Whangaparaoa Rd dynamic lane control trial updates Whangaparaoa Rd dynamic lane control trial updates


6 September

AT is currently investigating further locations where dynamic lanes would be beneficial in easing congestion, including on Redoubt Road, where afternoon peak commuting could be improved through dynamic lanes, prior to the future planned widening of the road.

20 February

From Monday 26 February, we are extending the operation of the dynamic lanes during the afternoon peak by an hour (4pm to 7pm).

Data collected since the start of the trial has shown a positive improvement to the PM peak traffic flow.

24 January

The 12-month trial of dynamic lane controls on Whangaparaoa Road started at 4pm today.


14 December

Installation of dynamic lane controls will be completed before the Christmas holidays.

The road will continue to operate with a traffic lane in each direction and a flush median, until the start of the trial at 4.00pm on Wednesday, 24 January 2018.

Some system testing will occur throughout the holiday season until the start of the trial.

28 September

Work starts 9 October

Work to install dynamic lane control devices on Whangaparaoa Road, between the Red Beach and Hibiscus Coast Highway intersections, will begin on 9 October and be completed in December.

Work involves the installation of in-ground LEDs, 8 overhead gantries, and the necessary back-end infrastructure for their operation.

When work is completed, the configuration of the road will remain the same, but LED lights will replace traditional road markings.

The dynamic lane controls trial will begin in the first quarter of 2018.

We will provide further details about the start of the trial closer to the date.

Impacts to residents

To manage work requirements and the day-to-day flow of traffic on Whangaparaoa Rd, night work will be required.

The installation of LEDs and cables will require an amount of concrete-cutting and coring of the road, which will create some noise disturbance.

Both AT and our contractor, CSL Infrastructure Ltd, acknowledge a responsibility to ensure that wherever possible our works do not cause excessive noise and we will be utilising these mitigations:

  • LED installation will be done over a 10-night period in sections of 600m. Work will occur from 7pm to midnight and each section will be re-opened for the morning peak-hour traffic.
  • We will be using noise-reduction cutting blades. A standard concrete cutting blade is made of steel and on top of the high-pitched sound of the blade spinning, the steel core vibrates, creating the typical 'shrill' concrete-cutting noise. The new low-noise blades make less noise when spinning and are laminated with a very thin copper sheet, which absorbs the vibration.

We are confident these measures will limit the extent of noise to within 80-85 decibels (for reference, a normal conversation is about 60dB and a typical lawn mower is about 90dB).

The contractor will contact residents directly if there are any further disruptions.

11 August

Following concerns raised by residents, we have made changes to the operational hours of the dynamic lanes for the trial.

We have also received feedback regarding left-hand turns to Silverdale at the Hibiscus Coast Highway intersection.

5 July

We have published information addressing a number of concerns from the public on how to get in and out of side roads when dynamic lanes are in operation.

Find out more on the main project page.

21 June

Construction for the dynamic lane controls is expected to start in August 2017 and last approximately 5 months. The trial is planned to start early next year.

10 February

Road works currently underway on Whangaparaoa Road are not directly related to the dynamic lane control project. It is routine maintenance that the road needed and the work was being carried out to take advantage of low traffic volumes during the school holiday season.

AT is continuing to develop its design for dynamic lane controls and we will undertake a period of engagement with the local community before the trial begins.

3 February

AT is continuing to refine its design for dynamic lane controls. We anticipate that the trial will be held in 2017 and the decision to proceed will only be made following a review by our senior management.

Before the trial starts, we will hold a period of engagement to familiarise the local community with the system.