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East West Connections

East West Connections is a programme to improve commuter travel, public transport, freight efficiency, and walking and cycling options in the area between Onehunga, East Tamaki, and Auckland Airport.

Project status: Construction
Project zone: South

Project overview

The area between Onehunga, East Tamaki, and Auckland Airport is the engine room of New Zealand’s industrial and manufacturing economy and home to a number of our most vibrant communities. The area employs over 130,000 people and generates more than $10 billion a year in GDP (2nd largest area in Auckland behind the CBD).

Overview map of the East West Connections area

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The East West Connections programme has 2 priority projects which are currently underway:


  • Improved travel times and travel-time reliability between the Onehunga-Penrose industrial area and State Highway 1 and the Southwestern Motorway (SH20).
  • Better safety and accessibility for cycling and walking between Mangere Bridge, Onehunga, and Sylvia Park.
  • Improved journey-time reliability for buses between SH20 and Onehunga town centre.

East West Connections is a joint programme between the NZ Transport Agency and Auckland Transport (AT).

Project details


Auckland’s transport network not only supports the daily movement of people through the city, it provides a vital link in the distribution of goods around New Zealand. Over half of the country’s freight movements take place across the upper North Island.

Total freight volumes are set to double over the next 20 years, and Auckland’s population is expected to have passed the two million mark before then. Auckland needs a strong transport network, to ensure people and goods can get to where they need to go effectively and reliably.

east west connections neilson street 294.JPG

Onehunga-Penrose connections

Improving travel times and reliability between the Onehunga-Penrose industrial area and State Highways 1 and 20.

Sylvia Park Bus 294

Bus improvements for Mangere, Otahuhu, and Sylvia Park

Bus and transit lanes to speed up bus journeys and new bus stop and walking and cycling facilities to improve accessibility and safety.

For more information on this project

East West Nzta LogoVisit the NZ Transport Agency website or contact the East West connections project team on 0508 NZTA EWC (0508 6982 392) or email

To serve bus passengers in the town centre, new bus stops will be created on either side of Avenue Road, to allow 4 bus operations  in each direction.