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Dominion Road upgrade

The Dominion Road upgrade was proposed to improve provision for public transport, walking and cycling along this important corridor.

Project status: On hold 
Project zone: Central

Balmoral 941

The proposed upgrade to Dominion Road and its village centres was placed on hold in December 2014.

The project remains a priority for Auckland Transport (AT) and options to progress the upgrade are being considered.

Cycle routes running parallel to Dominion Road, providing alternative routes for cyclists around the Mt Eden, Balmoral and Mt Roskill areas are almost complete.  

Project background

  • At 4.5 km it is one of Auckland's longest roads.
  • It serves pedestrians, cyclists, public transport and cars between the city and southern suburbs.
  • There are more people in buses than people in cars at peak.
  • It carries about 2.2 million bus passengers a year, comprising 3% of Auckland's public transport trips.
  • It also includes a key section of the bus route between Auckland Airport and the city.
  • A 67% increase in public transport use in the morning peak is predicted along Dominion Road by 2021. 


Upgrading can:

  • Improve public transport travel time and reliability.
  • Provide pedestrian and cycling facilities.
  • Improve footpath surfacing and width.
  • Increase the number of safe street crossing facilities.
  • Upgrade the quality of village centres and streetscapes to support local businesses.


2013 - Detailed design awarded. Public open days. Cycle route design completed.
2014 - Tender for cycle route awarded and construction started. Main corridor design completed.
2015 - Cycle route construction complete.

New cycle routes

The routes are designed to make cycling an attractive, easy, and safe transport and recreation option for communities around the Dominion Road corridor and will provide local connections to schools and parks.

The new routes cover about 12 kilometres on roads and through parks, passing 16 schools serving 12 thousand pupils. New safe cycle crossings have been constucted on Balmoral Road and Mt Albert Road. 

The new routes can be used by cyclists who travel to and from the city regularly, who may not want to use Dominion Rd. The routes are clearly marked through the residential streets.

Cycle route improvements include:

  • New safer intersections of the cycle route at Balmoral Road and Mt Albert Road.
  • Destination signage.
  • Speed humps and other measures to slow vehicle traffic.
  • New sections of shared paths or widening paths on busy roads.
  • New links between streets for cyclists and pedestrians.
  • New link to Mt Roskill Schools.
  • A unique Hinaki Art Bridge over the Oakley Creek.
  • Improved lighting.

Next steps

The next steps in this project depend on budget allocation and decisions based on development of the Regional Land Transport Plan

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