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Dominion Road motorcycle safety trial Dominion Road motorcycle safety trial

Auckland Transport (AT) and its partner in road safety, the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) want to bring the number of deaths and serious injuries (DSIs) for people on motorcycles down to zero as part of Auckland’s Vision Zero strategy.

Project status: Construction
Project zone: Central

Project overview

In 2018, people on motorbikes made up 21 per cent of all DSIs on the Auckland’s transport network. As part of Auckland's Vision Zero strategy we are wanting to bring DSIs for people on motorcycles down to zero.

AT, in partnership with ACC is addressing motorcycle rider safety in the Auckland region by trialing safety improvements using smart technology.


  • Improved visibility and awareness around the intersections of people on motorcycles and bikes.
  • Reduction in DSIs for people on motorcycles and bikes.


  • January 2020 (Stage 1) - The first stage will involve painting yellow “keep clear” road markings (or hatched road-marking) across the intersections of Dominion Road and 14 side roads, to improve visibility for drivers and motorbike riders when approaching an intersection.
  • March 2020 (Stage 2) - Auckland Transport’s Road Safety Team will review video recordings to analyse the behaviour of traffic. Analysis of this video will be compared to recordings gathered in November 2019, before any safety improvements are made. This will help the team understand what worked, what didn’t work, and any other issues that came up.
  • April 2020 (Stage 3) - Installing flashing smart studs (lights) on the road and electronic messaging signs at selected intersections which will help drivers and motorbike riders know when the other is approaching the intersection.
  • May 2020 (Stage 4) – Road Safety Team will review how the smart studs, electronic messaging signs, and painted yellow hatchings have improved safety at the intersections.

Project details

Between 2014 and 2018, 29 people died and 515 were seriously injured (excluding State Highways) as a result of motorcycle crashes in the Auckland region. The most common crash factors were failing to give way/stop, and poor observation.

AT has chosen Dominion Road to trial the safety improvements on, as this is the highest risk road for crashes involving motorcycles, and where most motorcycle DSIs have been recorded over the past five years.

The 14 intersections included in this trial are:

  • Bellwood Avenue.
  • Ewington Avenue.
  • Prospect Terrace.
  • Burnley Terrace.
  • King Edward Street.
  • Grange Road.
  • Paice Avenue.
  • Milton Road.
  • Wiremu Street.
  • Rocklands Avenue.
  • Halston Road.
  • Tennyson Street.
  • Queens Avenue.
  • Kensington Avenue.

This trial aims to tackle both these issues by raising awareness around intersections of other road users and increasing visibility of drivers and riders.

People on bikes who use the bus lanes to ride in will also benefit from the safety improvements. Improved visibility and awareness around the intersections of people on bikes will reduce the chance of DSIs.

Regardless of what caused a crash with a motorcycle involved, whether it was the rider, other road users, the road environment or the vehicle itself, the potential outcomes are much more severe for people riding motorcycles and bikes.

Our data shows that many crashes involving motorcyclists occurred on roads like Dominion Road (urban areas on major arterial roads with bus lanes). A lot of these incidents occurred when a car is turning right into a side road.

The trial is another step towards a safer transport network. With video analysis, the road safety team will analyse crash data before and after the trial to see if they have reduced DSIs. This will indicate if the hatching and safety technology have helped to modify driver behaviour and make it safer for 2 wheelers in bus lanes.

Examples of treatments:

Dominion Rd Motorcycle Safety - Belwood to Milton
Dominion Road Motorcycle Safety - Belwood to Milton.

Dominion Rd Motorcycle Safety - Wiremu to Marsden
Dominion Road Motorcycle Safety - Wiremu to Marsden.

Dominion Rd Motorcycle Safety - Belwood
Dominion Road Motorcycle Safety - Belwood.

Next steps

The trial, while focusing primarily on reducing DSIs of people riding motorcycles, also aims to change driver and rider behaviour on our roads, especially along major arterial routes that provide bus lanes, such as Dominion Road.

AT wants all of us to take more care and actively look out for people riding motorcycles and bikes at intersections. This movement towards a Vision Zero region depends on people taking care of all road users while using the network.

Part of the evaluation will be seeing how driver behaviour changed in and around the project areas, to see if this solution will work in other parts of Auckland.

If the trial reduces DSIs and encourages safer driving, AT will be able to decide on investigating if this is a solution which could be rolled out across the network.

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