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Quay Street roadworks and disruption updates Quay Street roadworks and disruption updates

Over the next 2 years, activities and movement along and around Quay Street and the Ferry Basin will be affected by Downtown Programme construction as we work towards completion.

From late 2019 the works will progress to the northern side of Quay Street. The completion date for all major works is planned for late December 2020, ready for America’s Cup in 2021.

Quay Street has changed for good. So now is a good time to change your journey to avoid the works.

Try a new route or a new mode of transport. Visit our Journey Planner to view your transport options by bus and train.

Quay Street traffic flow map during construction

Works are now underway for the key infrastructure projects planned for Quay Street as part of the Downtown Programme and the traffic layout will undergo several changes beginning from December 2, 2019.

This will occur in two stages:

Stage 1: Traffic map from December 2 to December 28, 2019:

Stage 1: Traffic map from December 2 – December 28 2019

Traffic restrictions to note:

  • Princes Wharf reduced to 1x lane in and 1x lane out.
  • Lower Albert Street is temporarily closed til February 2020.
  • Galway Street between Commerce and Gore Streets is temporarily closed til February 2020.
  • No right turn into Lower Albert Street from Quay Street.
  • No right turn into Commerce Street from Quay Street.
  • No right turn into Gore Street from Quay Street.
  • Right turn permitted into Queens and Princes Wharf.
  • 30km/h temporary speed limit for Quay Street.
  • Dedicated cycle lane maintained.
  • Safe pedestrian access maintained.

Please continue to drive with caution and be alert to the right turn restrictions. These are in place to maintain traffic flow along Quay Street.

For non-Downtown programme roadworks and disruption, please visit the Roadworks and disruptions section.

Holiday Period closures on Quay Street:

Stage 1: December 2, 2019 to December 2020:

From December 2 services Piers 3A & 3B will be closing, with the West Harbour and Rakino ferry services moving to Pier 4 West. As a result, there will be new queuing arrangements at Pier 4, and some minor changes to the West Harbour timetable.

From December 23 the Pine Harbour services will shift from Pier 3C/D to Pier 1C. This will remain in place until 28 January 2020 when they will move to their new berth.

Find out more information on the timetable changes.

From December 7 to 9 February, 2020:

Lower Albert Street Closure.

  • Lower Albert Street: closed to through traffic.
    • Eastern side remains closed.
    • Pedestrian access shifted to western side.
    • Access to businesses retained at all times.

Quay Street

  • West bound lane between Lower Albert and Lower Hobson Street will be reduced to one lane
  • There will still be:
    • 1 Traffic lane in each direction
    • a dedicated cycle lane maintained
    • safe pedestrian access maintained.

Stage 1: Pedestrian and Cycleway map - December 2 to December 28, 2019:

Pedestrian and Cycleway map - December 2 to December 28, 2019

Bus route changes:

Due to the closure there will be some temporary bus stop closures and diversions.

  • NX1 Shifted to Customs Street.
    • Drop off: outside H & M.
    • Pick up between Queen and Commerce St on the Southern Side.
  • Birkenhead buses shifted to Hobson Street.
    • Drop off Fanshawe Street between Nelson and Hobson. 
    • Pick up on Hobson just south of Wyndham Street on the Eastern side.

To view the walking maps from your current bus stop location to the temporary bus stops and to find out more about changes to these bus services.

Stage two: Traffic map December 28, 2019 to February 9, 2020

Stage two: Traffic map December 28, 2019 – February 9 2020

  • Lower Hobson Street flyover.
  • Lower Hobson Street Westbound slip lane.
  • Lower Hobson Street from Tepid Baths to Quay Street – one lane (light controlled). Single lane on the Lower Hobson Street approach, first three weeks, opening to 2 lanes week 3 to 6.
  • Quay Street: 2 lanes of traffic, one eastbound and one westbound, separated cycleway on the southern side of the traffic lanes between Lower Hobson & the eastern kiosk on newly constructed permanent pavement.
  • Galway Street: closed to traffic between Commerce and Gore.
  • Birkenhead and NX1 Bus Stops relocated see above.
  • December 20 – ongoing December 2020 Northern footpath closure between the two kiosks (til December 2020), pedestrians and people on bikes will be diverted to the Southern side along the newly completed footpath between Lower Queen Street and Lower Hobson Street.

