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Dominion Road upgrade

The Dominion Road upgrade will improve public transport and cycling links by enhancing bus and cycle lanes and providing alternative routes for cyclists around the Mt Eden, Balmoral and Mt Roskill areas.

Project status: Construction 
Project zone: Central

Balmoral 941

Project purpose

  • One of Auckland’s longest roads and vital to public transport.
  • Moves people on foot, bicycle, public transport and cars between the city and suburbs to the south.
  • One of the few transport corridors in Auckland where there are more people in buses than people in cars at peak.
  • Carries about 2.2 million bus passengers a year, 3% of Auckland’s public transport trips.
  • Includes a key section of the bus route between Auckland Airport and the city.
  • A 67% increase in bus boardings in morning peak is predicted along Dominion Rd by 2021.


It will improve:

  • Bus travel time and reliability,
  • Safety for cyclists by creating parallel cycle routes on streets with less traffic,
  • Footpath surfacing, increase the number of safe street crossing facilities and footpath width where indented parking is removed,
  • The quality of village centres and streetscapes to support local businesses,
  • Increased support for local businesses through improved pedestrian facilities.


2013 - Detailed design awarded. Public open days. Cycle route design completed.
2014 - Tender for cycle route awarded and construction started. Main corridor design completed and tender awarded. Cycle route construction completed. Corridor construction tendered.
2015/17 -  Main corridor construction scheduled and to be completed in 2017. 

Project details

The project extends along Dominion Road from SH20 in the south to Charles Street in the north. It includes widening south of Mt Albert Road, upgrades to pavements and the amenity of three village centres at Mt Roskill, Balmoral and Eden Valley and new cycle routes.

It will improve bus travel time and reliability by providing continuous bus lanes, signal priority at traffic lights.

The upgrade includes

  • a 4.5m wide bus lanes south of Mt Albert Rd.
  • parallel cycles routes east & west of Dominion Rd.
  • streetscape improvements to village centres.
  • removal of indented parking and bus bays.
  • parking mitigation measures.
  • neighbourhood bus interchanges.
  • safety upgrades for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • replacement of old water pipes.


See detailed streetscape plans of the resource consent drawings.

Northern Section

Horipito - Tawari 

View - Lisnoe

Onslow - Carrick

Walters - Valley

Belwood - Ewington

Burnley - Prospect

King Edward - Milton

Mont le Grand - Mt Pleasant

Elizabeth - St Albans

Dexter - Balmoral

Balmoral - Dominion intersection

Balmoral - Halston

Queens - Kensington 

Southern Section

Halesowen - Shackleton

Marsden - Halesowen

Wembley - Lamberth

Landscape - Hazel

Princes- Haig

Duke - Donald

Louvain - Cambrai

Keystone - Jasper intersection

Mt Albert - Dominion intersection

Memorial - Oakley Creek

Dominion - Coleman

Denbigh - Dominion

Denbigh - Dominion Intersection

Denbigh - Winston

Bus lanes and bus stops

Temporary relocation of bus stop in Balmoral Road

Auckland Transport will temporarily relocate bus stop 8053 at 134 Balmoral Road to 116 Balmoral Road in order to construct new signalised crossings at the Corner of Balmoral Road and Matipo Street.  The temporary bus stop will be in use from 30 June to late September 2014.  The new signalised crossing is required as safety improvements for the parallel cycle routes which is currently under construction. 

Eden Valley Future Street SceneBus lanes

The project will introduce new 4.5m wide bus lanes that will operate south of Mt Albert Rd to State Highway 20. They will form part of the continuous peak hour bus lanes that will run along the length of Dominion Rd on both sides.

The north-bound lane will operate from 7am to 9am and the south-bound lane from 4pm to 6pm. Cars will be able to park in the lanes outside peak hours.

The existing bus lanes will be extended through the village centres and at key intersections through to Denbigh Ave, where the roundabout will be removed and replaced with new traffic lights. This will help make the bus service more reliable and help to reduce travel times for passengers.

