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Changes to Freyberg Place Pedestrian Mall Changes to Freyberg Place Pedestrian Mall

Auckland Transport (AT) and Auckland Council (AC) are proposing changes to Freyberg Place.

Public feedback closed 1 July 2018.

Project status: Consultation
Project zone: Central

Project overview

We’re proposing to make Freyberg Place a pedestrian mall that can only be used by pedestrians and people on bicycles. No vehicles will be allowed to drive into or park on Freyberg Place, with the exception of:

  • Emergency service vehicles
  • Authorised vehicles (with prior permission from AT)

There are retractable bollards at each end of Freyberg Place. These are currently lowered, meaning vehicles can pass through. If Freyberg Place is made a pedestrian mall these bollards will be raised at all times to restrict access (but will be able to be lowered to allow emergency service vehicles and other authorised vehicles to pass through when necessary).

Freyberg Place map web


  • Provide a safer environment for pedestrians and people on bicycles.
  • Provide a stronger connection between the Ellen Melville Centre and the square.
  • Create a vibrant community hub.


  • 21 May - Consultation opens.
  • 1 July - Consultation closes.
  • July/August - Feedback reviewed.

Project details

The recent upgrade of Freyberg Place has created a vibrant community hub, which has become a popular destination for residents, workers and visitors to the central city.

We’re proposing to officially declare Freyberg Place a pedestrian mall, to provide a safer environment for pedestrians and people on bicycles, provide a stronger connection between the Ellen Melville Centre and the square, and address historical property boundaries, where the roadway currently crosses over areas of council-owned property.

Freyberg Place viewed from Courthouse Lane (indicative only):

Freyberg Place viewed from Courthouse Lane web

The map below shows the area we are proposing to change to a pedestrian mall. The council-owned land outside the front of the Ellen Melville Centre is currently accessible by vehicles. We are proposing to change the area outlined in green below (currently legally designated as a roadway) to a pedestrian mall.

If this area becomes a pedestrian mall, bollards (which are currently retracted to street level) will be raised at each end of Freyberg Place, meaning vehicles will no longer be able to access this space (outside of specific exceptions), allowing a safe connection for pedestrians and people on bicycles between Freyberg Place and the Ellen Melville Centre.

Freyberg Place map web

Public engagement

Consulting with the public ensures project decisions are made in a manner that is transparent and accessible to anyone who may be interested, and public feedback helps us determine the best use of the space.

We have issued a Statement of Proposal, which outlines the details of our proposal to change Freyberg Place from a one-way road to a pedestrian mall, and summarises options that were deemed unsuitable for the space.

Feedback closed 1 July, 2018 


Auckland Transport (AT), in association with Auckland Council (AC), proposed changing Freyberg Place from a roadway available to motor vehicles to a pedestrian mall. We consulted from the 21st May to 1 July 2018 and received 665 submissions.

After considering all the feedback we received, we have decided to proceed with changing Freyberg Place into a pedestrian mall.

We will do this by raising bollards (which are currently lowered to street level) at each end of Freyberg Place. This will prevent vehicles driving through the square.

We will make this change 15 October 2018.

Download the Freyberg Place pedestrian mall public feedback report (PDF 1.3MB)

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