Downtown Ferry Terminal maintenance and improvements Downtown Ferry Terminal maintenance and improvements

We're carrying out work to maintain the Downtown Ferry Terminal and invest in its future. Some work requires demolition and construction, which may be noisy.

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Under the Downtown Ferry Terminal

Concrete restoration

We need to carry out some repairs to the concrete wharf structures underneath Piers 1, 2, 3, 10, 11, and 12.

How these works will affect you

The piers will be open for use while works take place.

However, we need to remove damaged areas of the wharf structures before we reinstate them. These hydro-demolition works will be noisy. 

Access to businesses will not be affected, as this work is taking place under the Terminal building.

Why we need to do this work

We need to do this concrete restoration to extend the life of the wharves. Without it, the wharves will continue to deteriorate, and a larger scope of work will be needed in the future.

After this work, the next restoration will be needed in about 5 years' time.

When works will take place

This work is expected to start in mid-July. We expect the work to take 9 months to complete.

The timetable for the work is:

Date Location of work
From mid-July Downtown Ferry Terminal Piers 1, 2, and 3
From end October Downtown Ferry Terminal Piers 10, 11, and 12

View of the Ferry Terminal and one Ferry across the water

Cable containment and services

We are tidying some services under the terminal building by installing new cable trays.

This will make it safer to carry out future maintenance work.

We will need to do some concrete drilling to install the cable trays. This will create a limited amount of noise. 

This work started in February 2022. We expect this work to take 6 months to complete.

Related works

Starting in early October, concrete repairs will also be taking place on Birkenhead Wharf. 

The Ports of Auckland have just started approximately 18 months of under wharf repairs on Princes Wharf. 

Inside the Downtown Ferry Terminal

We are upgrading the Downtown Ferry Terminal toilets and adjoining retail space.

This work is taking place behind the ticket gates, near the departure points for Devonport, Bayswater, Birkenhead, and Pine Harbour ferries. 

How these works will affect you

There will be temporary public toilets outside the terminal building while these works take place. 

The temporary toilets are on the public side of the terminal, so we recommend using them before you go through the ticket gates.

Why we need to do this work

These projects will:

  • Improve the toilets and increase their capacity
  • Provide new and improved retail offerings.

When works will take place

These works started in late January 2022. We expected to complete this work in September 2022. Due to delays in receiving GIB, the projects will now be complete in November 2022.

Above the Pier

Heritage canopy restoration

There is a heritage listed canopy located within the Downtown Ferry Terminal.

We need to undertake some restoration work to make sure it stays in good condition.

We expect to start this work in July 2022 and complete it in October 2022. 

Completed works

We waterproofed some parts of the roofs over the terminal building by renewing seals.

The waterproofing will ensure that the terminal building is fit for purpose for many years to come.