Botany Road intersection upgrades project updates Botany Road intersection upgrades project updates


19 July 

Botany Road intersection upgrades update

We received 141 submissions which we have read and analysed. We are determined to explore the suggestions in every submission thoroughly as we want to take account of what people have told us.

As a result, the design is still being worked on as our traffic and road safety engineers explore and investigate the ideas and suggestions that were put forward during the consultation. It is important to us that this project delivers the best possible outcomes for the community. We thank the public for their patience while we undertake this process and apologise for the delay.

Once the design is finalised, we will publish a public feedback report on the project page which will summarise the feedback received, detail Auckland Transport’s responses and explain the final project decision and next steps.

More information

We will keep the project webpage updated with any developments, including the public feedback and decisions report, when it is available.