The project proposes to consistently have bus stops along the corridor at 400m intervals, which means pedestrians are within four minutes walk of a bus stop once on Dominion Rd. This is to ensure that bus stops are located as close as possible to the village centres to emphasise their importance as a destination. The location of each bus stop is still to be determined and the public will be able to give feedback on bus stop locations during the detailed design phase.

New cycle routes

The routes are designed to make cycling an attractive, easy, and safe transport and recreation option for communities around the Dominion Road corridor and will provide local connections to schools and parks.

The new routes will cover about 12 kilometres on roads and through parks, passing 16 schools serving 12 thousand pupils. New safe cycle crossings will be constucted on Balmoral Road and Mt Albert Road. 

The new routes can also be used by cyclists who travel to and from the city regularly, who may not want to use Dominion Rd. The routes will be clearly marked through the residential streets.

Cycle route improvements include:

  • New safer intersections of the cycle route at Balmoral Road and Mt Albert Road.
  • Destination signage.
  • Raised speed humps and other measures to slow vehicle traffic.
  • New sections of shared paths or widening paths on busy roads.
  • New links between streets for cyclists and pedestrians.
  • New link to Mt Albert Grammar School.

Parking and pedestrian improvements

The project aims to make provision for off-street parking on council owned property adjacent to Ewington St in Eden Valley

Other parking along the corridor, including existing public off-street car parks and side street parking bays in each village, will be improved through the use of parking sensors that will be connected to new real-time information signage.


The project will have additional and improved pedestrian facilities, including signalised pedestrian crossings and raised pedestrian islands in village centres and pedestrian ‘refuges’ approximately every 200m on the rest of the road. New and better quality walkways will make it more pleasant and easier to walk along Dominion Rd.

Village centre rejuvenation

Artist impression of Eden Valley as proposed in 10 yearsThe village centres along Dominion Road (Eden Valley village centre between Onslow and Grange roads, Balmoral village centre between Balmoral Road and Carmen Ave, and Mt Roskill village centre between Keystone Ave and Mt Albert Road) will be upgraded to make them more attractive, easier to use and safer for pedestrians.

Upgrades will include:

  • New footpaths.
  • Trees.
  • Street furniture (seating, bike stands).
  • Raised medians.
  • Pedestrian priority crossings.
  • Improved lighting.
  • Rain gardens to remove pollutants and reduce surface flooding.
  • Additional storm water bores to reduce runoff.

Key facts

  • Estimated cost of $50m.
  • 4.5 kilometre public transport corridor.
  • 25,000 vehicles a day.
  • 260 retail outlets.
  • 490m of canopies to be trimmed for double decker buses.
  • Four signalised pedestrian crossings, hundreds of driveways and 50 side roads.
  • Upgrades to three village centres
    • Mt Roskill.
    • Balmoral.
    • Eden Valley.


AT held open days on the Dominion Road Upgrade design in April 2014 and around 200 people attended to learn more and give their feedback. We also ran an online consultation.

AT considered community feedback under the following themes:

  • Changes to parking and loading spaces.
  • Changes to parking time restrictions.
  • Changes to bus stop facilities.
  • Changes to Village Centres (for example, proposed colour themes; furniture; planting).
  • Roading changes (for example, intersection realignment, banning right-turn movements).

In total, Auckland Transport received 127 responses on the draft detailed design. People were most concerned about changes to parking, loading and bus stop facilities (73% of respondents) and planting (48%). There was a lower response rate on the design of the proposed villages (28%).

Based on this early feedback, AT completed the final proposed detailed design in June 2014.

As required by the Local Government Act 1974 and the Auckland Transport Traffic Bylaw 2012, AT next undertook engagement with owners and occupiers of properties directly impacted by the proposed roading and parking changes. AT sent a letter and plans detailing the proposed final roading design and parking changes to 1800 owners and occupiers (from Dominion Road and surrounding streets). This engagement resulted in further changes to the final design. 

Next steps

The completed upgrade will make significant improvements for Dominion Road and the community, but AT recognises that construction may disturb local businesses and residents.

AT will continue engaging with the community to address any questions or concerns in the lead up and during construction. 

For more information about this project

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