Devonport Wharf redevelopment project updates Devonport Wharf redevelopment project updates


11 August

The western side of the Devonport Wharf is being upgraded. During the upgrade access to the ferries can be made inside the ferry terminal, with no outside access available. 

The upgrade starts in August 2020 and is expected to be completed by late November 2020.

The upgrade will:

  • Improve safety to pedestrians by repairing deteriorated parts of the handrail and balustrade.
  • Remove tripping hazards by replacing a 40-metre section of uneven boardwalk.
  • Improve weather protection for outside boardwalk dining and viewing – by installing a glass wall along the boardwalk.
  • The project completes the entire wharf boardwalk upgrade, the previous section was upgraded in 2015.
  • There will be some disruption expected during this work, with the closure of the western side of the boardwalk. Pedestrians will access the ferry through the existing internal wharf terminal building. This will be maintained at all times, with temporary wayfinding signage to guide users to the ferry and businesses within the terminal.

Download the map (PDF 1.1MB)