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East Street Link cycling and safety improvements East Street Link cycling and safety improvements

Auckland Transport is proposing some tactical changes, including a cycleway link, on the surrounding streets to ensure the safety of pedestrians, people on bikes and motorists.

Project status: Consultation
Project zone: Central

Project overview

It is our priority to provide a safe road user environment with slower speeds and clear wayfinding for people travelling through this busy construction area with truck movements expected to increase in the coming years.

The proposed changes are focused on the area between Te Ara Whiti – Lightpath and Karangahape Road, via East Street and will remain in place until the station is completed in 2024.

Project details

The changes proposed are:

  • East Street to become one-way northbound between Canada and Galatos Streets, to prevent conflicts between south/eastbound vehicles and trucks entering the CRL site. Vehicle access to Canada Street will be via Upper Queen Street and Mercury Lane only.
  • A new two-way, protected cycleway between Te Ara I whiti – Lighpath and Karangahape Road via East Street between Canada and Galatos Streets, which will connect into the wider Auckland cycle network.
  • Road surface changes in the form of shared lane markings (sharrows) along Galatos Street and West Terrace to indicate a slow speed environment for all road users.
  • To assist with wayfinding, the colour scheme for the cycleway and slow speed areas will match that of Te Ara I Whiti – Lightpath and the Karangahape Road Enhancements i.e. use of the colour pink.
  • Proposed removal of 19 car parking space within the project area include:
    • Six on Canada Street – were made inactive as part of early traffic management for CRL station works.
    • Six on East Street – to enable the two-way cycleway.
    • Four on Galatos Street - to give cyclists space and a clear line of sight when moving between this street and West Street.
    • Three on West Terrace - to give cyclists space and a clear line of sight when moving between this street and Galatos Street.
  • New speed humps on East Street to create a slower-speed environment around the CRL works site.
  • Relocating the Galatos Street loading zone to the opposite side of the road to provide clearer line of sight for cyclists and pedestrians.

East Street cycleway link and safety improvements map

Download the East Street Cycleway link proposal drawing (PDF 2.7MB)


  • A safer, slower-speed environment with clear wayfinding for all users of this road space, particularly around the CRL Karangahape Station construction site.
  • A new, two-way cycleway between key parts of the cycle network enabling safe cycling to, from and across city centre and midtown destinations.

Have your say

We are seeking feedback from property owners, local businesses, residents, those who cycle or walk through this area, and others who may be affected by the proposed changes. All feedback will be reviewed by the project team prior to the design being finalised.

Give feedback on the proposal until Wednesday, 4 November 2020.

What happens next

We’ll post the outcome of this proposal and a summary of community feedback on this webpage. If you would like to receive an emailed version of the proposal, select that option when you complete the survey.

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