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Quay Street roadworks and disruption updates Quay Street roadworks and disruption updates

Over the next 2 years, activities and movement along and around Quay Street and the Ferry Basin will be affected by Downtown Programme construction as we work towards completion. Originally aiming at completion in time for the 2021 America’s Cup, project all completion dates are currently under review, subject to the impact of COVID 19 restrictions.

Works under COVID-19 Alert Level 1

New Zealand moved to COVID-19 Alert Level 1 on Tuesday 9 June 2020. Work is continuing on 6 of the 7 Downtown projects:

  • Quay Street strengthening
  • Quay Street enhancement
  • Ferry Basin redevelopment
  • Galway Street enhancement
  • Lower Albert Street bus interchange
  • Downtown Public Space.

This means the Downtown Programme will now follow Alert Level 1 requirements, which means the need for physical distancing has been removed and the focus is be on hygiene, contact tracing and ensuring workers stay at home if sick.

The public will see little change under Alert Level 1 other than some construction areas potentially expanding to use areas previously set aside for physical distancing. All project timelines are currently under review pending an assessment of the impact of COVID-19.

Traffic planning

Quay Street has changed for good. So now is a good time to change your journey to avoid the works.

Try a new route or a new mode of transport. Visit our Journey Planner to view your transport options by bus and train.

Important information:

  • Plan your journey, allow for extra travel time and use alternate routes
  • Quay Street returns to one lane each direction from Princes Wharf to Queens Wharf.
  • Princes Wharf has been reduced down to 2 lanes, one in, one out. This layout will remain in place until late 2020
  • Lower Albert Street closed to traffic
  • Gore Street is one way northbound only due to upgrade works
  • No right turn into Commerce Street from Quay Street
  • No right turn into Gore Street from Quay Street
  • 30km/h temporary speed limit for Quay Street
  • Safe pedestrian route maintained
  • All access to business maintained
  • Please continue to drive with caution and be alert to the right turn restrictions.

Birkenhead Buses have returned to Lower Albert Street.

The bus stop 1346 outside the PWC on Quay Street has closed temporarily. Birkenhead bus services to the North Shore, routes 95B, 95C, 95G, 97B, 97R and 97 V will depart from stop 7071 on Lower Albert St

Key messages:

  • Birkenhead head drop off location changes to Lower Albert Street.
  • Birkenhead collection point remains from Quay Street.
  • No accessible access to the existing western footpath from Customs Street - please use the new path along Lower Albert Street (see plans below).

From mid-May sections of the Southern side footpath will be returned as they are complete
From mid-May sections of the Southern side footpath will be returned as they are complete.

Pier Changes at the Downtown Ferry Terminal

All AT contracted ferry services have returned to normal.

The following ferry services have now resumed their full timetable services:

  • Bayswater
  • Birkenhead
  • Gulf Harbour
  • Half Moon Bay
  • Hobsonville Point/Beach Haven
  • Pine Harbour
  • Stanley Bay
  • West Harbour
  • Rakino.

Changes to Ferry Services

  • Pine Harbour services now arrive and depart from PIER 1D on Queens Wharf
  • Access to Pier 1D is through the main Pier 1 terminal building
  • Pine Harbour customers can pre-purchase their paper tickets from the Auckland Transport Customer Service Centre on Pier 1
  • West Harbour services will relocate to the second new pier (pier 1E) on Queens Wharf in mid 2020
  • The new retail kiosk on Pier 2 is open for all your tourist attraction needs. There is also information at the ticketing kiosks on Pier 2 and Pier 1
  • Pier 3 is permanently closed.

Find out more information on the timetable changes.

Seawall strengthning banner

Princes Wharf to Ferry Basin (October 2019 to under review): Jet grout column construction

132 out of 153 columns are now complete. Jet grout works will continue in the entrance of Princes Wharf for the next 3 weeks.

Jet grout works are continuing at the eastern side of Princes Wharf, in front of OK Gift shop. Coring works are also continuing at the eastern side of Princes Wharf, in front of Gourmet Burger and Brew Kitchen.

Service investigations have begun at the entrance of Princes Wharf.

Queens Wharf to Marsden Wharf (Complete): Palisade piling

Complete. All 104 palisade piles are now in the ground between Queens and Marsden Wharves. 

Ferry Basin – Anchoring the seawall

12 of 29  inclined anchors are now complete. Installation of rock armour continues with massive blocks of stone being placed on the seabed as an extra layer of protection to the new seawall.  Breakout of Ferry Basin deck continues.

We expect this section to be complete late 2020.

Downtown public space banner

Works on the Downtown Public Space (Te Wānanga) have recommenced.

Piling work

Photo of the Jack up Barge used to complete piling for the DPS.
Photo of the Jack up Barge used to complete piling for the DPS.

In the Ferry Basin, all 49 new wharf deck piles are now complete and construction of the new deck on top of the piles continues. Installation of new re-bar steel has commenced on top of new deck in preparation of the first concrete deck pour later this month. Divers are continuing to cut new piles down to correct height.

