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Information for property owners

Auckland Transport (AT) has confirmed the designation of the land required to build and operate the City Rail Link (CRL). Auckland Council has contacted all affected property owners about the designation.

Much of the land required to build and operate the CRL is located below roads or on property already owned by AT or Auckland Council. This contributes to minimising effects of the project on landowners and occupants.

The CRL will also require private land from about 200 below ground (sub strata) and 75 surface properties identified in the six Notices of Requirement (NoR). Landowners own their property to the centre of the earth, requiring below ground land needed for the tunnels to be purchased. Some of the surface land will be required temporarily.

Property purchase programme

Features of the property purchase programme:

  • Under the current programme, property purchase will be initiated in a staged approach between July 2013 and June 2015.
  • Surface property purchases are now complete and underground property purchases are expected to begin in 2016.
  • AT will seek to buy property on a willing seller/willing buyer basis.
  • If agreement cannot be reached within a reasonable time, AT will seek to acquire the property compulsorily under the Public Works Act.

The Public Works Act sets out processes to be followed and the basis for compensation:

  • The staged approach to acquisition means landowners should contact AT about the timing of instructing any advisors for advice.
  • Once negotiations are initiated by Auckland Transport, landowners are advised of their rights to independent legal and valuation advice.
  • Information on the Public Works Act and landowner rights is available at

CRL designation

AT applied to Auckland Council to designate the land to build and operate the CRL in early 2013.

The council contacted all affected property owners about the proposed designation and received 260 submissions proposed designation. Hearings were held in August and November with five independent commissioners where submitters were invited to speak on their submission.

The evidence presented to the commissioners by both Auckland Transport and submitters confirmed that overall the CRL project has widespread support. The concerns raised by a relatively small number of submitters were primarily site specific and related to the management of construction impacts in discrete areas. Most submitters recognised that once built, the CRL will benefit Auckland and did not dispute the need for the CRL.

At the end of the hearing, the commissioners recommended to AT that the Notices of Requirement should be confirmed subject to a number of conditions aimed at minimising disruption to during the construction period. AT accepted the commissioners’ recommendation with some amendments to conditions. In November 2015, the designation was confirmed. 

Auckland Council notified all submitters and affected landowners/occupiers of that decision.

CRL and north Auckland line alterations

Update: 26 July 2016.

As part of the CRL project, some alterations are required to the CRL and KiwiRail/North Auckland Line designations. The alterations are driven by design refinements and value engineering opportunities, where value is defined not only as reduction in cost, but also as improvements in operational and construction safety, public amenity and environmental impact.

An information meeting was held on 26 July 2016 for the local landowners and occupiers to update them on the key changes, including:

  • An extra footbridge at Porters Ave with the level crossing closed to vehicle traffic.
  • The upgrade of Mt Eden Station.
  • Track alignment changes to the CRL and North Auckland Line rail alignments.
  • Vehicle access regrading to sites in Normanby Road, Nugent Street and Boston Road.
  • Expanded construction support areas (for equipment laydown and utilities diversion) in Boston Road, Normanby Road, Mt Eden Road and near Dominion Road.
  • Removal of street trees between the rail line and Boston Road.

AT will lodge the alteration to the CRL designation with Auckland Council later this year.

Detailed information provided at the information meeting

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