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Mooring dolphin - cruise ship mooring infrastructure Mooring dolphin - cruise ship mooring infrastructure

A new cruise mooring structure at the end of Queens Wharf means newer and larger ships will be able to dock in central Auckland.

Project status: Construction late 2019 to late 2020
Project zone: Central

Project overview

Wahapū – Harbour

The rapid growth of the cruise industry over the last decade has been a boon for our economy and tourism industry and is now worth around $200 million a year to Auckland and the surrounding region.

Cruise ship visits to Auckland grew from 42 in 2006 to 131 in 2018, delivering tens of thousands of visitors to Auckland daily.

Queens Wharf is the primary port where passengers embark or disembark from their vessel; it is a gateway to our city and where first impressions are made.

Increasing the mooring capacity

The mooring dolphin will be constructed around 50 metres to the north of Queens Wharf and connected to the wharf by a gangway. It will enable larger ships to dock at Queens Wharf and retain Auckland’s desirability as a cruise destination.

Queens Wharf Dolphin Structure
Caption: Artists impression of the new Queens Wharf mooring dolphin.

The Mooring Dolphin is needed to accommodate the growing number and size of cruise vessels arriving in Auckland.


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