City centre parking zone City centre parking zone

Auckland Transport (AT) has made changes to on-street parking in the central city that are designed to support business, improve pedestrian amenities, and attract more visitors.

The city centre parking zone was implemented in November 2012.

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Project details

Historically, most parking areas have been managed through restrictions that apply to parts of individual streets. AT has replaced these restrictions with a single approach to pricing and managing car park availability within a new city centre parking zone.


  • Removal of all parking time restrictions.
  • Introduction of new pricing, with 2 price zones. The price for parking will be higher in busier, more central areas and lower in areas where there is less demand. It also means that the longer you stay, the more you have to pay.
  • Extension of paid parking until 10pm (from 6pm) in busy entertainment areas to improve parking availability for visitors and support local businesses.
  • 10-minute grace period for people who need to make a quick stop (all P5, P10 and P15 parking spaces have been removed, except Loading Zones).
  • Parking fees start at $1.


  • Convenient parking when and where you need it.
  • Better access to the CBD for short-term visitors.
  • Flexibility in length of stay and payment options.
  • Fewer parking signs and lower maintenance costs.
  • Reduced chance of getting a parking ticket.
  • Reduced need to search for car parks, easing traffic congestion and environmental pollution.
  • Improved pedestrian amenity.

Prior to implementing the parking zone in the central city, AT ran a number of trials in the Viaduct, Wynyard Quarter, Parnell, and Graham and Hardinge Streets with very positive results. In the Viaduct, the hours of pay and display were also extended until 10pm, which improved the amount of parking available for visitor use.

Read AT's on-street price adjustment policy

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