Downtown Ferry Terminal seawall repair Downtown Ferry Terminal seawall repair

Auckland Transport has completed repairs to erosion (scour) found on a section of the Quay Street seawall at the base of the Downtown Ferry Terminal building.

This includes a major scour at the base of the Downtown Ferry Terminal Building near Pier 1A and a smaller scour adjacent to Pier 2A.

Project status: Completed
Project zone: Central

Divers discovered the scour during a regular inspection of the seawall in August 2017. It was 16 metres long and varied in depth from 0.2m to 1.2m.

AT engaged expert geotechnical engineers to develop a repair design which would also prevent further erosion. The repairs were the first of their kind in New Zealand and required a careful but flexible approach to assess the scope of work and install a customised design which met the unique requirements of New Zealand conditions. The successful execution of the repairs have laid the blueprint for future similar repairs, if required, to Auckland Transports seawall infrastructure.

There will be ongoing regular inspection of the wall including monitoring the repairs for corrosion, however it is expected the anti-corrosion measures taken will provide a 20-year corrosion life span.

Work dates

Works begun in October 2017 were completed on 20 April 2018. Control of the work sites have been handed back to Fullers and normal Ferry service operations have resumed.