Bus infrastructure changes to support CRL works Bus infrastructure changes to support CRL works

The City Rail Link (CRL) will unlock Auckland’s rail network, allowing faster and more frequent movement of passengers around the network. Auckland Transport (AT) is making some changes to our city centre bus operations to support the CRL construction and improve bus travel times in line with Auckland Council’s long-term vision for the city centre.

Project status: Consultation - feedback closed 26 February 2021.
Project zone: Central

Project overview

Auckland Transport is introducing measures in the wider city centre as bus priority measures to accommodate City Rail Link (CRL) commencing in mid-2021.
The CRL project will close the intersection of Victoria & Albert Street. At the same time, the intersection of Wellesley Street & Albert Street will reopen after being closed since March 2020.

The Wellesley closure in March 2020, resulted in several bus routes being rerouted due to this work and many of these will now have to return to their original routes. The closure of the Victoria Street/Albert Street intersection will also mean moving bus routes that currently use Victoria Street.

Given the volume of buses to be re-routed and general traffic that will be re-directed away from Victoria Street, bus priority measures are essential to ensure people can still get into and around the city centre.

Project details

A number of road changes in the corridor are required to re-route buses through the city centre.

Wellesley Street

With the Wellesley Street West/Albert Street intersection reopening, the future layout for the Wellesley Street bus corridor can begin to take shape. The changes being proposed at this stage include (Moving from West to East)

  • A new bus stop for rerouted bus services on the northern side near Sale Street.
  • A new bus shelter installed on the southern side at bus stop 1090 (near City Works Depot).
  • On Wellesley Street West (between Nelson & Hobson), an additional bus stop will be installed on the northern side outside the New Zealand International Convention Centre. The bus lane will be reinstated on the northern side of the road, and a new bus stop and new bus shelters will be installed on the southern side of the road.
  • On Wellesley Street West (between Hobson & Albert), the existing bus stop will be extended to accommodate more buses and coach parking will be relocated to the block between Federal and Albert. Road lanes will be reconfigured to allow for bus lanes in both directions. A new bus stop in the westbound direction will be added along with a new bus shelter.
  • On Wellesley Street West (between Albert & Queen) there will be new and extended bus stops installed on both sides of the road. The road corridor will be narrowed and reconfigured to allow for Double Decker buses & 24/7 bus lanes.
    Under this proposal, no general traffic would have access travelling westbound from Queen Street to Albert Street. This would extend the existing restrictions for general traffic on Wellesley Street East between Lorne Street and Wellesley Street.
  • Wellesley Street East – extend bus stop 1094 on the northern side to allow better access for bus services and relocate the loading zone further east to the other side of Lorne Street.
  • At Wellesley Street East & Mayoral Drive intersection, install a new bus only right turn into Mayoral Drive. There would also be a reconfigure of lanes at the intersection on Mayoral Drive.
  • At Wellesley Street East, near Albert Park (Bus stop 7088) the bus stop would be extended to accommodate the higher number of buses resulting on the loss of 4 parking spaces. The bus parking would be extended, and the existing loading zone will be removed.

Halsey Street

  • Extend existing bus stop 1334 (near Victoria Park) and installing a new custom shelter.

Hobson Street

  • New bus stop at 66 Hobson Street which will replace the existing bus parking and existing loading zone. The Loading Zone will be relocated around the corner to Kingston Street which will result in the removal of three parking spaces. A new shelter is proposed for this new bus stop. This stop will be removed once buses return to Albert St when works are complete.

Symonds Street

  • Extend bus stop 7147 (near Mount Street) to relieve overflow of existing stop.
  • Reopen the bus stop near St Martin’s lane, to accommodate new bus routes.

Queen Street
(From south to north)

  • New bus stop outside 421 Queen Street (near Scotia Place).
  • Extend bus stop 7059 (outside the Auckland Town Hall).
  • Extend bus stop 7049 (near Wyndham Street).

