Changes to on-street parking around North Shore Hospital Changes to on-street parking around North Shore Hospital

We made some changes to parking on streets around the North Shore Hospital to manage high parking demand and improve availability.

Project status: Complete
Project zone: North 

Project overview

On-street parking around North Shore Hospital is in high demand, which means that people are often unable to find a park and become frustrated. Traffic congestion increases as people drive around searching for a parking space. We have also received several complaints about poor and illegal parking behaviour in the area.

To discourage this behavior, on some streets close to North Shore hospital, we introduced paid parking and on some residential streets we implemented time restrictions on one side of the street.

Overview of the areas affected by the changes:

North Shore Hospital final parking map 131218


  • Manages parking demand and increases parking availability.
  • Enables parking to be shared between staff, residents, visitors and commuters.
  • Improves parking behaviour.
  • Encourages motorists to consider other transport options such as public transport, carpooling, cycling or walking.
  • Reduces congestion.


  • 21 May 2018 - Consultation opened.
  • 15 June 2018 - Consultation closed.
  • 4 April 2019 - Changes implemented.

Project details

More detailed information on the changes to each area is available below:

Area A: Paid parking

All spaces on the following streets (including unrestricted and restricted, P120, P15) are paid parking zones:

  • Shea Terrace.
  • Mary Poynton Crescent.
  • Northcote Road (east of Taharoto Road).

North Shore hospital parking zone consultation MAP


The following parking spaces do not have paid parking:

  • Privately-owned parking, such as at the North Shore Canoe and Rowing Clubs* and North Shore Squash Club.
  • Mobility spaces.

*The parking area southwest of the North Shore Canoe and Rowing Clubs buildings is private and is excluded from the proposal. The parking spaces on the northwest side of the buildings (along the edge of the Quarry Lake) are part of the road reserve and were converted to paid parking.

Times, days and prices

  • $1 per hour.
  • Monday to Friday.
  • 8am to 6pm (9am to 6pm on southeast side of Shakespeare Road).
  • 10-minute grace period (allows for pick-ups and drop-offs without needing to pay).
  • No time limit (allows flexibility for users to park as long as they want).

Parking will be free and unrestricted outside of these times and days.

Area B: Time-restricted parking

The eastern side of Thornton Road and the western side of Brook Street have P120 time-restricted parking, weekdays from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. There will be unrestricted parking for the other sides of the streets at all times.

North Shore hospital parking zone B

Area C: Time-restricted parking

There is P120 time restricted parking from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, on the southern side of Kowhai Street, Lake View Road, Lake Pupuke Drive, Rangatira Avenue and the northern side of Ngaio Street. There will be unrestricted parking for the other sides of the streets at all times.

North Shore hospital parking zone C

Ways to pay for parking

Pay by plate parking

All parking machines installed will be pay by plate machines.

Find out more about pay by plate

AT Park app

The new AT Park app for iOS and Android smartphones makes it easier to pay for on-street parking.

Find out more about the AT Park app

Wider area parking

We have made changes to parking on some other residential streets near the hospital and Smales Farm, which we have already consulted on with the public.

For more information on these projects:

Our original proposal

We have revised the original proposal and Shakespeare Road will not be included in the paid parking zone.

We will be extending the bus lane hours on Shakespeare Road and reprioritising its usage over parking. Implementing this change on Shakespeare Road will impact the existing parking supply on this street, therefore we feel paid parking on Shakespeare Road is not necessary at present.

Download a brochure of the original proposal (PDF 3.6MB)

Public engagement

We consulted on this proposal from 24 May to 15 June 2018 and received 730 submissions which we've analysed and collated into a public feedback report.

Download the public feedback report (PDF 1.4MB, 45 pages).

For more information on this project

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