Duck Creek Road Duck Creek Road

Auckland Transport is investigating measures to improve road safety on Duck Creek Road, Stillwater.

Project status: Investigation
Project zone: North

Project purpose

The proposed changes to Duck Creek Road focus mainly on the portion of Duck Creek Road between the 80 to 50 km/hr speed change and the intersection of Duck Creek Rd / Stillwater Crescent.

The investigation has been initiated at the request of the Stillwater Ratepayers and Residents Association (SRRA). The project is in the consultation phase and AT would like to gauge community support for it.

Features and benefits

Duck Creek Road Signs 372

Potential improvements are:

  • The provision of a rural/urban threshold at the 80/50 km/h speed change to alert motorists to the fact that they have arrived in Stillwater and should slow down.
  • The provision of a footpath between the new threshold and Coastal Heights to prevent children walking along the road to access the school bus stop.
  • Upgrades to the pedestrian crossing location and bus shelter opposite Coastal Heights
  • The provision of raised tables (speed humps) adjacent to #139, #129 and #103 Duck Creek Road to slow traffic entering and exiting Stillwater.
  • Possible “squaring up” of the Duck Creek Rd / Stillwater Crescent intersection

See the consultation map for details of the proposed changes (JPG 469KB)

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