Quay Street enhancements banner

The streetscape upgrade has officially shifted to the northern side of Quay Street and will be mainly located around the Ferry Building. Works are expected to continue in this area until October 2020.

Work has restarted on the Southern side on the construction of the pavement and kerb lines between Lower Hobson and Lower Queen Street.

Lower Hobson Street intersection - 2019 to under review

Streetscape upgrade works continue in front of Burger Boy and Princes Wharf. The first base concrete pour now complete with the structural concrete to be poured next. Paving works will follow completion of the concreting works.

Access to Princes Wharf is from the western side of the red heritage post from. One lane in and one out remains. Pedestrian routes will change, please keep an eye out for way finding signage and for direction from our traffic staff.

In the South/west corner in front of Philips Building, paving works and concrete pours for the new footpath continue and preparation of the new road surface tying into the Eastern Viaduct entrance is underway.

Lower Hobson Street intersection

Lower Hobson Street to Lower Albert Street - 2019 to under review

Please watch for buses at Lower Albert Street / Quay Street intersection Bus stop 1346 outside PWC has closed temporarily. Birkenhead bus services to the North Shore, routes 95B, 95C, 95G, 97B, 97R and 97 V will depart from stop 7071 on Lower Albert St.

Rain garden construction in this section is now complete and planting will start after the drainage for the gardens is installed along the northern side of Quay Street.

Lower Albert Street/Quay Street

New manned crossing now in place across the Lower Albert Street/Quay Street crossing - please watch for buses.

Lower Albert Street - Streetscape upgrade and bus interchange works

Lower Albert Street - closed to vehicles until Q3 2020. North eastern footpath has been completed. Construction of the new western footpath and of new bus canopy foundations continue.
Paving continues on south eastern section of new footpath (Customs Street corner).

Lower Queen Street to Commerce Street - 2019 to under review

The Lower Queen Street pedestrian crossing shift across Quay Street has slightly shifted east. Access into the Ferry Building and Botswana Butchery and to all Piers and Queens Wharf is maintained at all times.

Paving works re progressing well and concrete pours are complete for the new footpath except for a small section on Commerce Street corner. All footpath works expected to be complete by end June 2020.

A No left turn is now in place from Commerce Street into Quay Street so the remaining tie-in works can be completed.

Galway Street & Gore Street speed table 2019 to late 2020

Paving for the new Galway Street shared space is now complete on the western end with the only section left to complete in front of the new Britomart Hotel. Paving is also complete for the new Commerce Street footpath which has now re-opened.

New speed table on Gore Street is complete as much as possible and will finish when traffic switches to opposite side of road later this year.

Gore Street is currently operating under a one way traffic management plan with access to Gore Street only from Customs Street.

Quay Street Enhancement - Northern side

Princes Wharf to Ferry Basin

Construction of a new rain-garden is now underway and drainage works continue to construct new manholes to filter water from new rain gardens along the southern side of Quay Street.

Ferry Basin to Queens Wharf

Concrete pours for new footpath continue and the breakout of existing pavement is almost complete. Installation of new services continue in front of Ferry Basin.

Quay Street Enhancement - Northern side
Botswana Butchery is open for business.
Breakout of existing pavement continues and installation of new drainage lines is underway.

Ferry basin redevelopment banner

  • Berth 6 (Pier 1D) is now operational for the Pine Harbour ferries. Access is from Pier 1 via the new gangway at the southern end of Queens Wharf.
  • Access to Pier 1 D will be via the new gangway at the southern end of Queens Wharf.
  • In June, Berth 5 would be transported around to Queens Wharf from Bledisloe Wharf and secured into position. Berth 5 will be operational mid-July 2020.
  • Gangway Landing Pontoon 2 has arrived at Bledisloe Wharf. Fit-out of the pontoon is underway and is planned to be delivered to Queens Wharf later in June. Construction of the third & final Gangway Wharf Landing is in progress. Fit-out of the pontoon will commence immediately in conjunction with Berth 5.
  • Berths 3 and 4 under construction offsite.
  • Fabrication of the canopy superstructure & curtain walls is underway offsite.
  • 85% of the precast breakwater capping beam has now been completed.
  • Scaffolding installation for services under Queens Wharf is set to be completed by the end of July.
  • Installation of under wharf anchors continues and is near completion.
  • Works are underway to trim the seaward canopy piles to prepare for new roof structure installation.
  • 32 wharf side canopy piles are now complete out of 39.
  • All 21 sea side canopy piles are now complete.
  • Piling from Queens Wharf is complete. There are only four pontoon piles remaining which will be installed from the Jack-up barge. All breakwater piles are now complete.
  • All 300 horizontal anchors under Ferry Basin are complete.

Pine Harbour services now arrive and depart from Pier 1D on Queens Wharf.
Pine Harbour services now arrive and depart from Pier 1D on Queens Wharf.