Quay Street utilities Quay Street utilities

Quay Street’s underground gas and power services have been relocated into a single trench as the first step in the Quay Street strengthening and enhancement programme.

Project status: Complete
Project zone: Central 

Project overview

Utilities Relocation

Construction: late 2018 to April 2019

The relocation of utility services into a single trench will help safeguard supply as well as allowing easy maintenance and future upgrades.

Changes to traffic layout

During construction there will be significant changes to the traffic layout with restrictions on a number of right-hand turns to and from Quay Street.

Key changes:

  • Between Commerce Street and Lower Albert Street there will be one traffic lane in either direction.
  • Between Lower Albert Street and Lower Hobson Street there will be one traffic lane in either direction and a westbound bus lane.
  • Current restrictions to right hand turns are identified in the map below and motorists are advised to avoid Quay Street if possible. Please check the Quay Street roadworks and disruption updates.

Quay Street layout

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