.

Project overview

We undertook a study at these intersections which showed heavy traffic during peak travel times. The congestion is causing safety risks and significant delays for southbound and northbound traffic on Botany Road.

We also found that it is difficult for pedestrians to cross Botany Road onto Cascades Road because there is no controlled pedestrian crossing.

In order to alleviate traffic congestion and improve safety for road users and pedestrians, our roading experts proposed the introduction of a number of proven measures, including:

  • widening roads to create new traffic lanes,
  • improving traffic signals,
  • installing a signalised pedestrian crossing,
  • creating a raised zebra crossing,
  • and installing high friction surfacing.


  • Smoother traffic flows along the corridor.
  • Improved traffic efficiency and safety.
  • Improved safety for pedestrians.


  • 25 July 2018 - consultation opens.
  • 17 August 2018 - consultation closes.
  • Mid 2021 - construction expected to start.

Project details

As part of the 2018 consultation, we proposed upgrades at two intersections on Botany Road.

Proposed work at the intersection at Cascades Road and Botany Road

Cascades Rd and Botany Rd map

Download the map of the proposed works at Cascades Road and Botany Road intersection (JPG 1.12MB)

  • Installing signalised double left turn lanes from Botany Road into Cascades Road.
  • Installing a signalised pedestrian crossing across double left turn lanes.
  • Installing high friction surfaces on the double left turn lanes.
  • Reconstructing the traffic island on Cascades Road.
  • Building out the kerb on the corner of the intersection outside Golflands Motel.
  • Signalising the left turn lane from Cascades Road into Botany Road by squaring up the corner.
  • Creating double westbound lanes on Cascades Road up to the Aviemore Drive roundabout.
  • Modifying Golflands Motel's driveways.

Proposed work at the intersection at Millhouse Drive and Botany Road

Millhouse Dr and Botany Rd map

Download the map of the proposed works at Millhouse Drive and Botany Road intersection (JPG 971KB)

  • Widening the road at the intersection of Millhouse Drive and Botany Road.
  • Installing a dedicated left turn lane from Botany Road into Millhouse Drive.
  • Installing an additional right turn lane on Millhouse Drive.
  • Installing a raised zebra crossing on the left turn slip lane on Millhouse Drive to Botany Road.
  • Installing double exit lanes at the Pakuranga Golf Club (opposite Millhouse Drive).
  • Modifying the traffic island.

Public engagement

We asked for feedback on the proposed intersection upgrades from Wednesday 25 July to Friday 17 August 2018 and received 141 submissions.

After listening to all the feedback, we will proceed with the proposal. However, as a direct result of the feedback, we have made the following changes:

  • New 3m wide shared paths at these intersections that allow cyclists of all ages and abilities (including children cycling to schools) to safely ride on. The shared paths will be accompanied with cycle ramps and crossings to safely get them across the intersections and lead them on and off the road.
  • Wider footpaths on the northern side of Millhouse Drive and the eastern side of Botany Road opposite Cascades Road, where shared paths cannot be provided due to property boundaries and slope of the berm.
  • A new signalised crossing at the entrance to Pakuranga Golf Course to safely get people on bikes and pedestrians across the golf course entrance.
  • A larger traffic island at the intersection of Millhouse Drive and Botany Road that provides extra waiting space for people on bikes and pedestrians.
  • Minor amendments to lane widths and road markings where necessary.
  • To optimise the signal phasing of the intersections to further improve efficiency.
  • To retain the existing golf course driveway as it currently is.

Detailed designs of the final changes for each intersection can be downloaded here:

For more information on the feedback received during the consultation and AT’s responses, please download the public feedback report:

Download the public feedback report for the Botany Road intersection upgrades project (PDF 3.2MB)

Thank you to everyone who helped us make better decisions for your neighbourhood, informed by local knowledge.

Next steps

The precise construction dates are still being finalised but at this stage we expect construction to start in mid-2021. Once construction is underway, the work will take approximately three months to complete. The contractors will be in touch with local residents before construction starts to let them know what will be happening.

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