Coronation Road and Archers Road, Hillcrest - Intersection improvements Coronation Road and Archers Road, Hillcrest - Intersection improvements

Auckland Transport (AT) is making it safer for all people to use the intersection of Coronation Road and Archers Road, Hilcrest.

Project status: Construction - last updated 22 February 2021.
Project zone: North

Project overview

The intersection of Coronation Road and Archers Road has been assessed, based on crash data and feedback from the community, as being unsafe.


We want to make our roads safe for everyone – people walking and cycling, especially our kids and senior citizens, as well as people driving. Projects like this are another step towards our goal of achieving no deaths or serious injuries on our roads.

Once the work is complete, it will be:

  • safer for drivers using the intersection because the movement of vehicles will be better controlled and visibility will be improved
  • safer and easier for pedestrians to cross the road on foot.


  • Early December 2020 – project starts.
  • Late April 2021 – project ends.


Auckland Transport has partnered with the Kaipātiki Local Board to deliver this project though the Community Safety Fund, which is a $20 million programme focused on addressing local road safety concerns raised by the community with local boards and ward councillors.

Project details

The changes that will be introduced are:

  • a roundabout at the intersection;
  • raised speed tables on the approach to the intersection from each side of Coronation Road;
  • a speed table on the exit arm of Coronation Road outside #21;
  • Pram crossings and a pedestrian island outside #14 Coronation Road;
  • enlarging berms around the intersection to narrow the carriage way to slow traffic and reduce the distance pedestrians have to cross;
  • adding broken yellow lines to improve visibility.

The median strip outside 12, 14, 21 and 23 Coronation Road is being retained to help right turning movements into those addresses.

Download the updated designs for Coronation and Archers Road (PDF 1.3MB)

Public engagement

We initially consulted with the community in early 2018 about a range of measures that would improve safety for all users.

Since then, we have amended the plans based on community feedback and as a result of a safety audit. These changes have been communicated to the community and any concerns have been addressed.

Find out more about the consultation and the reasons for proceeding unchanged.

Next steps

Final works timeframe update

The project team has completed all the enabling works, such as the kerb realignments and speed table, traffic island, pedestrian refuge and pram crossing construction. The remaining work (the construction of the roundabout and the concrete pavement) requires a full road closure for it to be completed.

The project team has met with Auckland Transport’s Road Corridor Access and Service Disruption teams to discuss the proposed methodology for this final part of the project. We have agreed to undertake a Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) to determine the impact of proposed detour routes. We have agreed to considered two scenarios:

  • Implement the works as soon as possible (beginning around the start of March).
  • Implement the works during the school holidays (from 16 April).

We have agreed it seems more appropriate to complete the remaining works in April. However, a final decision will be made after we review the TIA report. The road closure is expected to take up to 8 days (including two days in case of unforeseen weather or unexpected ground conditions).

In the meantime, we will mark out the roundabout on the road to manage the flow of traffic. Relevant signage has been installed to ensure drivers are aware of the intersection control.

Another update will be provided once a decision is made about the timing of the works.

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