Stage 2: Pedestrian and Cycleway map - 28 December to 9 February, 2020:

Stage 2: Pedestrian and Cycleway map - 28 December to 9 February, 2020

Works transforming Downtown right now

Quay Street: West to East

Northern side

  • Princes Wharf intermittently 1x lane in and 1x lane out (re-opening to 3x lanes during cruise events).
  • Service investigations finishing between Princes Wharf and Ferry Basin.
  • Jet grout column construction underway between Princes Wharf and Ferry Basin.
  • Vertical anchor and capping beam construction underway at Ferry Basin.
  • Palisade Wall piling continues between Queens Wharf and Marsden Wharf on Quay Street's northern side.

Southern side

  • Streetscape works continue along southern side of Quay Street.

Galway Street

Works are underway on the Galway Street enhancement at the top end of Gore Street. While works are taking place there will be a narrower space for incoming and outgoing vehicles. Please look out for traffic management to guide you on the best route

While works continue on Quay Street:

  • pedestrian access to businesses and properties will be maintained at all times 
  • a separate cycle-way will also be maintained along Quay Street
  • businesses will remain open and operating as usual
  • Princess Wharf is reduced to two lanes (one in and one out) for vehicle access these will revert three lanes on major cruise days.
  • The right turn into, and left turn out of Princes Wharf to Quay Street will be maintained.

Seawall strengthning banner

Jet grout column construction: Princes Wharf to Ferry Basin (October 2019 to March 2020)

Service investigation works almost complete in front of Burger Boy and Jet grout rig column construction is now underway.

Princes Wharf access will be intermittently reduced down to two lanes (1x in and 1x out). Will re-open to full three lanes during major cruise events.

Seawall strengthening: Ferry Basin

134 vertical anchors are being constructed to strengthen existing seawall. An 8 centimetre hole is cored into the seawall, a stainless steel bar is inserted into the hole and then grouted into the bedrock below the sea floor.

Capping beam construction underway along the top of existing seawall and construction of the concrete pad continues for crane which will soon arrive onsite.

Palisade piling: Queens Wharf to Marsden Wharf (August 2019 to December 2019)

The 100 tonne piling rig is expected to reach Queens Wharf in approximately 10 days.

71 out of 102 palisade piles are now complete.

Downtown public space banner

Works on the Downtown Public Space will begun on December 2, 2019 – targeting completion December 2020.

Quay Street enhancements banner

Southern side

Works continues on the Southern side on the construction of the pavement and kerb lines between Lower Hobson and Lower Queen Street. Stormwater works in front of 148 Quay Street will be completed mid-November, allowing for the construction of the new surfacing to begin. Some adjustments to the footpath in this area are coming.

Southern side programmed completion is March 2020 and the Northern side expected to be complete is December 2020.

Galway Street upgrade: Commerce Street to Gore Street (October 2019 - Mid 2020)

Closure of the western footpath between Gore Street and Customs Street is now in place modifying foot traffic routes until late 2020.

Streetscape upgrades are being completed in a staged approach:

  • Road surface removal.
  • Curb and channel removal.
  • Trenching to install new utility services for future proofing.
  • Reinstatement of roadway.
  • Streetscape beautification to tie into Britomart Square.

Ferry basin redevelopment banner

Work continues to progress well on the Ferry Basin Redevelopment Programme.

Vibro and hammer piling from Queen’s Wharf and the jack up barge continues to construct the new breakwater wall, canopy and new pontoons. Installation of the pontoon piles has also commenced.

  • 125 of the 220 breakwater piles are now complete.
  • 9 of the 18 wharf side canopy piles are now complete.
  • 16 of the 21 sea side canopy piles are now complete.
  • 2 of the 12 pontoon piles are complete.

Update of works

  • Next week the first of the new concrete precast capping beams will arrive onsite.
  • Temporary works for the new concrete platform on Queens Wharf will commence next week.

Pier 2

The current Information kiosk based at the front of Pier 2 Wharf will be closing at the end of November. A new temporary information centre has arrived on site and is opened at the end of November.

Pier 4 Queuing GuidelinePhoto of the marked queuing system at Pier 1.

A marked queuing system has recently been added to Pier 4. to encourage passengers to line up along the dashed line. If you're planning a ferry journey that leaves from Pier 4, be sure to look out for this new queuing line.