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Quay Street roadworks and disruption updates Quay Street roadworks and disruption updates

Over the next two years, activities and movement along and around Quay Street and the Ferry Basin will be affected by Downtown Programme construction as we work towards completion by 2021.

Quay Street traffic flow map during construction

Key trenching and ducting works have finished on the southern side of Quay Street allowing traffic lanes to shift to the southern edge of Quay Street. We expect this layout to remain in place for the majority of the Downtown Programme construction, but there may be some shifts in the lanes when specific works require it.

Please continue to drive with caution and be alert to the right turn restrictions that have been put in place to maintain traffic flow along Quay Street (see map below).

We are constantly monitoring the traffic flow and making adjustments where required, so please maintain awareness of any traffic layout changes as well as other road users and pedestrians.

J003542 Downtown Weekly Maps_3g

Construction is currently underway along Quay Street - below we list any new changes that could affect you.

Current works – updated 19 February 2019.

Traffic restrictions to note:

  • No right turn into or out of Lower Albert Street
  • No right turn into Commerce Street from Quay Street
  • No right turn into Gore Street from Quay Street
  • No right turn into Britomart Place from Quay Street

Construction is currently underway along Quay Street - below we list any new changes that could affect you.

For non-Downtown programme roadworks and disruption, please visit the Roadworks and disruptions section.

Upcoming Key Dates

Thursday 21st March.

Watercare shut down 11pm to 4am

Watercare will be undertaking a full water shut down Thursday night, 21 March between 11.00 pm and 4.00am. This is required so the new water-main can be connected for the Downtown Programme. There may be some minor generator noise associated with these works which will be located on the southern side of Quay St, in front of the Endeans Building.

Buildings affected: 

  • Ferry Building.
  • Ferry Terminal.
  • ATOC.
  • Queens Wharf Village.
  • Endeans Building.
  • 152 Quay Street.
  • 148 Quay Street.
  • 132 Quay Street.
  • 130 Quay Street (Maritime Building).
  • 2 Commerce St.

Vector Quay Street ducting works

Monday 4 March to Mid-April 2019

From Monday 4 March works to strengthen the Quay Street electricity network will be carried out. This will be undertaken to two stages and see some changes to the traffic layout between Tinley St and Plummer St. Traffic management plans will be in place to ensure the smooth flow of traffic during these times and every effort will be made to minimise disruption. The current traffic map is shown below:

Vector map 2

Lower Hobson Street to Lower Albert Street

Banner LHS to LAS

Utility trenching

No construction works currently underway between Lower Hobson and Lower Albert Street.

Lower Albert Street to Queens Wharf 

Banner LAS to QW

Pedestrian crossing switch

Pedestrians wishing to cross Quay Street at the Lower Queen Street intersection will do so from the western side (HSBC corner to Ferry Building). The crossing on the eastern side will close to allow for new water-main connection works commencing on Monday 18 March.

Utility trenching

Trenching continues in front of the Ferry Building and across Queens Wharf until approximately mid-March.

Please be aware that as works progress, pedestrian crossing locations across Quay Street will change.

Queens Wharf (east) to Marsden Wharf

Banner QW to MW
New watermain connection

Temporary work site will be established from Monday 18 March on the southern side of Quay Street (between Lower Queen Street and Commerce Street) for the new permanent water-main connection works under Quay Street. Works are expected to take approximately 1.5 weeks.

Utility trenching

Trenching works and service relocation works have begun just east of Queens Wharf entrance.

The Downtown Programme team would like to thank you for your patience and consideration while these works are underway. Please be assured we are listening to your feedback and working hard to mitigate and minimise disruption where and when we can.

Please contact us should you have any queries or concerns.

Email the project team.