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Downtown bus interchange Downtown bus interchange

Quay Street will retain its function as a downtown transport hub, integrating different modes of transport and improving navigation between trains, buses and ferries.

Project status: Construction late 2019 to December 2020
Project zone: Central

Project overview

A traffic-calmed Quay Street will integrate different modes of transport and improve connections between trains, buses and ferries.

Artists impression of the new Lower Albert Street bus interchange
Caption: Artists impression of the new Lower Albert Street bus interchange.

A connected public transport network

A new interchange will be created, at Lower Albert Street. This terminal will function as a destination or starting point, or transfer between buses, ferries and trains. This upgrade is being delivered in partnership with the City Rail Link (CRL) project and Auckland Council’s streetscape programme.

The Lower Albert Street Bus Interchange will cater for North Shore buses on the western side, and Western buses on the eastern side. There will be 6 bus stops on the western side (northbound) and 5 bus stops on the eastern side (southbound)

Downtown bus interchange map

The new interchange will feature:

  • new bus shelters - state of the art, spacious bus shelters with excellent weather protection and the ability for passengers to sit and wait and to move and queue comfortably.
  • passenger facilities - facilities including back to back seating, rubbish bins and a public address system. Special facilities will be provided near the head of stop locations to cater for elderly and wheelchairs.
  • bus accessibility – 160mm high Kassel Kerbs will be installed on both the Eastern and Western sides of the road to allow for buses to approach against the kerb
  • security - CCTV cameras covering all passenger waiting and boarding areas (directly linked to the Auckland Transport Operation Centre (ATOC)). There will also be 4 emergency help points, connected to ATOC.
  • improved lighting there will be 10 new street lights installed in Lower Albert Street in addition to the new amenity lighting included in the shelters
  • improved passenger information facilities – Modern digital information boards and way finding signage. Real time audio for arrival times will also be provided.

Other amenities

  • Existing toilet facilities are currently on site for both passengers and drivers.
  • Two ticket vending machines proposed to be installed.

Progress update: September 2020

The eastern footpath was completed to coincide with the Commercial Bay opening in June 2020.
The new western footpath (up to the mid-block crossing) will widen in early September as paving progresses. South of the mid-block crossing has been back filled and prepared for concrete pours. Paving will follow. Construction of new bus canopy foundations also continues along western footpath.

Completion of the western footpath up to Customs Street is expected by mid-October 2020 and full completion of Lower Albert Street is programmed for December 2020.

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