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Auckland Transport

Downtown bus interchanges Downtown bus interchanges

Auckland Transport (AT) will ensure Quay Street retains its function as a downtown transport hub, integrating different modes of transport and improving navigation between trains, buses and ferries.

Project status: Construction late 2019 - late 2020
Project zone: Central

Project overview

A traffic-calmed Quay Street will integrate different modes of transport and improve connections between trains, buses and ferries.

Bus Exchange
Caption: Artists impression of the new downtown bus interchange.

A connected public transport network

New interchanges will be created, at Britomart East and Lower Albert Street. These two terminals will function as a destination or starting point, or transfer between buses, ferries and trains.

Lower Albert Street Bus Interchange:

Covers northern and western bus services. This upgrade is being delivered in partnership with the City Rail Link (CRL) project and Auckland Council’s streetscape programme.

Britomart East Bus Interchange:

Options are being investigated. The interchange will cover southern and eastern bus services.

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