Victoria Street

  • On Victoria Street West, (between Nelson & Hobson Street) new bus parking and a new bus stop will be installed with a bus shelter to cater for new routes. Coach parking will be relocated to a new stop by Nelson St.

Victoria Street closure map

Lower Albert Bus Interchange

As the completion of the Downtown Project nears, the Lower Albert Bus Interchange will open in April 2021. As part of this, some central bus routes will change, with the interchange being their starting point.

New bus lanes will be installed on Customs Street East, Sturdee Street, Fanshawe Street and Lower Hobson Street. This infrastructure will support the re-routing of buses required for the for the Victoria closure in mid-2021.


  • Improved bus travel time in the city centre.
  • Helping to keep Auckland moving.
  • A majority of bus routes will return to Wellesley Street for the first time in 18 months.

As a Vision Zero organisation, we are committed to making the roads around Auckland safer and reducing the risk of death or serious injuries on our roads. These proposed changes are designed to increase the safety of all road users in the city centre, while promoting mode shift travel.

Download the CRL Wellesley St bus corridor consultation drawings (PDF 3.2MB)

Download the other works consultation drawings (PDF 2.5MB)

Car parking and Loading Zone removals

A total of 14 paid on-street car parking spaces that are currently active will be removed to make way for these changes:

  • Three parking spaces near 66 Hobson Street, on the southern side.
  • Four parking spaces and a loading zone on Wellesley Street West on the northern side near Sale Street.
  • Removal of loading zone on Wellesley Street West on the northern side near Hobson Street.
  • Removal of loading zone / taxi stand on Wellesley Street West on the northern side between Elliott Street and Queen Street.
  • Relocation of the existing loading zone on northern side of Wellesley Street East between Queen Street and Lorne Street further east to the other side of Lorne Street.
  • Four parking spaces and a loading zone on Wellesley Street East, on the northern side near Albert Park.
  • Four parking spaces on Queen St near Q Theatre / Town Hall will remain closed (currently inactive).
  • Three parking spaces on Kingston Street to make way for the loading zone that will be relocated from Hobson Street.
  • Nearby alternative locations for loading and service delivery can be found between 6:00am to 11:00am on Elliott Street (shared space) and on Queen Street on both sides of the road between Wellesley Street and Victoria Street.

The wider vision for Auckland’s city centre

Auckland's city centre is being transformed through the development of the City Rail Link, more public and pedestrian spaces, and better connections between key points in the city centre and waterfront. This programme is on a scale never seen before in our city, with $6 billion of investment over five years and an estimated $10 billion of private investment.

In 2021 more than 50,000 people call the city centre home and over 100,000 people travel in every day. The City Rail Link will unlock Auckland’s rail network and allow faster, more frequent movement of passengers around the network.

When the CRL is completed in 2024 it will double the number of people able to reach the city centre by rail in under 30 minutes and make Auckland’s regions more accessible via the city centre.

Our priority is supporting Aucklanders through the CRL construction activity around Wellesley and Victoria Streets, Karangahape Road, and Mount Eden. Some disruption should be expected for a project of this scale, but every effort is being made to minimise any impacts.

Auckland’s future is in progress and works happening in the city centre will benefit us all in the future. Read more about city centre developments.

Public feedback

  • Due to the construction of the Hotel Grand Chancellor at 78 Wellesley St West, neither the proposed bus stop or shelter will proceed at this time
  • The proposed shelter outside 72 Wellesley St West and 117 Victoria St West will not proceed at this time
  • The right turn from Wellesley St East into Queen St has been moved as no buses will require this movement going forward
  • The proposed coach parking on Wellesley St West outside Auckland Council will be restricted 10am-3pm to avoid peak times. This will enable a full kerbside lane for left-turning traffic into Albert St/Atrium carpark in the morning peak.

Construction is expected to begin in May 2021, ahead of the city centre bus route changes set to occur in mid-2021.

Listening to what you have to say is important to us. Your local knowledge can help us make better decisions, so together we can achieve the best outcomes for your neighbourhood.

Feedback closed for this project on 26 February 2021.

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