Downtown bus interchange Downtown bus interchange

Quay Street will continue to be a downtown transport hub. It will connect different modes of transport and make it easier to travel between trains, buses, and ferries. 

Project status: Complete - last updated 25 November 2021.
Project zone: Central

Project overview

We'll calm traffic on Quay Street to connect different modes of transport. This will make it easier to get between trains, buses, and ferries. Artists impression of the new Lower Albert Street bus interchange
Caption: Artists impression of the new Lower Albert Street bus interchange.

A connected public transport network

We've created a new interchange at Lower Albert Street. This terminal can be used to start or end bus trips, or transfer between buses, ferries, and trains. We're partnering with the City Rail Link (CRL) project and Auckland Council's streetscape programme to carry out this upgrade.

The Lower Albert Street bus interchange has 6 bus stops on its western side and 5 bus stops on its eastern side. North Shore buses will use the western side of the interchange and Western buses will use the eastern side of the interchange.

Features of the new interchange: 

  • Bus accessibility. 160mm high Kassel Kerbs will be installed on both sides of the road so buses can drive up to the kerb.
  • Wider, high-quality footpaths.
  • A new concrete carriageway.
  • CCTV cameras covering all waiting and boarding areas. These cameras are directly linked to the Auckland Transport Operations Centre (ATOC).
  • Improved lighting. We're installing 10 new street lights on Lower Albert Street.
  • Improved passenger information. There will be modern digital information boards and real-time audio of arrival times.
  • A new crossing by the Commercial Bay access way. The crossing will have traffic lights and crossing signals. 

Other features:

  • There are toilets on-site for both passengers and drivers.

The Lower Albert Bus Street interchange is complete. Bus services are now running on Lower Albert Street and Quay Street again.

  • Birkenhead bus services to the North Shore (95B, 95C, 95G, 97B, 97R, 97V) use the re-opened Quay Street stop.
  • NX1 and Western bus services use the western side of Lower Albert Street.
  • 105, 106, 110, 125X, and 129 use the eastern side of Lower Albert Street.
  • 18, 195, and 209 use the eastern side of Lower Albert Street. 

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