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Auckland Transport

Downtown ferry basin redevelopment Downtown ferry basin redevelopment

Auckland Transport (AT) will be creating six new berths on the west side of Queens Wharf.

Project status: Project status: Construction stage 1: mid-2019 to April 2021. NB: All berths will be in operation by mid-2021 - last updated 6 January 2021
Project zone: Central

Project overview

Wahapu - Harbour

Creating six new berths on the west side of Queens Wharf is the first step towards a modern, consolidated ferry terminal for Auckland. Further development will occur post-2021.

Ferry terminal gangways
Caption: Artists impression of the new berths on the West side of Queens Wharf.

The ferry terminal will be a world-class facility, suitable for Auckland’s growing transport needs. It will have improved accessibility and greater operational flexibility, which will help accommodate increased passenger numbers.

  • 6 new wharfs will be built (Queens Wharf East).
  • Pier 3 will be decommissioned.
  • Pier 4 will be decommissioned as part of future developments after 2021.

Redevelopment of the ferry terminal will enable greater public access.

Progress update in the Ferry Basin: December 2020

  • Construction of all new berths completed end-April 2021 & in operation by mid-2021
  • Berths 5 and 6 have now been handed over and are operational
  • The first and second canopies have been installed over berths 5 and 6 and 3 and 4 respectively on Queens WharfThe first canopy as it was installed overnight over berths 5 & 6.
    The first canopy as it was installed overnight over berths 5 & 6.
  • Canopy three is due to be complete early 2021
  • New terminal window glazing installation continues
  • Terminal lighting and electrical works continue
  • Pontoon balustrade installation continues.

Current access

Harbour boards - Ferry terminal public access-1

Proposed access in 2021

Harbour boards - Ferry terminal public access-2

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