Directional cycle traffic signal trial Directional cycle traffic signal trial

AT is trialling the use of new directional cycle traffic signals at 2 inner-city intersections to evaluate their safety and effectiveness.

The trial is scheduled to last for one year and depending on the outcome, the new signals may become permanent.

Project status: Trial underway.
Project zone: Central.

How the signals work

Directional cycle traffic signals (lanterns) allow cyclists on the same approach to an intersection to move in different directions at different times.

They operate just like any other traffic light, in the same way as a turn arrow for vehicles, but apply only to people on bikes.

Currently, there is only one permitted cycle signal, which does not differentiate direction.

Trial signals

Cycle traffic signals

Trial purpose

  • Evaluate the safety and effectiveness of the traffic signals.
  • Assess road users’ understanding of and compliance with the signals.


  • June 2017: Collection of pre-implementation data.
  • November 2017: Installation of new signals; trial begins.
  • March/April 2017: Post-implementation data collection.
  • April 2018: Interim evaluation report submitted to NZTA.
  • August 2019: Final report submitted to NZTA.


Evaluation will include:

  • Measurement of cyclists’ compliance with the signals.
  • Measurement of other road users’ compliance with the signals.
  • Assessment of road users’ recognition and understanding of the displays used for directional cycle signals.
  • Analysis of any conflicts and crashes.
  • Outline of costs, efficiency improvements, and other benefits.
  • A summary of feedback received from cyclists and the general public during the trial.
  • A description of any operational issues that arose during the trial and how they were resolved.
  • Recommendations for improvements or changes that should be made to the operation, form, or layout of .

After the trial ends

AT will submit a report with recommendations on the future use of directional cycle traffic signals to the NZ Transport Agency.

NZTA will decide on whether to approve this device for future use.