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Dairy Flat Highway safety improvements Dairy Flat Highway safety improvements

A number of safety improvements are proposed for the Dairy Flat Highway as part of Auckland Transport’s road safety network review.

Project status:Construction
Project zone: North

Project overview

As part of our road safety network review, Auckland Transport has identified a number of safety risks along the Dairy Flat Highway.

The Dairy Flat Highway is a former NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) State Highway, and is ranked within the top one per cent of roads recommend by NZTA for investment due to the high-risk intersections and roadside hazards.


  • Safer journeys for people driving around Dairy Flat Highway.
  • Potential for new safety measures such as flexible road safety barriers, wider centrelines, slow vehicle lanes, rumble strips and intersection upgrades.
  • Safe speeds, including lower speed limits.
  • Reducing the speed limit and traffic calming will create a more appropriate village feel, especially around the Kahikatea Road intersection.


  • June-July 2018 – stakeholder engagement on Dairy Flat Highway safety improvements.
  • December 2018 – public information on the Dairy Flat Highway safety improvements.
  • 2019/20 – construction starts on safety improvements.
  • 29 July 2019 – tentative date to start construction on the Dairy Flat Highway/Coatesville Riverhead roundabout, and other safety improvements are rolled out throughout the area.

Project details

The Dairy Flat Highway sits within the top one per cent of roads recommended by NZTA for investment because of the speeds, dangerous intersections and roadside hazards.

The former State Highway has also had a number fatalities and serious crashes.

Between 2008 and 2017 there have been nine deaths and 55 serious injuries.

The North Shore’s population is expected to grow by 17 per cent over the next 10 years, with 6,000 more homes to be built around Silverdale and Dairy Flat. With vehicle numbers set to increase over the next decade, better and safer roads are required.

Safer speeds

Speeds along Dairy Flat Highway have been reduced from 100km/h to 80km/h, and from 100km/h to 60km/h at the Dairy Flat Village. These reductions came into effect in February 2019.

Dairy Flat Highway safety improvements

Wilks Road and Pine Valley Road intersection upgrades

Improved road markings at the intersections of Wilks Road and Pine Valley Roads, as well as new signage, to  provide drivers with more time to slow down before the intersection.

Download the Pine Valley Road drawings (PDF 1.5MB)

Download the Wilks Road drawings (PDF 3.2MB)

Dairy Flat Village and Kahikatea Flat Road

New 60km/h signage to create an enhanced village feel. Also, improved intersection upgrade at Kahikatea Flat Road, and upgraded footpath.

Download the Dairy Flat Village and Kahikatea Flat Road drawings (PDF 5.2MB)

Green Road, Bawden Road and Durey Road to Potter Road

New right turn bay into Bawden road, and intersection improvements.Changing passing lanes to a slow vehicle bay from Durey Road to Potter Road to encourage slower speeds. Also, new centre median safety barriers and new right turn bay into Potter Road.

Dairy Flat Durey to Potter Road

Download the Durey Road to Potter Road drawings (PDF 21MB, 13 pages)

Dairy Flat Highway/ Coatesville-Riverhead roundabout

New roundabout to replace current intersection to improve traffic flow and general safety around Dairy Flat Highway, and towards Coatesville.

Dairy Flat highway Coatesville highway roundabout
Caption: Artists impression of the Dairy Flat/Coatesville Highway roundabout.

Download the Dairy Flat Highway/Coatesville-Riverhead roundabout drawings (PDF 17.2MB)

Stevensons Crescent to Albany Heights Road

Changing the northbound passing lane to a slow vehicle bay to encourage slower speeds, new centre median safety barriers and right turn bay into Hobson Road.

Stevensons Crescent to Albany Heights Road

Download the Stevensons Crescent to Albany Heights Road drawings (PDF 23MB, 13 pages)

Dairy Flat Safety Improvements overall map

Public consultation

As part of Auckland Transports road safety review along Dairy Flat Highway, Auckland Transport asked the community for feedback to identify any safety concerns and potential safety improvements. We consulted on this proposal from Friday 8 June to Sunday 1 July 2018, and received 391 submissions.

Key themes in feedback

From your feedback we identified the following key themes:

  • Speed reduction needed (219 submitters, 56%).
  • Roundabout or traffic lights needed (115 submitters, 29%).
  • Concerns about safety when turning in or out of the highway (105 submitters, 27%).
  • Concerns about poor visibility (71 submitters, 18%).
  • Improvement needed as soon as possible as too many accidents (62 submitters, 16%).
  • Would like better quality road safety, such as lighting, rumble strips, barriers (45 submitters, 12%).
  • Road surface issues (38 submitters, 10%).

Download the Public feedback report Dairy Flat Highway safety improvements (PDF 872KB, 41 pages)

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