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Maioro Street dynamic lanes and safety improvements Maioro Street dynamic lanes and safety improvements

Dynamic Lanes

Maioro Street is a key arterial road which provides a link between New Lynn and State Highway 20. This section of Maioro Street experiences heavy peak traffic congestion on a daily basis with approximately 40,000 vehicles/day.

During the morning and afternoon peak periods approximately 16 buses per hour use the route in the peak flow directions. The heavy peak congestion results in travel time delays for buses and general traffic.

Maioro street dynamic lane and safety improvements 

What are Dynamic Lanes?

The existing road width of Maioro Street allows reallocation of road space to create an additional lane to increase capacity. The system uses LED lights embedded into the road surface to mark traffic lanes instead of painted lines.

Changing these LED lights is a quick and safe way to create temporary lane direction changes during heavy congestion and to ensure better traffic flow. Traffic control signs over the road will also display clearly which lanes drivers should use. Dynamic lanes are currently used in Auckland along the Panmure Bridge, Auckland Harbour Bridge, Whangaparaoa Road and Redoubt Road. The system is quick to build and more cost-effective than road widening.

On Maioro Street dynamic lanes would create two general vehicle lanes and one bus lane in the peak direction and two general vehicle lanes in the non-peak direction. During off peak times the system would return to two general vehicle lanes in each direction with a central flush median.

This change would create significant travel time savings for bus users while also maintaining existing, or slightly improved flow for general traffic.

Diagram of how the dynamic lanes will work on Maioro Street

There are three side roads along this section which are operated by a give way control at Cordelia Place and Roseville Street and stop control at Rosamund Avenue. Those vehicles trying to turn right against peak traffic will need to turn across three active traffic lanes. To ensure safety for road users, during peak hours we propose to ban right turns into and out of these side roads.

Safety improvements for all road users

Additional pedestrian improvements are also proposed as part of the project. Maioro Street/New Windsor Road intersection will be improved by raising the intersection onto a table and installing a new signalised pedestrian crossing so that each side of the intersection provides a safe crossing option for pedestrians.

The raised table will encourage all traffic to drive at a safe speed through the intersection.

Proposed changes to the intersection take into consideration the safety of children, parents, and all other pedestrians. View an impression of the intersection from modelling

Proposed changes to New Windsor Road and Maioro Street Intersection

Side street improvements

Maioro Street between Roseville Street and Rosamund Ave, we are planning to install a signalised pedestrian crossing, to provide safe opportunity for pedestrians and bus users to cross the road. This crossing will be on a speed table to encourage safe speeds.

VIew image: Rosamund Avenue and Signalised Intersection Changes 

On the side roads of Cordelia Place, Roseville Street and Rosamund Avenue, we are planning to install pedestrian tables, to provide better access and visibility for pedestrians and cyclists using the shared paths on either side of Maioro Street. These tables will also encourage drivers to enter the traffic on Maioro Street at a safe speed. Two new bus stop shelters are proposed for city bound passengers to wait in.

View image: Roseville Street and Cordelia Place Changes

You can download a full set of Maioro Street consultation plans.

Kōrero Mai, Have your say

We’re proposing to introduce dynamic lanes and safety improvements to Maioro Street, New Windsor. Public consultation will open on 26th April until 20th May. Community Information sessions will be held at Christ the King School, 288 Richardson Road, Mt Roskill.

Feel free to pop in, have a korero and look at design plans. You can provide feedback for all or only specific areas of the project. 

Community Information Day 1: Thursday 5th May: 530pm to 730pm – in the school library

Community Information Day 2: Sunday 8th May: 330pm to 530pm – in the school hall

Give your feedback in person or in our online survey. 

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