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Captain Scott Road street enhancements

Auckland Transport (AT) and the Waitakere Ranges Local Board proposed improvements to Captain Scott Road, Glen Eden, between West Coast Road and Glenmall Place.

The project was cancelled in the scheme design stage due to changes in local board priorities.

Project status: Cancelled
Project zone: West

Project overview

We proposed 2 possible options to make this section of Captain Scott Road, and nearby Glenmall, a more attractive destination for pedestrians and people on bikes.

Proposed options

Option 1

  • Turn the northern end of Captain Scott Road into a one-way road to make it safer and more attractive to pedestrians, and to help foster the feeling of a town centre.
  • Install two speed tables on Captain Scott Road: one just before West Coast Road and the other just before Glenmall Place. This will create a gateway to the town centre, slow down traffic and provide safer crossing points for pedestrians.
  • Provide a new north-bound cycle lane on the western side of Captain Scott Road, between Glenmall Place and West Coast Road.
  • Install angle parking spaces on the western side of Captain Scott Road, to reduce the loss of on-street parking. There will be an overall loss of one on-street parking space under this arrangement.
  • Widen the footpath on the east side of Captain Scott Road between West Coast Road and Glenmall Place.
  • Install new street furniture, tree planting and landscaping improvements along this stretch of Captain Scott Road.

Captain Scott Road showing option one enhancements

Option 2

The same as option one, but in addition proposes a raised island in the middle of West Coast Road to prevent vehicles turning right from West Coast Road onto Captain Scott Road.

Banning the right-turn will reduce the risk of vehicle collisions and improve the eastbound traffic flow on West Coast Road, as turning vehicles will no longer block the traffic lane.

Captain Scott Road showing option two enhancements

Public engagement

From 24 March to 15 April 2016, we invited feedback to help us decide whether to proceed with the proposal and to ensure the final design would meet the needs of the community.

Based on feedback received and local priorities, the Waitakere Ranges Local Board decided not to proceed with the project.

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