Carlton Street improvements Carlton Street improvements

Auckland Transport (AT) is making changes to Carlton Street in order to encourage safer vehicle speeds and improve access to public transport.

Project status: Construction - starts 5 November 2019.
Project zone: Central

Project overview

The aim of the project is to encourage safer vehicle speeds on Carlton Street and improve public transport links.

The existing speed tables on Carlton Street are not designed for bus travel, they are too short and have very steep approach angles. This results in an uncomfortable and potentially unsafe journey for bus passengers and drivers. As a result of this, Carlton Street, although part of the new network, has not been used to date by AT buses.

Once the purpose-built speed tables and bus stops are in place, bus 68 will be routed through Carlton Street instead of Hugh Watt Drive as part of the new network. This will enable more people to access public transport.

The new bus network routes were consulted on in 2015 and were rolled out in central suburbs in 2018.

Carlton Street artists impression 04
Caption: Artists impression of Carlton Street improvements.

Planned improvements

  • Replacing the existing speed tables with new speed tables that are more evenly spaced to encourage safer vehicle speeds
  • Making the new speed tables longer than the current speed tables, this results in less jarring for bus passengers however still slows down other road users.
  • Installing four new bus stops on Carlton Street which will enable more people to access public transport
  • Removing 12 public car park spaces on Carlton Street to make room for the bus stops and new speed tables.

A similar proposal for changes to Carlton Street was presented to the community last year. Those plans have since been altered to retain the existing style of speed tables, as these are more effective at slowing traffic.

Detailed plans

Download detailed plans for Carlton Street improvements (PDF 1.46MB).

Public engagement

We consulted on the Carlton Street improvements between the 6 March and 21 March 2019 and received feedback from 138 submitters. We have created a public feedback report which summarises the feedback received, details Auckland Transport’s response to the feedback and explains the outcomes of consultation. You can now download the report below.

Summary of your feedback on Carlton Street improvements (PDF 809KB, 23 pages)


The proposal will proceed without changes and is estimated to be constructed in November 2019. Once the new bus stops and speed tables are installed, bus services will begin operating on Carlton Street.

We note there was some community concern highlighted during the consultation around buses using Carlton Street and safety concerns associated with this. Please see more information in the public feedback report responding to this.

Next steps

Construction of these improvements will start on approximately 5 November 2019, with completion by the end of December 2019. We will be in touch with directly affected residents before any construction starts.